Comparing Apple TV And Roku

This section talks about different features that are deciding factors when it comes to Roku vs Apple TV comparison. Read below to know more.

apple tv vs roku:Comparing Apple TV And Roku

1. Streaming Apps

The most essential factor of a streaming device is what kind of media users can stream, and this indicates looking at the libraries and apps available on the device.

Roku, from the beginning, has one of the most solid app libraries for media hubs, comprising almost all major names comprising Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, along with a number of other apps (which Roku dubs as channels) across different activities, subjects, regions, interests, and cultures. Not only this, users can also watch CBS All Access for free on Roku. On top of that, the device even has Apple TV, hence users can access the video library of Apple or watch videos from Apple TV+.

On the other hand, Apple shows support for most major streaming platforms via the app store from Apple TV. Google Play is not available, nor is the huge library of more particular interest-based apps that Roku has. However, the Apple TV does support Twitch, which Roku interestedly lacks. Obviously, the Apple TV also offers easy access to any content available in Apple's movie and music libraries, especially with the best TV shows on Apple TV. On the other hand, now that Apple TV apps are accessible on various smart TV platforms and media hubs, that advantage appears less unique.

apple tv vs roku:1. Streaming Apps

2. Connectivity

In this battle between Roku vs Firestick vs Apple TV, Apple TV connects to a TV with an HDMI cable. Other ports comprise an ethernet port for direct connection to a router and an optical audio output port. Apple TV communicates with devices through Wi-Fi (and sports dual-band Wireless-N abilities) as well as Bluetooth.

Roku also links to TV through an HDMI cable and has the same Wi0Fi capabilities, but with the included input options of a Micro SD slot and USB slot, letting for any photos or movies saved on a digital camera's Micro SD card or USB memory stick to be viewed. Roku does not have an optical audio out or Bluetooth.

apple tv vs roku:2. Connectivity

3. Audio and Video Quality

In the Apple TV 4k vs Roku Ultra comparison, both streaming devices provide models that show support for 4K video from platforms that have 4K content. The devices can show HDR (high dynamic range) video. The difference is that the Roku 4K streamers only show support for the relatively ordinary HDR10 HDR format, while the Apple TV 4K shows support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10, an extra HDR format with dynamic metadata.

The difference between the two is not very obvious unless you put them side by side, but it is an additional feature in the Apple TV 4K's device. The devices are about equal when it comes to audio, with Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround support. By the way, if you are an ios user, iTunes DRM removal is also what you need to learn.

apple tv vs roku:3. Audio and Video Quality

4. Screen and Content Mirroring

In the Apple TV vs Roku vs Firestick battle, the mirroring feature for Roku is not built in the device but it is possible to some extent with Miracast, a screencast (mirroring) feature for Wi-Fi devices. On the other hand, its functionality differs among different tablets and phones and does not operate with Apple devices. Some third-party apps for Roku allow mirroring of media among some devices. Simply put, some content of Apple's AirPlay can be mirrored on the Roku with research and effort, but Roku does not have the entire mirroring feature as Apple TV.

One of the unique features of Apple TV is AirPlay mirroring, which lets users show any media from their iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer via Apple TV on a television. For example, a user can show an iPhone photo library or game on their TV. This also allows any content pulled up with a mobile device or Mac computer online to be seen on the TV, thereby greatly increasing the content chances of Apple TV. On the other hand, some users have found that HD content seen over AirPlay can appear with poor quality.

apple tv vs roku:4. Screen and Content Mirroring

5. Remote

Both the Roku and Apple TV have simple and small remotes with in-built microphones for voice control (in the case of Roku, voice instructions are accessible on the Ultra and Streaming Stick+ models). The Roku remote is a sausage-shaped black wand with a huge purple direction pad, while the remote for Apple TV is a slim aluminum device with motion sensors and a touchpad.

The Apple TV remote is more enhanced, with a motion- and touch-based interface, but that is not the big benefit it provides. Users also get voice assistance from Apple's Siri, similar to how they get on their iPhone or iPad. Users can ask Siri to search for something to view or listen to on the Apple TV. Siri lets the Apple TV to work for Apple HomeKit-compatible devices as a smart home hub. Hence, users can control their smart locks, thermostats, lights, and more by instructing the remote. Siri can also offer weather updates, sports scores, news, and other helpful information.

The Roku remote has a microphone that allows users to search for content by talking into it and offers restricted control over the device. While Roku does not provide many voice assistant features, users can at least control the Roku Ultra with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with a smart speaker.

6. Gaming

Apple TV does not provide any gaming apps, but you can play any game on the television from any Apple device via AirPlay. A number of gaming apps are accessible via Roku, including poker, Angry Birds, and some traditional arcade games. The motion-sensitive controller in Roku can be utilized to enjoy games.

7. Prices

The Apple TV 4K comes for a price tag of $179 for the model with 32 GB of storage, or at a price tag of $199 for the one with 64 GB. The 1080p-only Apple TV HD comes for a price tag a bit less, with a single 32 GB version going for $149.

The Roku Ultra is the costliest device by the company with a price tag of $99.99. Roku also provides a number of 4K-capable devices for far less, comprising the $49.99 Roku Streaming Stick+ and the $39.99 Roku Premiere. They do not have headphone jack-fitted remotes similar to the Roku Ultra, but they support 4K HDR content for suggestively less than the Apple TV. The 1080p Roku Express is the most affordable model with a price tag of $29.99.

Apple TV Vs Roku: Summary Tables

The below table provides a quick look at the features and specifications of the two devices. Have a look.


Apple TV






Apple tvOS

Roku OS


Dolby Vision, HDR10


Voice Assistant



The below table provides a quick look at the different advantages of the two devices. Have a look.

Apple 4K


HDR and 4K support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Advanced remote with a headphone jack, programmable shortcut buttons, and finder function.

Siri with voice remote.

Slightly quicker performance as compared to the earlier model.

Strong Wi-Fi performance.


The below table provides a quick look at the different cons of the two devices. Have a look.

Apple 4K



Poor voice control for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Streaming apps library is comparatively small.

Lack of its own personal voice assistant.

Some apps are not compatible with 4K streaming

No Dolby Vision.

Bonus: Download Videos From Apple TV or Roku For Offline Viewing

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apple tv vs roku:Bonus: Download Videos From Apple TV or Roku For Offline Viewing

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apple tv vs roku:Bonus: Download Videos From Apple TV or Roku For Offline Viewing

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apple tv vs roku:Bonus: Download Videos From Apple TV or Roku For Offline Viewing

Step 4: Select the video quality, audio, and subtitle, as well. Once everything is adjusted, click on the Download Now option.


Who has the better interface between Apple TV and Roku?

For iOS devices, the interface of the Apple TV 4K is very same. Since it is so simple, even Android users can understand it. Users like the ease of use and smooth interface of the Apple TV 4K. On the other hand, Roku Ultra is simple to use too with Smart TVs, but the interface of Roku is a little bit more outdated. It is very easy and simple to understand, but there is quite a big ad on the home screen that users cannot opt-out of.


In short, we just had a look at Apple TV vs Roku comparison, we also saw that users can download content from Apple TV and Roku Channel with the help of StreamFab.