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Jacob, senior English editor and translator of DVDFab Software. He've been writing informative posts related to multimedia technology for seven years. It gives him great pleasure to assist users in locating appropriate software. During the spare time, he also enjoys making things out of clay and doing woodworking, which feeds his creativity.

Latest Posts

  • How to Download New Music from Audiomack?

    Speaking of the tools of downloading new music from Audiomack, we are sure that there are plenty of software out there offering free music downloads, and we have weeded through them so you can find only the best and brightness to use.

  • Top 5 Image to Video Makers [Free & Paid]

    The past few decades saw leaps and bounds of technological development, including the media technology. Gone are the days that a photographer or a cameraman have to carry a heavy lens to record something, now you can just do that with a light mobile phone in your pocket, thanks to the development of technology, and the image quality is by no means inferior to what an expert camera can bring, which results in the ever increasing number of images each of us have on our mobile phones. Yes as we are all artist of our own life recording, why not bring those images together and make them a video? A good image to video makers would do! Check out what image to video makers are recommended ahead.

    Jacob 05/10/2023
  • Ways to Convert Powerpoint Files to Videos

    This article introduces the ways to convert PowerPoint files to videos with PowerPoint on Windows and Mac, a third party converter program and an online PowerPoint to video converter.

  • Top 20 YouTube Old Country Music Videos of All Time

    Country music has a unique charm though it is not as popular as some new genres. Here we’re going to discuss old country songs that come complete with great music videos available to watch on YouTube.

  • Top 5 Best Free Media Players for Windows [Updated]

    Are you looking for the best Windows video player to watch your collected movies, TV shows or videos on Windows 10/7? To seek utmost viewing experience, you need to choose the right media players for movies. This post details the best video player Windows 10 for your option. Read on to take your best pick!

  • Top 10 Best Modern Christmas Songs

    Here are top 10 best modern Christmas songs that you can add to your Christmas playlists. And also we will also show you how to download them from YouTube.

  • How to Make a Live Photo a GIF [Multiple Solutions]

    This article has provided you the best way to make a live photo a GIF, online, app and software solutions for you to choose freely. Read further to unlock the secret to how to make a live photo a GIF.

    Jacob 02/01/2023
  • Best Solution to Create GIF from Images

    How to create GIF from images? You would learn 3 different ways to make interesting GIFs from images capturing the best moments, both online and software. Also, we've provided you an alternative way to create GIF out of a video. Let's take a look together!

    Jacob 02/01/2023