Introduction: Audials Movie 2024 Released!

Audials Movie 2024 version has been released as the new year ringtone calling us. Every update, every upgrade, Audials Movie 2024 is engineered keeping in mind user expectations and experiences. Why is Audials MovieBox generating so much buzz? It’s simple - not only can you access an extensive library of movies, but you can also record them with Audials Movie for offline watching.

However, this 2024 new Audials Movie version did not make changes on recording functions and output quality, instead, there are additional features, such as improvements in UI, editing module, tags, etc. Does this mean Audials Movie has reached the best, or does it have no other ideas about its Movie recorder?

audials movie 2024 review

We tested the latest Audials Movie 2024 and compiled a full review as comprehensive as we can, hope we can find answers from our using experience. 

[Review] Unveil Audials Movie In-Depth

This review, which draws its information from both official sources and real user experiences, aims to provide an authentic, worthwhile assessment of this product. Our attention will mainly focus on various aspects, including the output quality, interaction experience, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of Audials Movie.

Features and Functions

In the crowded field of recorders, Audials Movie has continually stood out, attracting a significant amount of users who remain loyal to the brand and its updated versions. Such a consistent user base could only mean that Audials Movie possesses special features that are tailored to meet users' needs effectively. Let's find them out.

audials movie review

What we like Audials Movie
  • Option to skip ads (for ad-supported services)
  • Support for 8 streaming sites and 2 live services
  • You can record videos with multiple language subtitles
  • Video editing feature available (but only for MP4 format videos)
  • Ability to import subtitles to your recorded videos
  • You can add multiple videos to the Queue for later recording
  • Compared with other recorders, the file size is much smaller
  • YouTube videos are assumed to be in download mode, while for OTT like Netflix, Audials turns to using recording technology

As a streaming recorder, Audials performs well and make some unique features for those who want more personal customization on videos. Compared with other recorders, for example, PlayOn, Audials Movie impressed me deeper. 

On the other side, some blocks prevent me from better experience during my test. I have to make it clear that for Mac users and for users who prefer better quality on video, Audials Movie will be disappointing. 

Disadvantages and Disabilities

While Audials Movie offers some useful features, it is important to consider these limitations before deciding if it is the right movie review platform for you. Evaluate your specific needs and preferences to ensure that Audials Movie Review aligns with your expectations and requirements for a seamless and fulfilling movie-watching experience.

audials movie review: quality

❌What we dislike Audials Movie
  • Unavailable on Mac and no future support to Mac (announced by official >Details)
  • Only allows to record the first 10 minutes of video during the trial period, with a total capacity of 500M
  • No option to choose output resolution and the recorded video is bad quality (*very obvious, especially for motion scenes and sports video)
  • Cannot switch tasks nor add new tasks during recording, otherwise, recording will automatically shut down
  • Time-consuming. You have to wait until the whole video is played and finished.
  • Unable to record multiple videos simultaneously, you have to record video one by one
  • The audio volume of the recorded videos is very low

So, before you embark on your movie-watching journey with Audials Movie, take those concerns into account. Assess how these limitations may affect your overall experience and whether you are willing to work around them. By understanding both the pros and cons of Audials Movie, you can make an informed decision and maximize your movie-watching and reviewing experience.

Better Alternative: StreamFab Video Downloader

If you are tired of the limits of Audials Movie, or if you are a Mac user who wants to find a better alternative, a solution covers your concerns!

Audials movie alternative: streamfab video downloader

Download videos from 40+ OTT services and 1000+ online video sites and save them in up to 8K MP4/MKV format on your device for offline watching at any time.

1. Comparison: StreamFab vs Audials Movie

  StreamFab Video Downloader Audials Movie
Win & Mac & Android
Win & Android & iPhone
Supported streaming services
40+ main OTT and 1000+ online sites
8 services + 2 Live channel
Auto download at a scheduled time
Video quality
1080P/4K (download the original source)
Unable to customize
HDR Effect for Netflix
YES HDR10 & Dolby Vision
Free trial
Full function to use
Can only record the first 10 mins
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2. Operation Steps

Step 1

Download StreamFab Video Downloader

Install StreamFab on your Win or Mac device and launch it.

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Find the streaming website you want. You can also copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage. Here we take Netflix as an example.

Audials movie alternative: streamfab video downloader

Step 3

Customize the file

Please search for the video, for example, Squid Game, and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your customization. You can choose the audio, subtitle language, format, resolution, etc.

Audials movie alternative: streamfab video downloader

Step 4

Click the download button

once you have selected your preferred settings, click on the “Download” button, and StreamFab Video Downloader will start fetching the video for you.


After exploring the whole working procedures of Audials Movie, it is clear that this platform offers an easy way to record videos and save them permanently. With its user-friendly interface and recording features, Audials Movie stands out among other streaming recorders.

However, recorders are limited by their root technology. If you want a more efficient and better output quality, a real video downloader: StreamFab shall get you out. Why not try both solutions for free first, and then decide which one shall be your final choice.