Audials is an excellent recording solution to save your chosen music, TV shows, series, or movies for offline watching. However, the problem arises when you have an Audials One Windows 10 subscription but have switched to a Mac computer. The real struggle is to record your videos with Audials for Mac. Sadly, Audials does not provide a Mac version, but you need not worry.

Here, we will offer solutions for Audials Mac download and a competent alternative to enjoy your selected videos without compromising on anything. Let’s get started for a knowledgeable read.

audials one for mac 2024

How to Use Audials on Mac

If you plan for Audials Mac download, you’ll be disappointed to know that Audials has not yet introduced a Mac version. It does not work with M1 and M2 chips. Furthermore, Audials One for Mac is not in the process of implementation even in the near future. However, that does not mean you can never use it on your Mac. After all, technology always has your back.

audials one for mac 2024

1. If you have Audials One Windows 10 and have switched to a Mac computer, you can try installing and running this version on your Mac. You can run Windows OS on a virtual machine or, preferably, use Parallels, a third-party software, for Windows compatibility. Using an emulation software shall also do the job.

2. Use the Boot Camp function to install Windows 10/11 on your Apple Mac and turn it into a Windows computer. You can install Desktop Parallels on your MacBook and then get Windows OS on your Mac. Also, don’t forget to use Google Chrome to utilize some of the other features of Audials, like recording and saving music from Spotify, YouTube videos, web series from Amazon and Netflix, and more streaming services.

Drawbacks of Audials for Mac through Different Ways

Meanwhile, Audials worked fine on Mac Intel, and even the drivers were properly installed. Unfortunately, the drivers didn’t install properly on Mac ARM, as it is less powerful than the Intel processor. So, even the Audials developers couldn’t figure out how to get through Mac ARM.

While other features and functions may still work, what didn’t work out is:

  • Conversion of AUDIBLE audiobooks
  • Video streaming
  • Music streaming

Furthermore, even if you get Audials One for Mac by installing Windows 10/11, you won’t ever be able to use your Apple features. Moreover, you will need to sacrifice the Safari browser and get Google Chrome to explore Audials fully.

Audials One for Mac is not yet available, and there is no chance of its availability soon. Considering the drawbacks, we don’t even recommend sacrificing your Apple features. So, what is the alternative to Audials One for Mac? StreamFab Video Downloader can help you save your videos on a Mac computer. Let’s find out how.

Audials Mac Alternative: StreamFab Video Downloader

audials for mac alternative: streamfab

One of the finest, user-friendly Audials Mac alternatives with over 40 OTT products and 1000+ video sites to help you with a comprehensive solution to download videos.

What Makes StreamFab Video Downloader a Reliable Audials Alternative

Key features
  • Download videos from 1000+ websites and 40+ streaming services
  • Download speed is relatively fast, i.e., 10x, that quickly downloads even multiple videos at once
  • Schedule videos and download them automatically in various formats like MP3, MP4, and MKV
  • Analyze and download DRM MPD-protected videos easily
  • Downloads videos free from commercials in top-notch quality of 1080p and EAC3 5.1 audio tracks
  • Allows you to pre-select audio and subtitle languages as per your UI language

Operation Steps

Step 1

Install, run, and open StreamFab Video Downloader

Visit the official website of StreamFab and download the program on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, run and open the software to see the main interface.

audials for mac alternative: streamfab

Step 2

Select a website or streaming service

In the left section of the homepage, you will find various options to proceed. For instance, you can choose VIP services to pick an OTT platform or scroll down further to explore and view Popular video sites.

What is the alternative to Audials One for Mac?

Step 3

Select and play a TV show, series, or movie

After finding your chosen platform, sign in to it using StreamFab’s built-in browser and browse the website to select video content. Once selected, play it to proceed further.

audials mac alternative

Step 4

Customize output options

While your video plays in the background, you can adjust the output parameters like video resolution, audio track(s), and subtitle language(s) and automatically schedule new episodes to download.

audials mac alternative

Step 5

Initiate the download procedures

Then, tap the Download Now button to download your video file right away, or you can also click Add to Queue to download all the selected videos at once later.

audials mac alternative

The Bottom Line

Audials for Mac is not available for Mac users, but you can get an emulation software or install Windows OS on MacBook to enjoy Audials smoothly. However, a better suggestion is to get an alternative for Audials One for Mac and enjoy your videos without compromising on Apple’s features. StreamFab Video Downloader can be your bet to enjoy your videos offline trouble-free.