Copyright owners of movies have spent a lot on making sure that the movies they ship on Blu-ray discs are protected from unauthorized copying. This has made it difficult to clone Blu-ray legally and store backups of your bought Blu-rays on hard discs, USB or NAS box. This has not only left many people wondering how to copy Blu-ray for completely legal purpose but has also raised the price of disc players, Televisions and streaming devices.

The good thing is that all protections that are added by the entertainment industry are soon hacked or bypassed. One such tool that helps you copy Blu-ray on Win or Mac is DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. It is the only tool that you need to clone/burn/copy Blu-ray on Mac/PC to another Blu-ray, ISO or a folder with just a few clicks required.

Steps to Copy Blu-rays on Win/Mac

Let’s see how to get you started with copying Blu-rays on Windows. The steps are almost the same with a Mac with a few minor differences such as the download and the installation process. Once you have the software installed, the steps are exactly the same.

Step 1: Set up

Download and install DVDFab Blu-ray Copy in DVDFab 11 on your computer. Launch the program from the Start menu or through the desktop shortcut.

Step 2: Load Blu-ray

Load the Blu-ray either by inserting the disc or by using the +Add button to load the Blu-ray folder/ISO from a directory on your computer.

Step 3: Choose Copy Mode

In the top Menu, select the leftmost option of Copy and then use the Profile Switcher button to select the mode of copying you want to use. You can select any one of the 5 available options to copy Blu-ray on Windows or Mac. The Split mode is only available for DVDs and the other options are not for copying Blu-rays.

copy blu-ray discs

Note: Make sure you toggle off the current Copy mode when switching to another copy Blu-ray mode. Not doing this will lead to each of the modes getting added to the task list.

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On the other hand, once you have selected the right mode, to make sure that all the features of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy are available while copying Blu-ray on Win or Mac, switch the Toggle to ON. Only then will you be able to see the Preview and Advanced Settings buttons.

The 5 modes that you can choose

Full Disc - Use this mode when you want to copy the whole Blu-ray as an ISO/folder or to burn it on a disc. It will copy all the titles in the Blu-ray. In this mode, you can select the output file to be of BD-25 and BD-50 type, which means your original Blu-ray content can be retained or be compressed to fit smaller disc – BD-25.

Main Movie - Use this option to clone Blu-ray when you don’t want all the clips in your Blu-ray to make way to your output copy of Blu-ray. Under this mode, you can choose only one movie title.

Customize - This option to copy Blu-ray provides you further flexibility to select chapters, audio track and subtitles of each of the clip present in the Blu-ray. Unlike in Main Movie, here you can choose which all clips to copy in your output Blu-ray.

Merge - If you have multiple Blu-ray which you think can be merged as one Blu-ray file, then select this option and use the +Add button to load additional Blu-ray files. Do the customizations as required like selecting the Titles, chapter, audio track and subtitles.

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Clone/Burn - This option to extract audio from Blu-ray is similar to Full Disc except that it doesn’t allow you to remove anything from the original Blu-ray and creates an exact  1:1 lossless replica.

Note: There are 3 other options present in the Profile Switcher menu which are converters to convert one format of video to another. For instance, “To DVD” can convert a Blu-ray to DVD, and it is the option for Blu-ray to DVD Converter.  “To Blu-ray” can convert a DVD to Blu-ray, and it is for DVD to Blu-ray Converter. And the third option - UHD to Blu-ray is self-explanatory, which stands for UHD to Blu-ray Converter.

Step 4: Customizations

In each of the modes, you can do further customizations by using the Advanced Settings option that appears in front of your Blu-ray name. Change the Output volume label name, change the Blu-ray output type (BD 50/BD 25/BD 9/BD 5), add a Custom Menu (Customize mode only), or tweak other settings.

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The settings for selecting the Chapters, selecting the audio tracks to retain and the subtitles, including adding one externally can be done from the main window itself. Just hover the mouse over the fields to see the options. This is not available for Full and Clone copy modes.

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Make use of the Preview button appearing against the Blu-ray title to see the video preview that is going to your clone Blu-ray.

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Step 5: Select Output format

Once you have decided how to copy Blu-ray and selected the right options on DVDFab Blu-ray Copy utility, select the output format in which you want the file. You can directly burn the output to a Blu-ray disc, generate an ISO or just create a Blu-ray folder on your computer.

copy blu-rays on win/mac

A Blu-ray disc means you will need an empty Blu-ray disc which DVDFab Blu-ray copy will ask for once it is ready to burn the content. If you choose your optical drive as the output directory, you will be able to copy the Blu-ray to a blank disc.

A Blu-ray ISO file is the image file of a DVD. You can copy a Blu-ray disc to an ISO file and store it on your hard drive for later burning or other uses.

If you want to share the Blu-ray to multiple devices without the need of a disc, select the output type as Folder so you can easily copy it to your USB drive, external hard disc or a network drive to use it on any device you own.

Step 6: Start Copy

Now is the time to press the Start button to start the copy Blu-ray process. You can use the dropdown appearing beside the start button to schedule it later or directly start it now. On pressing the Start button you will see the Task Queue window where the status on this current copy process will be shown. At any point, you can pause or cancel the process. Generating clone Blu-ray might take a few minutes or even a little more than an hour depending on the size of the Blu-ray you are copying.

copy blu-rays on win/mac


This completes the steps to copy Blu-ray on Mac or Windows with DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. While discs have a long life, but rough usage or accidents can make your Blu-ray unusable. By making a digital copy, not only can you create a back of your high-quality multimedia content but also are now free to copy it to your network storage or USB to play it anywhere and on any device capable of playing Blu-ray content.

If you also want to convert Blu-rays to MKV, AVI, MP4 or other video formats, please refer to how to convert Blu-rays to MKV, MKV, AVI, etc.