What are the best movies on Disney Plus? How to access the best Disney plus movies? Against the deep impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are stuck at home. Thus, figuring out how to get your favorite movies on Disney Plus counts a lot! If you are a Disney Plus buff, you might know Disney Plus has Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic for you to kill time or relax under pressure. Actually, there are other kinds of good movies to watch on Disney Plus, which you probably lose sight of. In this post, we will recommend you some new Disney Plus movies and shows you how to download disney plus movies on laptop for offline viewing.

PART 1: What is the Disney Plus Movies List in January?

To meet the needs of loyal fans, some good Disney Plus movie lists have been released in succession this January, which includes the fantastic new Disney+ Original series Wanda Vision and the latest good movies like Isle of Dogs. If you wonder what movies are on Disney Plus, you might as well keep an eye on the following list of movies on Disney Plus this month. They will help you kill the time or teach you something meaningful. It also should be mentioned that Disney Plus has offered a special Disney Plus bundle so that users have a much more value-for-money experience.

Best Disney Plus movies you shall watch

Aside from Disney+ Originals, what else best movies to watch on Disney Plus? Disney Plus adds new spice to its audience, from kids to adults, by offering must-watch new movies like Isle of Dogs, released on Jan 15. That’s not enough! Most fans are curious about the full list of Disney Plus new movies and TV shows that will be released throughout the whole January.

Release Time

New Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

January 1

Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who
700 Sharks
Great Shark Chow Down
Mega Hammerhead
Mr. Popper’s Penguins
The Wolverine (2013)
Earth to Ned: Episodes 11-20 [Disney+ Originals]
Extras­–Beyond the Clouds: A Film Handshake [Disney+ Originals]

January 8

Star War Forces of Destiny: Volume 1-4
Toy Story That Time Forgot
Disney Fam Jam
Extra–Beyond the Clouds: The Anatomy of Emotion [Disney+ Originals]
Marvel Studios: Legend (Premiere) [Disney+ Originals]

January 15

Disney Elena of Avalor (S3)
Doctor Doolittle 3
Mary Poppins Returns
Extras–Beyond the Clouds: The Concert of a Lifetime [Disney+ Originals]
Wanda Vision (Premiere) [Disney+ Originals]

January 22

Extra–Beyond the Clouds: The Finishing Touches [Disney+ Originals]
Wanda Vision: New Episodes [Disney+ Originals]
Pixar Popcorn (Premiere) [Disney+ Originals]
Wild Uganda

January 29

Dinosaurs (S1-S4)
Ramona and Beezus
Texas Storm Squad
The Incredible Dr. Pol
Extra–Beyond the Clouds: A Promise Kept: Finale [Disney+ Originals]
SIMPSONS FOREVER: Faves of January 2022 [Disney+ Originals]

The above list is of the best movies on Disney Plus to be watched in January. If you are a Disney Plus member, the first way to access them is through online streaming. Do make sure you have enough bandwidth and a good internet connection.

PART 2: Which Disney Plus Movies are in 4K? What 4K Streaming Devices Do You Need?

When speaking of 4K streaming, Netflix took the lead in making Netflix original movies available in 4K in 2014, followed by Amazon Prime Video later, and Hulu until 2019. However, since the launching day, Disney Plus has made Disney Plus 4K a top priority. All of its original shows and movies can be streamed in 4K, together with its back-catalog including Star War, the Marvel movies, and Pixar catalog.

Where to watch 4K TV shows and movies on Disney Plus? Open the Disney Plus app, click the Movies icon from the top navigation section. You will see a category named Ultra HD and HDR, which collects all the 4K movies available currently. Unfortunately, there is no such category for TV shows on Disney Plus. The golden rule is that all of the Originals on Disney Plus can be streamed in 4K HDR, but the rest shows are streamed in HD. You can check this rule by clicking the DETAILS tab on the title overview of the show or movies on Disney Plus.

Best Movies to Watch on Disney Plus movies in 4K

Which Disney Plus movies are in 4K? Now let’s check the 8 top movies on Disney Plus that can be streamed in 4K quality in 2020.

  • SOUL, Children/Comedy, 1h47m, Dec 25, 2020, PG
  • Godmother, 1h53m, Dec 4, 2020, PG
  • Clouds, 2h1m, Oct 16, 2020, PG-13
  • MULAN, Action-PG, 115m, Sept 4, 2020, PG-13
  • Hamilton, Drama, 2h40m, Jul 3, 2020, PG-13
  • Artemis Fowl, Sci-Fi, 1h55m, June 12, 2020, PG
  • Onward, Children/Comedy, 1h42m, Mar 6, 2020, PG
  • Lamp Life, Animation, Jan 31, 2020, G

Since you have known the best Disney Plus movies in 4K, it’s time to figure out what 4K streaming devices can be used to stream movies on Disney Plus. In real life, the following 4K streaming devices including smart TVs and game consoles can be applied to stream Disney Plus movies.

