Would you like an image sharpener to sharpen pixelated image and get a sharp photo? What is a sharp photo? A sharp photo usually features clear lines, crisp details and no blurring. In order to achieve such a sharp image, it calls for a good cooperation among focus, camera and lens. When you sharpen a picture, there is a golden rule between lenses and shutter speed you must know. If your images are blurry, take photos another time or use some software to sharpen image.

In order to help you sharpen blurry photos, I am here to introduce an AI image sharpener that allows you to sharpen image by removing motion blur and out-of-focus blur, scale PNG/JPEG up to 40x times, and reduce background noise, chroma noise, as well as luminance noise. Its name is DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI. Have you ever heard of this image sharpener? Follow me to see how to use this freeware to sharpen blurry image.

1. How to Sharpen Image?

What is the benefit of DVDFab image clearer? Choosing DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI to sharpen pixelated image, you are not required to know too much about photo enhancement. So this image sharpener is highly recommended to beginners. However, for expert in image enhancement, this image enhancer is second to none and worth your attention as well, since it is one of the few software able to sharpen image with artificial intelligence. How to sharpen a blurry image? Follow me to see how it works.

(1) Free Download and install this image sharpener

Basic information about this photo sharpening software free. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7, and you can download it with just one click. During a free trial, you can upgrade 5 sharp images at most. For more image sharpener service, $79.99 is needed per year. It is the best software to sharpen image.

  Free Download
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(2) Click “Sharpen” and download AI model

How to sharpen blurry pictures? After launching this image sharpener, you will see three buttons listed on its main interface. With an aim to sharpen blurry image, you need to click the second button of “Sharpen”. And then, its AI model will be downloaded for you to sharpen image later.

ai image sharpening

(3) Add your file to this image sharpener

How to sharpen blurry pictures? There are two ways for you to import your file. Click the button of “Open Images” in the upper-left corner, or drop & drag images here to start.

Sharpen an Image

(4)Choose one display mode

How to use this photo sharpener? There are two display modes for you to view your image: Split and Side by Side. The picture below is in the former mode. Choose either of them to sharpen image. This is anther display mode: Side by Side.

Sharpen Image

(5) Set options under “Sharpen AI”

How to sharpen a picture? There are two options available under “Sharpen AI”, including “Sharpness” and “Suppress Noise”. You can adjust their values from 0 to 100 to get a sharp image based on your preference.

Sharpen Image

(6) Save the sharp image

What formats does this image clearer? Click the button of “Save” in the lower-right corner and set such options below. The output formats include PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF, and TIFF. Input a file name and select either “Source” or “New Directory” to store your sharp image. At last, click the button of “OK”. Then "Sharpen image" is finished. 

What will happen to your picture after image sharpen? Increasing sharpness with this feature enhances the overall clarity in terms of both contrast and focus. This results in the subject of a picture looking more lifelike and clearer, with contrast, detail, and texture rendered in high detail. In addition to this, enhanced image sharpness is very important for attaining precise focus. If this is not achieved during a photoshoot, this feature can provide that to you within a few clicks. 

So how to enhance a blurry photo easily? If you are a beginner and are often referred to as one of the out-of-focus photographers, having images with a lack of sharpness is a normal thing for you. This results in a grainy photo, which lacks in detail. With DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, the best image sharpener, you can come in the vanguard position and sit next to experienced photographers. The tool will help you configure and adjust sharpness to allow a feeling of movement or warmth within a picture. 

This is how to sharpen images with DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI. It is very easy and fast. With several clicks, you will get a sharp image with clear lines, crisp details without grainy background. And no watermark will follow your output picture.

2. How to Scale PNG/JPEG

If you think it not enough to just sharpen the image using this image sharpener, you can make the image clearer further with the button “Enlarge”. Continue to explore more functions of this picture sharpener.

