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How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone?


   Posted by Amanda

2020-09-23 07:51:30


Summary: Do you want to download or convert YouTube to MP3 on your iPhone? Here are some methods and tools that you can use.

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Do you wish to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone? Download YouTUbe to MP3 with DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and play it on your iPhone. You are certainly not the only one. YouTube is not just known for the content created by internet celebrities. It is also a hub of official music videos and songs. However, since you can’t listen to most of the uploaded music offline, you are limited to the usage of the app and the presence of a network connection to listen to songs on YouTube.


This is where a YouTube to MP3 converter iPhone can come in handy. The procedure using one is very simple. To learn how to convert YouTube to MP3 on an iPhone, you will need some software. Here are some ways you can download YouTube to MP3 on iPhone. For new instructions with DVDFab YouTube to MP3, I  have given an example on how to download back to the future soundtrack.


Method 1: Using “Documents” Application

Here is how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 using the Documents application available for download on the official App Store.

1.       Install Documents from the App Store. The app has been developed by Readdle and is available for official download.

2.       Copy the link of the video you wish to convert by opening the YouTube app.

3.       Use Documents’ built-in browser and paste the URL Then, paste the link of the YouTube video on the page that opens.

4.       Without having to download YouTube to MP3 converter on iPhone, you will be able to use the converter. The FLVTO converter will deliver an MP3 link of the file that is downloadable. Click on it and the conversion process will begin.

5.       After the video has been converted, click on the “Download” button and save the file with a custom title of your choice.

6.       Your video has been converted and has been saved in the Download folder by default.


Method 2: YouTube ++

Another great YouTube to MP3 iPhone app is YouTube ++ which is an application made especially for iPhone users. It is an altered version of the original app and has an option that lets you save videos to your iPhone directly. The catch is that you will have to download tools on your computer before you can use it to convert videos to MP3 on your iPhone.

Here is how YouTube ++ is used for converting videos:

1.       Download YouTube++ IPA on your computer. Make sure to delete the original app from your computer and iPhone before you do so. Also, install a tool called Cydia Impactor.

2.       Connect your iPhone to your computer.

3.       Launch Cydia Impactor and add the YouTube++ IPA file downloaded in step one to it.

4.       While the Impactor installs YouTube++, enter your Apple Password and ID to give access to the computer. To do so, you will have to change the settings regarding Profile Management.

5.       Now, YouTube++ will be downloaded on your iPhone as well.

6.       The app is the same as YouTube. The only addition is that you can now download videos directly. All the files will be saved as MP3 files.


Methoud 3: Softorino YouTube Converter 2

This software distinguishes itself by simplity and style, enabling users to download YouTube music to any iPhone, iPad or iPod ever created. It’s free to download and use for 24 hours. Let’s learn how to use it to convert videos.
1. Plug your iPhone in
2. Locate your desired video
3. Select “Audio” > “Convert & Transfer to iPhone”
4. Select your iPhone from the list of devices. Hit “Convert”.



How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Computer

We have introduced you how to convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone, but do you know how to convert YouTube to MP3 on computer? An efficient way of converting YouTube to MP3 on computeris by using a desktop tool called DVDFab. You can then transfer the MP3 file to your iPhone.

DVDFab is a program that delivers an array of solutions. Two of its quality services include YouTube Downloader and Converter. The DVDFab YouTube Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos in high quality. The downloaded videos can be in various formats and the software will work well on it regardless. The download speed of the software is very fast, ensuring the efficiency of the process. The downloading process is very simple as well. While the YouTube Video Downloader is used to download the MP4 file, you can then convert it to MP3 using the DVDFab Video Converter.

Here is how to use the two apps to download YouTube MP3 to your computer.


Downloading Using DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader

1.       Open the latest version of DVDFab. Under the "Utilities" module (found in the top panel), you will find the YouTube Video Converter.

2.       Copy and paste the link of the desired YouTube video.Or search the YouTube video you want. And then play the video.

3.       A “Download” option will appear when you launch the video on the downloader. Click on it to download it. Once the downloading process starts, go to the “Download” tab. This will allow you to see the progress. Once the video is downloaded, click on the button “To Convertor.” This will allow you to convert the video.


Converting Using DVDFab Video Converter

1.       Opt for the “Converter” module. The main UI will appear.You can see that the downloaded video has been loaded.

2.       Choose “MP3” as the format and customize other output settings. Select where you wish to save the converted file.

·         Before you convert the video, you can choose to extract a given clip from the file that you wish to download. If you opt for this, you should select a video format first and thentrim the video with the help of the video editor.

·         If you wish to convert the entire video, all you need to do is select the MP3 format directly and convert the file.

3.       Press on “Start” to begin converting.



All three of the methods discussed allow you to easily download and convert YouTube to MP3 files. If you are looking for video download and the best conversion speed, DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader and DVDFab Video Converter are your best options.

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