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Amber, is one of the best professional authors behind the DVDFab Team. She is good at writing for application tools and software, offering valuable tips for software users.

Latest Posts

  • The Best MP4 Players for Windows10/Mac/iphone/Android

    Here we have compiled the list of the best MP4 players for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS for you to enjoy your MP4 files on all your devices freely.

  • Google Drive Share Methods That You Do Not Know About

    Google Drive share is a common method used by people to share files. Are you not aware of how to share a file on Google Drive? This article will help you out.

    Amber 11/03/2021
  • Increase Image Resolution [How to Create a High Resolution Image]

    When it comes to improving image resolution, most people might think of Photoshop. To be honest, Adobe Photoshop was once the most well-known image editor in the past. You can download and install this software on your Windows or Mac, load your picture, click Image > Image Size to increase image resolution. But with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Photoshop is being put in the shade. And most increased users are asking how to increase resolution of image without Photoshop. So here in this article, let’s put the spotlight on some AI software to change image resolution, convert image to high resolution, to be exact.

  • How to Blur Video Background

    If you have a need to blur your video background on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android, find preferred tools and read detailed instructions in this article. You will find the best answer to how to blur video background.

    Amber 01/10/2021
  • How to Fast Forward Video

    This article gives the most comprehensive solutions to how to fast forward video on Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android. You can use any tool or method you think effective to learn how to fast forward a video.

    Amber 08/17/2020
  • Play MKV on iPhone with Two Solutions

    Do you want to play MKV iPhone? There are three ways for your choice. Convert MKV to MP4 or other digital formats supported by iPhone. Use an MKV iPhone player or transfer MKV to iPhone. Continue to read and find your favorite method to play MKV iPhone.

  • How to Convert MKV to AVI?

    MKV and AVI are two of the most popular formats that you may often use in your life. So do you ever want to convert MKV to AVI? Here are several different methods for you to convert MKV to AVI easily.

  • How to Remove Subtitles from MKV Fast in Batches?

    Do you want to remove subtitles from MKV files in batches? Here I am going to show you how to remove either soft subtitles or hard subtitles from MKV files with te best free MKV editor - DVDFab Video Converter.