SLING offers unlimited access to Shahid VIP

During the holy month of Ramadan, SLING is launching an exclusive offering: unlimited access to Shahid VIP. The new service enables subscribers to enjoy a wide variety of Ramadan specials from the Arab region. It also enables SLING subscribers to view exclusive content, such as live sporting events, in Arabic. Moreover, Shahid VIP is compatible with a number of streaming services, including Netflix and YouTube.

SLING's Al Ostoura plan offers a three-day free trial. The service offers 130+ live Arabic channels, including many that are exclusive to SLING. In addition to Shahid VIP, a free trial of Anghami Plus, the world's largest Arabic music streaming service, is available for new SLING Arabic subscribers. Anghami Plus offers 70 million subscribers and 53 million songs in Arabic.

Shahid VIP also gives subscribers exclusive access to exclusive Arabic content, including movies and television shows. Shahid VIP subscribers have access to exclusive Arabic content before any other screen. They can also view the latest Arabic movies right after their cinema release. And ad-free viewing experience is another feature, which keeps users from having to endure an annoying ad break. Other unique features of Shahid VIP include full TV hours of content, short-form series and dramas, live channels, and even first-look exclusives.

For the ultimate experience in Arabic-language content, Sling TV offers two streaming services. The Arabic branch offers a library of over 25,000 hours of Arab content. It also features popular live Arab TV channels and a huge movie library. Aside from the Shahid VIP service, SLING also offers six different packages for Latin Americans. The best Spanish TV package costs $10 a month, and includes the best Mexican channels.

Members receive a gift card

For all the subscribers of Shahid VIP, a welcome gift is in store. Every month, Shahid sends a gift card to all its members. The gift card can be used to buy Shahid products or services. Shahid is an online entertainment company and streaming service that serves the needs of people around the world. Subscribers can choose to watch their favorite programs in SD or HD. They can also watch movies and television shows without any issues.

VIP members are entitled to exclusive offers, which make their memberships a great investment. As a Shahid member, you'll receive a gift card for every purchase you make on the site. You'll also have exclusive access to the Shahid Originals channel. In addition, Shahid offers top Arabic and Egyptian drama series. For all your entertainment needs, Shahid has something for everyone. There's a VIP program for every taste and budget.

VIP members have access to exclusive shows, movies, and other content, including MENA and Bollywood series. Plus, Shahid Premieres and Originals allow members to watch movies, TV shows, and other content without any restrictions. Shahid VIP members can also view their subscription details on Shahid Services. Membership is intended for personal viewing and simultaneous broadcasting. There may be restrictions due to third-party rights to Content.

VIP members also receive a gift card for their subscription. The Shahid VIP gift card can be redeemed for a subscription to popular films, TV shows, or even a subscription to their favorite television shows. They also receive a Shahid VIP gift card when their subscriptions are renewed. You can even use the gift card at CashUnited locations. The rewards for a VIP membership are many.

Access to original Arabic series

With exclusive series premieres, live TV and other premium features, Shahid VIP has become the leading provider of top-quality Arabic-language content. This subscription service offers members access to a wide range of original Arabic series. With Shahid VIP, subscribers can watch new shows and movies first, and enjoy exclusive series premieres. Subscribers can access exclusive series first on Shahid and can subscribe for as little as $4 a month.

Subscription services such as Shahid VIP have an exclusive agreement with Sabbah Brothers, a production company started by Sabbah's grandfather in the 1950s. Through the partnership, subscribers to Shahid VIP can gain access to new seasons of MBC series and movies. Cedars Art Production, which primarily shoots in Morocco and Lebanon, will produce these new seasons of MBC shows. Many of these shows have won awards, including the Cannes and Toronto film festivals.

The Shahid VIP service also includes an exclusive selection of films and series from France, Morocco and North Africa. The Shahid lineup includes award-winning French drama Stalk, Algerian-Syrian drama Ward Aswad, and French thriller Inside. Shahid also hosts regular Eid concerts for members. If you'd like to watch more Arabic films, join Shahid VIP. Just like its Arabic-language movies, Shahid also offers a wide range of movies and TV shows from both the Middle East and North Africa.

If you're interested in subscriptions, SLING offers both Ala Keifak and Shahid VIP. Ala Keifak offers 130+ live Arabic channels, Shahid VIP access, and select video-on-demand options. Ala Keifak is a new package launched in December 2020 and has more than 80 live Arabic channels. As a member, you can watch live premium Arabic channels and sports via the Shahid VIP app.

Access to live events

If you'd like to enjoy the best in entertainment, Shahid VIP can help. With subscriptions to exclusive TV shows, movies, and sporting events, you can enjoy Arabic originals, movie premieres, and exclusive series. The service also features no commercial interruptions, unlimited devices, and no ad-blocking. Subscriptions also let you download MP4 videos to watch offline. And, you can cancel at any time.

You can view exclusive Arabic content and get first-looks at original series and movies. You can also watch movies in Arabic language without interruptions. Shahid VIP also features cartoon network shows and live channels. Live television channels offer HD quality and ad-free streaming. This service also gives Shahid members exclusive content and allows them to view episodes offline. Whether you're looking for a new comedy show or a family movie, you'll find it on Shahid.

Premium subscription service Shahid VIP has achieved record growth this year. As a part of the MBC GROUP, Shahid offers high-quality Arabic programming, including exclusive movies and a diverse range of original productions. In addition to exclusive movies, Shahid also offers highly rated Arabic original TV. Subscribers to the service have grown more than tenfold in a year since its relaunch.

The subscription includes exclusive Ramadan deals and original series. Subscribers to Shahid VIP can watch all the best Ramadan specials and exclusive Ramadan content on their mobile devices. The subscription is also available to SLING's existing Arabic channel lineup. With this, SLING now offers the most comprehensive Ramadan entertainment package in the U.S. Shahid is the leading Arabic-language media platform.

Exclusive Ramadan specials

Subscribers can watch exclusive Ramadan specials on Shahid VIP, the world's leading Arabic streaming service. These programs will feature some of the biggest Arabic stars of the current generation and will span genres including drama and comedy, action thrillers, suspense, and general entertainment. You can also catch the latest episodes of popular TV series on the service. You can also stream new Arabic movies, TV shows, and live sports events, all in Arabic.

You can enjoy more than 40 Arabic titles with Shahid VIP's special Ramadan titles, all with no ad breaks! During this holy month, you can watch exclusive programs, "before-TV" previews, and more, without worrying about commercial breaks or other interruptions. Plus, the app offers unlimited food delivery through its Smile App, allowing you to take your entertainment wherever you go. Whether you're watching on a laptop, tablet, or television, Shahid VIP is a perfect choice.

In addition to its popular Arabic programming, Shahid VIP's exclusive Ramadan specials are also available for SLING subscribers. These programs feature comedy segments from comedians like Nasser Al Qasabi. While Nasser Al Qasabi may try to pick up on the contradictions, his humor never fails to highlight the problems of sectarianism and discrimination. You can watch the Ramadan specials on Sling in HD quality.

If you love watching Arabic movies and TV shows, then you must be subscribed to Shahid VIP. It's the world's leading Arabic video streaming service, with over 20,000 hours of original content. With its exclusive Ramadan specials, you can save up to 50% on your monthly subscriptions. Just use your Shahid VIP coupon code to access these exclusive Ramadan specials. There's no need to search for other discounts or promos.