  • Amazon Fire TV 4K
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Android TV 4K
  • LG TVs
  • Samsung TVs
  • Google Chromecast Ultra
  • Xbox One
  • Roku Premiere, Streaming Stick+ & Ultra
  • PlayStation 4

Streaming Devices to Watch Disney Plus Movies in 4K

There is one thing that you need to know if you do not have a 4K TV at hand, the resolution will be downgraded to the maximum quality your TV can play. In most cases, they can be streamed in 1080p.

PART 3: Can You Download Disney Plus Movies on Laptop

Can you watch Disney Plus on laptop? As one of the most prevailing streaming platforms, Disney Plus enables users to watch Disney Plus movies on web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari. Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer for Windows laptops, PCs, and tablets are also supported. But can you download streaming video from Disney Plus movies on laptop?

Disney Plus Movies App Download

Unfortunately, Disney Plus merely allows members to stream movies on Disney Plus online or download part of Disney Plus movies for offline viewing via its Disney Plus app on Android and iOS mobile devices. That being said, you cannot download Disney Plus movies on laptop.

PART 4: How to Download Movies on Disney Plus for Offline Play

As mentioned above, the Disney Plus app works well on Android and iOS mobile devices like smartphones, or Amazon Fire tablets. However, there are some limits on Disney Plus movies download. For instance, you can download Disney Plus movies on up to ten mobile devices for offline playback. In this case, it’s worthwhile to resort to a reliable third-party streaming video downloader like StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. Let’s check what master card this Disney Plus movies downloader has.

  • Download streaming video in 1080p & 5.1 audio tracks from Disney Plus
  • Support metadata & subtitles download for better play
  • Download episodes in batch, 2X downloading speed available
  • Available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • 3 titles download on a free trial basis

Download streaming video from Disney Plus

Now let’s focus on how to download Disney Plus movies with simple clicks.

  • STEP 1: Free download and launch StreamFab Downloader
  • STEP 2: Tab the Disney+ icon and search for the movies on Disney Plus
  • STEP 3: Play the video and then click the Download Now button

Within THREE easy clicks, your wanted best Disney Plus movies will be downloaded automatically in the default storage folder. Note that due to Disney Plus DRM protection, not all the movies on Disney Plus can be streamed online. Likewise, not all the best movies on Disney Plus can be downloaded via the official Disney Plus app.

If you want to download episodes, do not forget to choose to download them in batches. That will save you much waiting time. Of course, you might as well watch your favorite titles while StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is working on the download task. When finished, save the downloaded titles in someplace for collection. A year later, it will be more meaningful to watch the classic Disney Plus movies downloaded by this powerful Disney Plus downloader. You will gain new insights into the storyline. Of course, with this DRM downloader, you can get Netflix offline titles in a breeze. 

PART 5: How to Make 4K Disney Plus Movies for Home Play

Though most Disney Plus Originals can be streamed in 4K via a web browser, there might be times when you want to stream or watch other good movies on Disney Plus that are not Originals. Under the circumstances, it’s imperative to make your own best Disney Plus movies in 4K. But how to do that? If you have a 4K video enhancer in hand, everything will be a piece of cake! Any good recommendations?

Turn to StreamFab Video Enhancer AI for help, which is a professional AI-based video enhancer software designed to upscale low-res video to 4K and enhance old videos to better quality. Whatever you have downloaded from Disney Plus, it will be upscaled to 4K resolution with better image quality, no video noise or blur, brightness, or contrast in an ideal balance.

Upscale Disney Plus Movies to 4K with AI Video Enhancer

Actions speak louder than words. How to make good Disney Plus movies in 4K free and easily?

  • STEP 1: Free download and launch StreamFab Video Enhancer AI
  • STEP 2: Load video source and customize output video

Here you can choose AI models, Output format, resolution, and bitrate as desired. 200% is available when you aim to enlarge your video for a larger screen effect.

  • STEP 3: Start to upscale Disney Plus movies

With this AI-powered video enhancement tool, it will be much easier to watch the best Disney Plus movies in 4K on your home 4K TV or 4K video player software.

Final Thought

Up to now, you have gained a full picture of Disney Plus movies, be it Originals or best movies on Disney Plus for online streaming from third-party filmmakers. Above all, you’ve mastered how to download the best movies on Disney Plus with a professional yet efficient StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader, not just limited to the official Disney Plus app available on Disney Plus supported devices like Android and iOS mobile. To download your best Disney Plus movies on PC and watch it at home theater system with families will be of great fun and be more meaningful to maintain family ties. Of course, besides watching downloaded good Disney Plus movies in 4K on an Ultra HD TV, you are advised to enjoy them on the best 4K media player software like StreamFab Player 6.