How to Get A Video without Black Bars by Using DVDFab


DVDFab products are always versatile and considerate, which make them gain a vast of favor worldwide. The crop feature included in DVDFab ripper and converter products enables users to get a specific output video whatever they like with some customize settings presented. If you want to get a video with any resolution or displaying area you want, just leave this task to the crop feature. However, some users encountered the problem that after cropping the video, they saw the black bars on the screen which they don't want to keep in the output video. Well, following, this tutorial will show you two solutions to get a perfect video without any black bar on the top and bottom, or left and right screen.


Solution 1: Select the Resolution listed by DVDFab's intelligent matching


Step 1: Run DVDFab, and load in the source


Step 2: Choose Auto Aspect Ratio and select the resolution most similar to it

After the source loading, go to the Edit tab. Click it, and then navigate to the Crop part. Actually, at the Aspect Ratio, you will face with many choices: Auto, Original, 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1, 2.39:1 and Customize. Usually, by choosing the Auto option, the real video content part has been cropped with black bars cut off. Just select it, and click the OK button.



Then, DVDFab automatically turns back to the main interface. Here, you shall click the Advanced Settings entrance right behind the profile switcher. At the resolution part, all the options listed are matched to the output video. Choose the one that most similar to your destination resolution. For instance, if the resolution under Auto-Detect aspect ratio is 1280 ×532, just choose the horizontal resolution with 1280. Hence, you can get a video with full displaying area while all the black bars cut off.



Solution 2: Define the aspect ratio and crop the video to cut off the black bar


Step 1: Run DVDFab, and load in the source


Step 2: Define the resolution you need

After importing the source, go to the Advanced Settings housed behind the profile switcher at the left panel, and select the resolution you want. If you there are no resolutions fit for your need, you can type the real value in the combox manually.



Step 3: Choose the corresponding Aspect Ratio, and crop the video to cut off the black bars

Navigate to the Edit tab next to the "+Add" button to enter into the Video Edit part, then go to the Crop tab. Select the Aspect Ratio more suitable for your need. For example, if you need a video with resolution 640×360, choose 16:9 and check the Keep Aspect Ratio on.


After that, drag & drop the crop frame to crop the displaying area with the video content covered and black bars cut off. By doing so, you can get a video with the resolution you want and black bars cut off.



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1. Cropping video following solution 2, you can get the specific resolution totally meet your need. However, at the crop part, some minor content may not be contained in the output video. This means, if you choose Solution 2, you can get a non black bars video, while you may make a compromise on the video displaying integrity.

2. After cropping video and playing the output video on player, if the output aspect ratio doesn't match the one of  the player you use, the player will automatically fill the displaying area so that you may still see black bars on the video. But you should notice that the black bars are not belongs to the output video.

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