1. Why do you need an outstanding BD player?
2. Step-by-Step tutorial on how to use this best BD player
3. Conclusion


1. Why do you need an outstanding BD player?

As we all know, DVD and Blu-ray discs might not be the best idea when it comes to save your favorite movies, while cloud storage and backing up on your movie to hard drives might be safer ways to keep your data. If you are a movie lover possessing tons of movie discs worry about your movie discs would not be able to play after many years due to disc damage, you’d better to back up them on your laptop, save them in could or hard drives. Then your data can be safely reached anywhere and anytime. But how can you play these newly saved files on your laptop, especially those Blu-ray discs? The answer is you have to find an outstanding BD player.

best BD player on the market

In the past few years, Blu-ray has been quite popular as people praise it as the modern movie technology. High-definition, 3D playback, multichannel audio output…these are only part of these new technology brings. If you have bought a high-definition and big screen TV in your home, then you’d better to equip it with a good Blu-ray player, since you can use it for your better movie enjoying experience. 

Nowadays, when we say Blu-ray player, it’s not necessary mean the physical Blu-ray player, BD player software are also counted in. If you’re looking for a powerful and professional BD player, DVDFab Player 6 is what you can count on. It is an outstanding BD Player with fast speed and high quality. And it’s very friendly to use. Now let’s go to have a look at it.

2. Step-by-Step tutorial on how to use this best BD player

Next, we would show you the simple and easy steps to use this fabulous BD player, it would deliver you the audio-visual experience just like a physical BD player.

Step 1: Download and installation of this best BD player

Download this software at below, there are two types of installer for both Windows and Mac users, please be noted to choose it right. Follow the relevant instructions to install it on your laptop.

 Download (Win)    Download (Mac)  

Step 2: Start the BD player and preset the Blu-ray playback region

After successful installation, you need to start this program. You would notice there are PC Mode and TV Mode, PC Mode is for those who are going to use their PC to enjoy the movie, TV Mode is to be applied when you are using this software together with your HDTV. Let’s take PC mode for an example. Then find the Settings on the top right corner, click it open and choose your Blu-ray region code from A, B or C.

Start the BD player and select pc mode

Just for your reference: 

Choose blu-ray playback region

Region A covers the below area: America continent, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia.
Region B refers to areas in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.
Region C includes Asia (except for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia)

Step 3: Make the playback mode right

What’s more important is that, you need to make your playback mode right. There are two playback modes: Simple Mode and Menu Mode. Simple Mode will play the longest movie title, which is the main movie, while Menu Mode will let you navigate with Blu-ray Menu just like on a physical Blu-ray Player. Let’s take Menu Mode for example.

Make the playback mode right between simple and menu mode

Step 4: Load the BD into this best BD player

Then you can load the BD file into this best Blu-ray player with File Explorer located on the left column. You will enjoy a movie experience as real as you are right now in the movie theater. Another simple method to load your BD file is to simply drag it into this software. If you are using BD disc instead of BD folder or ISO files, you should insert the BD disc into optical drive, then click the Disc to load your BD.

Load the BD into this best BD player

Step 5: Enjoy the BD movie

Now after your BD is successfully loaded, you can enjoy the BD movie as you want. In the beginning of the movie, it would present you a menu for you to navigate the movie, so that you can get a full navigation experience with this Blu-ray menu.

Navigate the BD movie

Note: you can either try to load multiple files into this best free BD player to create a playlist on the left column, then you can freely choose any title to view, just open Playlist. All titles are all listed there, this playlist creation function offered by DVDFab Player 6 is extremely useful for those binge watchers.

playlist creation function offered by the best BD player

Step 6: Control during the playing (Optional)

If you would like to control the movie during playing, like change audio channels or video viewing size, or switching between full screen and half screen, you can right click to do that with the drop-down menu. Moreover, you can also choose to fast forward, or rewind the movie, and switch between different titles. 

Control settings during the playing


3. Conclusion

Well. Now you know all the necessary tips about this fantastic BD player. But this best BD player, DVDFab Player 6 doesn’t stop there, its functions also include playing DVD, 4K UHD disc, all kinds of video formats, managing your local media library by presenting you a well-managed poster wall, etc. That’s the large picture of DVDFab Player 6. Click to see more info about this best BD Player. If you would also like to know how to play DVD ISO file or how to play DVD folder file, then you may check out these two articles to unlock the secret. Come and give this magic BD player a try!

If you would like to have an intuitive understanding of this best BD player, watch this video: