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Cloud Decryption

DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service

Introducing the DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service

Decryption process will be done in a matter of seconds

As the 2nd generation of decryption method, the cloud based DVDFab CDS technology makes it unimaginably faster to decrypt DVDs and Blu-rays (relevant products include DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, DVD to Blu-ray Converter, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray to DVD Converter, UHD Copy, UHD Ripper, UHD to Blu-ray Converter and Hi-Fi Audio Converter). Currently, it will take 1~3 minutes to decrypt a DVD or Blu-ray, while with the Cloud Decryption Service, the entire process shall be done in a matter of seconds. In our test, it only takes 10 seconds to finish decrypting a DVD, approximately 20 times faster than the traditional approach, while when it comes to a Blu-ray disc, our test result shows an average of 30s ~ 40s, depending on different test environments. Here below is a comparison chart showing how fast DVDFab CDS technology can make the decryption process revolutionarily faster.

Heavily protected Secure Decryption Databank

Support the newest protections as soon as we can

Introducing Cloud Decryption Service 3.0 (updated on Dec. 21, 2018)

Compared to the previous generation of the CDS, which mainly centered on the improvement of DVD decryption speed, the latest Cloud Decryption Service 3.0 emphasizes on accelerating the decryption speed for Blu-rays, and it is applied on Passkey 9, DVDFab 11 and Player 5.

With CDS 2.0, it averagely takes 30s ~ 40s to open (decrypt) a Blu-ray disc, now with CDS 3.0, it only takes DVDFab 11 around 10s to open a Blu-ray disc, on the condition that the disc is in good condition and contains no BD+ protection. To Passkey 9 and Player 5, the decryption time can be further cut to 6s more or less, also a huge improvement over the 10s ~ 20s with CDS 2.0.

To be noted, similar to CDS 2.0, the 1st user who opens a specific Blu-ray disc with CDS 3.0 shall still take 30s ~ 40s, the significant difference happens to the 2nd and following users who open that same disc, thanks to the 1st user who contributes the required information to the Secure Decryption Databank on our Cloud Server.

Coming up next to CDS 3.0 — we will soon update CDS 3.0 in the following weeks to stabilize the decryption speed, regardless of the disc condition (damaged, scratched, covered by dirt, etc.) and another ground-breaking technology (name not confirmed yet) to fix a disc if some important data is found missing after analyzing.

Stay tuned…

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