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StreamFab for Android

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Why do you need StreamFab?
  • Download videos on Android devices

    Android phones and devices provide greater portability and a handy experience for exclusive entertainment on the go.

    With StreamFab extending its hand to Android, you can now download your treasured video titles on your Android devices anytime, taking advantage of your network's complete bandwidth.
  • On-demand videos come and go on streaming services

    Most on-demand videos on a streaming service, including Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and many others, come and go due to the licensing agreements between the streaming service and the studios that produce them.

    The movies, TV shows, and other videos will be removed if the licensing agreement is due and not renewed. What’s more, if a title is gone, no one knows for sure whether or not it will come back in the future. It could be gone forever.
  • Save your favorite videos before they leave the service

    Although streaming services offer their native offline viewing feature that actually allows you to download videos to watch offline, that feature comes with many limitations.

    · The downloaded videos will expire after a certain time period, usually 30 days.
    · You have to finish watching a video within 48 hours once you start watching it.
    · Not all the videos are downloadable and you can only download them to mobiles.
    · You cannot transfer the downloads to other devices to watch with other players.
    FYI: Offline viewing limitations of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Hulu Japan.

    With StreamFab, however, all of these terms and rules are gone, you can keep the downloaded videos permanently, and transfer them to any device you have to watch anytime and anywhere.
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What can StreamFab for Android do?
  • Download videos from leading OTT Giants

    Download your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, dramas, and entire episodes from your chosen streaming platforms to watch offline anytime. Currently, StreamFab for Android supports downloading videos from Amazon and Netflix.

    However, it is in the process of adding more OTT platforms in the future, like Disney+, Hulu, Max, and more, to give you complete virtual entertainment on your Android devices.
  • Easy to find movies/TV shows on cross streaming services

    You'll find some movies or TV shows available to stream and download on multiple streaming services. However, it can be difficult to find the downloadable method that suits you.
    Now, with StreamInfo in StreamFab for Android, you can search for your favorite videos with one click, and it will show you where to watch online and the best audio and video quality available when downloading with StreamFab.
  • Download audio and videos in high-quality

    StreamFab never lets you compromise on your entertainment experience. Similarly, StreamFab for Android ensures you download and save your videos in a high-quality resolution of 1080p full HD. Instead, you can also prefer a resolution of 720p HD or 480p SD, depending upon your device's storage capacity.

    StreamFab for Android also enables you to download audio tracks in AAC 2.0 for unwatchable sound clarity. So customize your downloads entirely your way.
  • Decide the best video and audio quality before downloading the video

    Different streaming platforms provide distinct downloadable audio and video quality. For example, Avatar: The Way of Water can download 1080p video on Amazon, but only 720p on Disney+.
    The StreamInfo function can display the resolution, Codec and audio quality of videos that can be downloaded using StreamFab on different streaming platforms. So we know which platform offers the best video quality before downloading, without having to download repeatedly for comparison.
  • Save your downloaded videos in MP4 format

    Usually, you cannot play your downloaded videos due to their compatibility with playback devices. But shrug off your worries with StreamFab for Android. It lets you download and keep all your favorite streaming movies, TV shows, and other video titles in MP4 format.

    Since MP4 files are highly compatible with all devices, you can transfer and share your downloaded videos on any playback device like PC, Apple, game console, Android, and more without any compatibility issues for an compromised experience.
  • Eliminate annoying ads during the downloading process

    Genres like thriller, mystery, and horror need undivided attention to understand and dive into the plot better. However, the annoying ads running in the movies might get under your skin and ruin the fun.

    With StreamFab for Android Downloader, you can enjoy all your movies and other downloaded videos absolutely free from any commercials. It automatically removes the annoying ads during the downloading process to filter them with pure entertainment and fun.
  • Save your audio and subtitle languages in your native tongue

    Get hands-on experience in winning regional and international content without any communication barriers. With StreamFab for Android, you can download and watch any engaging content in your native language.

    StreamFab for Android automatically detects and selects the language of the audio tracks and subtitle streams as per your system language to enable you to dive into soulful entertainment. Alternatively, you can also set your preferences to download the audio output and subtitle streams in some other language of your choice.
  • Download videos simultaneously at an accelerated speed

    If you love to binge-watch, then indeed, this feature comes as an entertainment savior for you. StreamFab for Android lets you download multiple TV shows, episodes, and your chosen movie series at once. Supporting to save bulk videos altogether, it enables you to download 5 videos in one go.

    Additionally, its flash speed ensures cutting down your waiting time by a vast margin ensuring it serves you crisp and warm entertainment within minutes.
  • Support selecting and downloading videos through its inbuilt browser

    StreamFab for Android downloader is made with utmost perfection, being mindful of your needs and time. While some downloaders allow you to only paste the copied link of your chosen video title after browsing through the web to download, StreamFab for Android works smartly.

    StreamFab for Android comes up with its built-in browser to save you time in browsing, selecting, and pasting the video URL. Instead, now just locate your favorite titles in its web browser and download them asap while you play the video.
  • Download and save metadata information to manage the video library

    Ready access to metadata information helps the media servers to organize the downloaded movies, TV shows, and other videos in a neat arrangement.

    StreamFab for Android lets you save the downloaded video's metadata information, like video title, movie, season, TV show/episode title, synopsis, cast, poster, etc., during the downloading process. Once saved, it also displays on playback devices including PlayerFab, Kodi and more.
  • Download videos from trending and streaming websites

    StreamFab for Android lets you save videos from over a thousand websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. Without compromising the video quality, you can download your treasured videos in MP4 files at a high resolution of up to 8k UHD with a turbo acceleration speed.

    And that's not it. Even the download quality for MP3 audio tracks supported is not less than 320kbps. So tune in to the grooving music with the unwatchable madness of StreamFab for Android.
  • Download YouTube playlist

    Choose to download an entire video playlist instead of choosing only one at a time.

  • Download 8K video

    Download YouTube videos with a quality of up to 8K.

  • Download audio in 320 Kbps

    Download and save YouTube videos to MP3 in 320 kbps.

  • Multi-task download

    Download up to 5 videos with a fast speed at the same time.

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