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Rip DVD to The New iPad (iPad 3) on Mac

Doubtless to say, along with Apple’s official release of the third generation tablet, The New iPad, or, iPad 3, is driving another round of tablet rush. Do you get one? If yes, just play with it, if not, do not worry, you will not be left behind, just a matter of time. As Apple does not leave anyone behind, DVDFab does not, neither.


To stay in tune, the best Mac DVD Ripper Software now already supports to convert DVD-video to the New iPad (iPad 3) compatible video files. You can now try out to see how your New iPad (iPad 3) works different.


Follow this tip to go:


Convert DVD for The New iPad (iPad 3): Step 1->Download the latest version of DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac and install it on your Mac.


Convert DVD for The New iPad (iPad 3): Step 2->launch DVDFab for Mac, navigate to DVD Ripper option iPad mode, load the target DVD to your optical drive. After selecting the audio and subtitle streams, select the output profile from the dropdown menu, which is available at the bottom of the main window. There are three options for iPad 3, “iPad3.1080p.mp4”, “iPad3.h264.1080p” and,“iPad3.h264.multichannel”.


Convert DVD for The New iPad (iPad 3): Step 3-> Click the “Edit” and “Video Effect Settings” buttons and do the Conversion Settings and Video Effect Settings respectively, then hit “Start” button to go converting. Next, wait for the task to be completed.


Note: the critical point of the whole process is the profile, if you choose a wrong one, the output file may not play well on iPad 3. So, enough attention should be paid.


For more information, you can go to DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac page.

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