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How to Play DVD/Blu-ray Folder with DVDFab Media Player?

As an outstanding media player, your backup DVD folder and Blu-ray folder can be played by DVDFab Media Player for sure. And for free. Everyone loves freeware, especially powerful one. However, if you want DVDFab Media Player to play DVD or Blu-ray disc, you have to pay to get this feature. No matter you want to pay for it or not, next tutorial is about how to play DVD/Blu-ray folder with it on your PC, which you may want to have a look.


Step 1: Start DVDFab Media Player after download and installation.

You can download the latest version of this player software quickly at: and easily install it. Then click its desktop icon produced after the installing process, to start up DVDFab Media Player. When you come to the main UI, you can see an “Open File” icon, and an icon (on top right corner), seems like a gear, for settings.


If you prefer to do some settings before everything, just click this settings icon to open the settings window, where you can set: general things, play control, video, audio, subtitles, Blu-ray, etc.


Step 2: Load DVD/Blu-ray folder

Now let’s load in the DVD folder or Blu-ray folder. Just click “Open File” icon, and go to the directory where your movie folder is saved. Then click the folder, and you can enjoy your movie, just so easy.


Step 3: Choose a play mode for Blu-ray folder

Here is one more step for Blu-ray folder, since DVDFab Media Player provides 2 play mode for you to choose. One is “Quick & Simple Mode”, the other is “Full Navigation Mode”.


“Quick & Simple Mode” can directly play main movie title, and also allows you to choose any other titles to play. And some basic movie information is showed under this mode, like director, genres, year, actors, plot, etc.


“Full Navigation Mode” is an unique feature. Under this feature, you can get full Blu-ray navigation experience, just like control on a physical Blu-ray player.


Step 4: Control and set during the playback

When your DVD or Blu-ray movie is being played, you can right click on the screen, or hover the mouse on the top or bottom of the screen, to bring about some control panels to do some convenient control or settings. Details are as follows:


Right click to open file, open disc, control play, set audio, set subtitles, etc.


Hover mouse on top to play in full screen, half screen, set audio, set subtitles, etc.


And hover mouse on bottom to stop/pause the play, resume play, volume up, volume down, fast backward, and fast forward.


OK. That’s all there is to it. Enjoy your movie, and hope you’re happy to have DVDFab Media Player as company. More info about this multimedia player can be found at:

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