In the past, it is very fashionable to enjoy favorite music or movies with a DVD disc inserted to a DVD or VCD device. But, considering it takes too much time and space, technology brings us to an ear of DVD folder or DVD ISO files, so that we can rip DVD discs to other formats for convenient watching. Then, when it comes to DVD folder or DVD ISO files, it is not that easy to play them unless you have a professional DVD media player. Superior to other common players, DVDFab Player 6 distinguishes itself by playing any DVD disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO file efficiently and welcomes your visit.

Now, let’s learn about how this professional DVD Media player works to provide quality service to users without one cent charged.

Download and Install DVDFab Player 6

It is a pleasant trip to download and install DVDFab Player 6, since you won’t be occupied too much time but several seconds. In the meantime, no other extra software will disturb you.

Choose Play Mode

When you open DVDFab Player 6, decide which mode you are going to use to play your videos. What is the main difference between PC Mode and TV Mode? Simply speaking, PC Mode enables you to see a movie in front of a computer, while TV Mode brings your an experience of watching a movie at a cinema.

Each time you start DVDFab Player 6, this expert will ask your need and offer your preferred mode. If you are inclined to use one mode like PC Mode or TV Mode all the time, you can click “Remember my choice” at the bottom. Someday, if you want to change another mode instead of the one you have set, click the “Little Triangle” on the right top corner. Then, “Settings” > “General” > “Launch Mode” is available to help you.

Subsequently, all the use instructions will be developed as to the PC Mode.

Add DVD Files to DVDFab Player 6

After choosing which mode to play your DVD files, you will be in front of the main interface of DVDFab Player 6. With a simple interface but versatile options in the left navigational column, there is a belief that you will understand how to use it easily.

“Add movies to the library”. This is the first considerate notice from DVDFab Player 6. Click “Add Now” and you will be led to add your DVD files to DVDFab Player 6. In the future, if you want to add new files to this DVD media player, click the “Little Triangle” on the top right corner, and “Settings” > “Library” > “Add New Directory” to finish that.

How about “No disc drive connected to your computer”? When you insert a DVD disc to your computer, corresponding notices will appear to help you play your DVD video.

Locate & Play Targeted DVD Files

After you have added DVD folders or ISO files to DVDFab Player 6, you can click “Movies”, “Videos” and others under the option of “Library” in the left navigational column to locate your DVD folder or ISO file. Alternatively, you can use the “File Explorer”, “Downloads” and others under the option of “My Computer” on the left to find your DVD files. Once you decide which DVD file to play, the video will be displayed rapidly on the screen of this free DVD media player.

Use Bottom Play Buttons

There are several buttons listed at the bottom of DVDFab Player 6 when you are playing your DVD video. Among them, some are commonly used while others you may not be familiar. Let me give you a brief introduction of them. From left to right, you will be informed how long the video lasts and how much you have seen by the timetable. Locate another video by clicking the first “square-like” icon at the central part, adjust the playback speed or straight stop the video and control its volume using the central buttons. In the lower rIght corner, there are four buttons, which can help you play 3D videos, preview each episode of a DVD video, play a video in full screen and empower you to create a video playlist, respectively.


What do you think of this DVD media player? Right-click the video interface and you will find more surprises. As a new generation of DVDFab Player, this updated software offers menu playback on regular Blu-rays and 4K Ultra Blu-rays. It is the best choice for you to playback HEVC (H.265) videos as well. For more instructions on How to Play Blu-ray Folder with DVDFab Player 6, please read another product introduction recommended.