Men’s Long Sleeve Hoodie


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Product Details:

Size Guide for U.S, U.K. and EU Markets:

Size (inch) US M US L US XL US XXL
Shoulder 19.0 19.5 20.5 21.5
Chest 43.5 46.5 50.0 52.0
Sleeve 25.0 25.5 26.0 27.0
Length 28.5 29.0 29.5 30.0
胸围的参考范围 34"–36" 34"–36" 34"–36" 34"–36"
身高的参考范围 34"–36" 34"–36" 34"–36" 34"–36"
  • Superior Material — 320g organic cotton, which is soft, absorbent, breathable, healthy, skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.
  • Slim-Fit Design — neither too loose nor too tight design makes it easily fit on different body sizes. Plus the adjustable drawstring hood, ribbed trims at cuffs and waistband and the side kangaroo pockets, one shall never feel chilly wearing it on a rainy autumn day or an early and windy spring morning.
  • Exquisite Tailoring — real-time 3D textile draping technique delivers neat stitching and threading with great details; snow white adjustable strap with metal tips.
  • Machine Washable — the pullover is machine washable, never shrinks, never fades and never pills.

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