1. Easy-to-use ISO Player——DVDFab Player 6
  2. Tutorial on How to Play ISO files with DVDFab Player 6
  3. What other functions does this ISO Player have?

1. Easy-to-use ISO Player——DVDFab Player 6   

Do you have tons of ISO files that you’ve saved on your PC and want to find a free and powerful media player software for them? Then you’d like to have a look at DVDFab Media Player, which is a powerful Blu-ray player software and can also function as an outstanding free ISO player. Now let this article lead you through a simple tutorial about how to play ISO files with this best ISO Player to get a clear picture of it.

2. Tutorial on How to Play ISO files with DVDFab Player 6   

Here is a brief tutorial about the steps to play ISO files with DVDFab Player 6, the best ISO Player, let's take a look!

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Player 6 to use for free

DVDFab Player 6 can be used for free to play ISO files, download the suitable version matching with your laptop system at below.

 Download (Win)     Download (Mac)   

Step 2: Start DVDFab Player 6 and Choose PC Mode

After the installation, you’ll see a desktop icon of the DVDFab Player 6, click it to start it up. And on the main interface, you’ll see Two Mode: PC Mode and TV Mode, you can choose PC Mode if you are using your laptop to play the ISO file. 

ISO Player with Two modes

Step 3: Setting Playback Mode

Before you load the ISO file, you should preset the playback mode. You should head to the top right corner to find the “Settings” icon, and then click it to find the “Playback”, and choose Simple Mode or Menu Mode.

Best free ISO Player with two playback modes

Step 4: Load the ISO files

On the main interface you can see a “File Explorer”. Click it to open a browse window to locate the ISO file you want to play on your PC. Then click the file to load it in.

Best free isoplayer with file explorer function

This free ISO media player will play the file after the loading process finished. No matter it is a DVD movie or Blu-ray movie, you can just enjoy it like with a real disc being played in a real standalone player. Just one more thing you need to note that this software provides 2 playback mode as we mentioned in the Settings, one is Simple Mode, and the other is Menu Mode.

The difference between Simple Mode and Menu Mode is that, if you choose Simple Mode, this player would automatically play the main movie of the ISO file, while if you click Menu Mode, then what you see before you at the beginning of the movie is a menu, which is for you to select play special features, main movie, languages, subtitles, etc. That would offer you a full navigation experience.

Best free iso player with menu playback mode

Step 5: Change Settings and Control during Play

Considering the actual need to change volume, audio channels, subtitles or languages,

It’s important to note that you can also change settings in this best DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Player during the movie playing.

Best free isoplayer with control panel during play

It is a convenient way to change these settings without stopping the viewing. You can change chapter, playback speed, either rewind or fast forward, or the subtitles, audio channels to suit your personal preferences. If you want to view another ISO file, you don’t have to return to the main interface to find the file explorer, you just need to right click and then click Open Media to locate your file, and load it into this software.

Now, you can double click to switch to the full screen viewing to immerse yourself in the movie world. We bet this best ISO player can deliver you a visual and hearing feast as real as you are right now in a cinema.

3. What other functions does this ISO Player have?   

3.1 Can this ISO Player play other files?

You might wonder, is DVDFab Player can be only used as an ISO player? The answer is No of course. This ISO player can play a comprehensive range of files, including DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD discs, video of any popular formats and folder as well. See, DVDFab Player 6 is a powerful player, if you choose to use it, you don’t have to find another one once and for all.

Best free iso player supporting multiple files

3.2 Can I create a playlist to watch?

If you got a lot of ISO files to play, you might ask Can I Create a playlist to watch? How can I load all the ISO files for only once instead of loading another one after viewing the previous one? Because for a TV series binger watcher, if you let him to load file one by one, you may drive him crazy because the volume of files might be so huge. No worries, this excellent ISO player can solve this problem easily. It can create a playlist automatically on the left if you load or drop the ISO files altogether into this free ISO player. You can also choose to organize your playlist if you would like to so.

Best free iso player supporting playlist playback

3.3 Can I Mange my files with this ISO Player?

With that being said. DVDPlayer 6 is also an excellent media management tool. If you got a lot of files constituting a huge media library, sometimes it’s hard for you to locate the exact file and might take a long time for you to do so. Don’t worry, DVDFab Player 6 can also be an amazing media management tool, categorizing your media file and managing it according to genre or title, it can automatically create movie walls and movie info at the Movies section, the only thing you need to do is to choose a right directory for this best ISO Player to detect your file and manage them automatically.

Best free iso player with movie management function

You can see, it would arrange similar titles all together for you to easily locate your file.

You can also search the file you would like to view at the top search box instead of loading the file with File Explorer every time.


OK. All Done. Now, you have known that DVDFab Player 6 is an excellent ISO player, and not only that, it can also play DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD, folder file as well as videos of any formats. Just download this free ISO player to give it a shot, then no worries for ISO playback issues. Enjoy the crystal clear image quality anywhere with this best media player.