Convert videos to MP4, AVI, MP3, and more on Windows or Mac with DVDFab Video Converter. With so many multimedia gadgets around starting from Digital Cameras, DSLR, Camcorders, all varieties of smartphones, Windows, Mac and Linux laptops and innumerable multimedia streaming websites, there is no shortage of video content. And depending on the requirements of the gadget each device stores a different video file format.


For instance, a camcorder needs to store video in a format that supports storing in-depth details that your normal MP4 file won’t have. However, more often than not, you will need to transfer the media file to other devices for the purpose of sharing or editing and you need a Universal Video Converter to convert videos to MP4, AVI, MP3, and others on Windows or Mac.


While there are many free online video converters available, none of them offers high-quality conversion, detailed customization options, unlimited conversion capabilities and further extend any video conversion due to the requirement of uploading and downloading the files as well. To convert videos to MP4/AVI/MP3 (or other formats) on Win/Mac, it is highly recommended to go for a premium application like DVDFab Video Converter.


Let us see how you can use this application as a universal video converter.


Step 1. Install DVDFab Video Converter


Download the DVDFab Video Converter installer for your Mac or Windows computer and proceed with the installation steps. You don’t need to buy the application immediately, you can use it for 30 days on Trial and thereafter use it for free with limited functionality.


Step 2. Load files for Conversion


Drag and drop any video file you want to convert on the application interface. You can also load files from your mobile by using the +Add from Mobile button (DVDFab Remote app required, refer to Step 7) or use the +Add from Online option to download a file from YouTube or Vimeo and then load it.


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Step 3. Choose the output video format


Select the Converter tab at the top of the application interface. Click on the Profile Switcher button and then select any video format that you want to convert your videos to. You will see further categorizations and filters in the video format section. In the Video section choose from the different video qualities or go to the Web Optimized tab to choose a format suited for uploading to any online website or choose the Audio section to extract audio from your video files in any format.


Choosing the right video format is based on where you are going to play the media file. If it is an HD or UHD player then you should use the 4k player to filter the best format, if you are going to share it online then choose MP4 format with 1080p quality and for audio choose MP3 to be universally compatible or any other audio format FLAC, DTS, M4A or WAV, as per your requirement.


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If you are doing video conversion to be able to play a video file on a currently incompatible device, DVDFab Video Converter makes this task easy by providing you with a Device section where you will find many famous device types to select for video conversion. Just choose your device type and DVDFab Video Converter will automatically take care to convert any video to a format that is compatible with your device.


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Step 4. Video editing


This universal video converter comes with an in-built video editor that you can use while you are doing the conversion process. To use it, click on the Video Edit button appearing in front of the video file you have loaded for conversion.


convert videos to MP4/AVI/MP3 on win/mac, universal video converter, any video converter


It is a feature rich tool which all that you will require in a day to day video editing task. Use this editor to add credits to the video, trim or crop video frames, add text to the video or add a custom music track or image. There are default credit screens, images and music tracks available but you can use your own or download more too.


You can also change the brightness, contrast and color level of the video. It is also possible to trim the middle portion of the video and merge the two ends; in case you want to remove some portions you don’t want.


Make all the modifications for each of the videos individually and click on the OK button once you are done.


Step 5. Advanced Settings/Customizations


Before converting video to any format, you might want to take a look at the properties your output video or audio will have and change it. The Advanced Settings panel of this Universal Video Converter gives you the ability to do further customizations to your video at the metadata level. You can make modifications to the Frame rate, Codec, Encoding, Bitrate and more video properties of the media. Similarly, for the audio, you can change the default volume, Codec, Channels, Sample Rate and Bit rate. This can be done individually for each file or for all at once.


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Whatever settings you do in the Advanced Settings panel before converting video to any other format on Win/Mac, you can save them with the Save my profile button. This way, whenever you are doing a similar task again, you can load the same profile and all your settings will be applied automatically.


Step 6. Choose the output path directory


Now that we are finished doing all the changes we want in the audio and video profile, it is time to start the conversion. Choose the output file directory path using the “Save to:” section at the bottom of the main interface. Click on the folder button to choose a new directory path or use the globe button if you want to publish the video file online to websites like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. You can also choose to save the output file directly to your mobile device.


convert videos to MP4/AVI/MP3 on win/mac, universal video converter


Step 7. Start video conversion


Now it’s time to hit the Start button and get your output files. DVDFab has an Android and iPhone application called DVDFab Remote which you can install on your smartphone and monitor the progress of conversion remotely. Just scan the QR that appears on the screen when you click on the Start button to download the application. This application also connects your laptop with your smartphone and allows the transfer of files for the conversion process. This is how you will be able to load files directly from the smartphone and similarly, save it to the smartphone. The trial version will allow you to convert only a limited number of files.


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The conversion tasks can be Scheduled to run later or paused in between once the conversion has started. Even if it fails for some reason, DVDFab remembers your customizations and allows you to restart the task again without you going over all the steps again.


DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best video converters available in the market. It not only offers you a lot of tools at your disposal to completely customize your converter video/audio file but also does the task at a blazingly fast speed. It uses batch conversion, multi-threading, multi-core, the latest NVIDIA CUDA, Intel Quick Sync, etc on the paid version of the software to greatly accelerate the task without compromising on the output quality. For 3D lovers, we got you covered. We wrote on how to convert a 2D video to a 3D video using the same software.