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DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service

Dated back to the DVD era, the practice of decrypting DVD protections was to put the decryption data into the decryption tools, and let the software clients do the entire job. This traditional way had its advantages back at that time. Users didn’t need a live internet connection, however, it also has its limitations, among which, having to wait for a software update whenever there is a new protection, being its biggest disadvantage.

Introducing the DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service
● Decryption process will be done in a matter of seconds

As a sidenote: the decryption speed shown in the above chart is what our developers get under a perfect testing environment. It does not necessarily mean everyone else shall be guaranteed the same speed. In reality, the decryption speed shall vary depending on user’s Internet speed and PC configurations. On the other hand, only the user that opens a new disc for the first time shall experience some delay due to the internal player being run. Once that new disc information is automatically uploaded to our Secure Decryption Databank, it should be blinking fast for everyone else.

● Heavily protected Secure Decryption Databank

Due to the fact that the two analysis tools, PathPlayer and BluPath, will constantly upload new disc information into the Secure Decryption Databank on our server, the amount of data shall grow in an exponential manner. To such a huge online databank, security issue becomes significantly important. In this regard, we’ve taken multiple measures to ensure the safety of the decryption databank, and we promise nothing else other than the disc information shall be uploaded, and those decryption data will never reach to the hands of any third party companies and organizations.

● Support the newest protections as soon as we can

As we all know, to prevent consumers from making backups of their legally purchased DVDs and Blu-rays, the film industry and major movie studios never stop trying. They will for sure constantly bring in new technologies to frequently upgrade the protection schemes. With the traditional decryption approach, whenever some new forms of protections show up, users will have to wait for an software update to solve the problem. Now with DVDFab CDS technology, this has changed. As soon as a new protection is detected on a DVD/Blu-ray disc, PathPlayer/BluPath shall immediately gather the protection information on the problematic disc and then automatically upload to our server, which once confirming such report is received, shall send out an automated alert to our developers so they know exactly what’s happening at the user’s end, and they will take quick actions to work out a solution, which usually takes no longer than one day. As soon as the new protection is handled, the decryption data shall be put back into the Secure Decryption Databank, when another automated email shall be sent to the user experiencing the decryption difficulty, so that he or she can know in time that his or her problem has already been addressed.

Introducing Cloud Decryption Service 3.0 (updated on Dec. 21, 2018)

Compared to the previous generation of the CDS, which mainly centered on the improvement of DVD decryption speed, the latest Cloud Decryption Service 3.0 emphasizes on accelerating the decryption speed for Blu-rays, and it is applied on Passkey 9, DVDFab 11 and Player 5.

With CDS 2.0, it averagely takes 30s ~ 40s to open (decrypt) a Blu-ray disc, now with CDS 3.0, it only takes DVDFab 11 around 10s to open a Blu-ray disc, on the condition that the disc is in good condition and contains no BD+ protection. To Passkey 9 and Player 5, the decryption time can be further cut to 6s more or less, also a huge improvement over the 10s ~ 20s with CDS 2.0.

To be noted, similar to CDS 2.0, the 1st user who opens a specific Blu-ray disc with CDS 3.0 shall still take 30s ~ 40s, the significant difference happens to the 2nd and following users who open that same disc, thanks to the 1st user who contributes the required information to the Secure Decryption Databank on our Cloud Server.

Coming up next to CDS 3.0 — we will soon update CDS 3.0 in the following weeks to stabilize the decryption speed, regardless of the disc condition (damaged, scratched, covered by dirt, etc.) and another ground-breaking technology (name not confirmed yet) to fix a disc if some important data is found missing after analyzing.

Stay tuned…

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