In addition to this, if you wish to make your images more realistic for different reasons such as an advertisement for architecture, interior design, and cosmetics, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is the right choice. Using the scale feature of this image clearer has a major advantage—all the results of your work will appear natural. Now, gone are the days for out-of-focus and oversaturated images, which appear like a bunch of images are overlapped.

Steps on how to increase image resolution by “scale png”

  • (1) Click the button “Enlarge”
  • (2) Import your photo to this image sharpener
  • (3) Scale PNG/JPEG with the default options or customize by yourself (Adjustable range: 1-40)
  • (4) Use other available options: Suppress Noise, Remove Blur, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast
  • (5) Save and output to finish "sharpen image"

Through such operations, your file will become more clear. If you want to more sharp image, continue to denoise it following the contents in part three.

3. How to Denoise Photo

One of the major hurdles encountered while users try to fix out-of-focus pictures is image denoising. Here, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI can be a lifesaver and help you by suppressing noise from a noise-contaminated version of the picture. Hence, if you are one of the photographers who are wondering why are my photos grainy or are looking to know how to fix grainy photos, using this photo sharpener is what you need. 

The last option in this image enhancer is “Denoise”. After reducing blur in background, luminance, and chroma, a more sharp image will appear. Let’s continue to explore.

How to denoise photo to sharpen image:

  • (1) Click the button of “Denoise”
  • (2) Open images you want to unblur
  • (3) Change the value of “Suppress Noise” and “Sharpen”
  • (4) Save the sharp image

As you can see in the picture below, the denoised picture on the right really appears more crystal than the original image on the left. And there will be no watermark on the output file. How powerful this picture sharpener is. 

4. Summary of Sharp Image Software

In addition to DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, there are also other ways to sharpen image, such as sharp image online. And there are considerable software you can use to unblur image both online and offline. Let’s see what they are.

(1) Unblur Image Online

Many people prefer this way to sharpen image, since it is free. The image sharpener I am going to introduce is not only free, but also free of watermarks. That is Raw.pics.io Image Sharpener

It is very easy to get a sharp image with the help of this free image enhancer.

How to use:

  • Start it and import an image you want to sharpen
  • Click the button of “Edit” on the left > “Sharpen” on the right
  • Press “Save” in the upper-left corner
  • Input file name, select “JPG” or “PNG”, set “Quality”, “Size”, “Pixel”, “Density”, etc.
  • •Wait your sharpened image to be downloaded

Dedicated to increasing photo texture and sharper edge, this image enhancer is one of the best tools to sharpen image online.

Clear Image

(2) Sharp.pixelplumbing.com

This is another website you can visit to sharpen image. It resizes pictures by adjusting the height and width as much as possible.

Input: JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, GIF and SVG

Output: JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF

(3) Other alternatives to unblur image online

PineTools, Fotor, Photo Sharpen, Snapseed, Let’s Enhance, ImageUpscaler, AI Image Enlarger, PhotoEnlarger.com, ImageResizer.com, IMGonline.com, ImageEnlarger.com, ResizeFile.com, Canvas

(4) Sharpen an image offline

Windows:InPixio Photo Maximizer, Adobe Lightroom

Mac:AKVIS Refous, BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 8, GIMP, Photoshop

iPhone/iPod:iPhoto, Vsco, Afterlight, Ultra Light

Android:Fix Photo Blur, Image Blur/Unblur Photo Editor

5. Conclsuion

How do I get the super-sharp image? Unblur image with an image sharpener. There are software helping you sharpen image free without a watermark. Have a try to turn blurry pictures into clear ones. It is easy to unblur image even if you have no knowledge of image sharpener. In pursuit of the best effects like clear lines and crisp details, DVDFab Photo Enlarger AI is your best assistant. Getting sharp image with it is just a snack. And it is easy to learn how to sharpen an image with this free image sharpener. Most important, there will be no watermark left on your output file even if you choose a free trial. Considering different operating systems, there are also software available for you to unblur an image online, and sharpen an image on Mac, Android or iPhone. Based on your need, choose the most suitable image sharpener to clear image free without watermark.