How to Download and Install Video Add-ons to DVDFab Media Player?

2017-08-03 22:32:23

A brand-new flagship feature, Play Back Online Videos, makes its first appearance on the Mac version of DVDFab Media Player, ver. 2.3.00. Namely, this killer feature allows people to play back a sea of online videos by installing a plethora of 3rd party video add-ons. Presumably, this could be extremely amazing, as Mac owners are now able to watch whatever they want from online.


As where to download and how to install the video add-ons, there is a detailed illustration on the entire process. Move on to check it out!


Step 1: Download and unzip the video add-ons


1.1 Click the “Open Online Video” button at the playback screen;



1.2 Click the link offered to open it in the Safari;



1.3 At the webpage, click the “Download ZIP” button to download the video add-ons;



1.4 When download finishes, as you can see, it is a zip file named under “Addons-master”, right click on the zip file and open it with Mac’s default Archive Utility.



When the above are finished, we are going to install the video add-ons, head on for the details.


Step 2: Install video add-ons to DVDFab Media Player


2.1 Return to the window where you just click the download link of the zip file, but click the “Browse” button this time;



2.2 Navigate to the unzipped folder of Addons-master, and then select all the items in this folder to open them;



2.3 Click the “Install” button to install all the selected video add-ons;



2.4 When 2.3 finishes, it means that you have successfully installed all the video add-ons, next, you just need to watch whatever you want. For example, click the G4TV channel, double click on a selected title, and it will start to play in DVDFab Media Player.



For more information, please go to

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