OnlyFans has gained immense popularity since the Covid lockdowns, when OnlyFans streamers shared special content with their subscribers. Indeed, OnlyFans is now known chiefly for explicit content where mostly females show their bodies and such.

However, OnlyFans doesn't allow subscribers or "fans" to record these sessions for later viewing. Sometimes, if you use a screen recorder, the result is black or blurred. You can also get your account banned if you do so.

Cannot screen record onlyfans

So, if you are having issues such as you can’t screen record OnlyFans streams, you need a professional tool, which we discuss here.

Why Can't I Screen Record OnlyFans?

If you are worried that OnlyFans videos not playing that you are trying to record, then the prime issue may be that OnlyFans knows that you are recording. About a year or so ago, the website implemented DRM and encryption on all of its creator's videos, so it isn't as easy to download content anymore via traditional methods.

The second main issue can be that the tool you are using might not be equipped to bypass the DRM on OnlyFans. That's why many fans who watch models and want to record are faced with the issue of the OnlyFans screen record not working.

So, if you are still wondering why can't I screen record OnlyFans, now you know. But instead of worrying, why not read the section below and see the fixes?

Fixes to OnlyFans Screen Record Not Working

Let's discuss some of the best methods to bypass this restriction, especially if OnlyFans blocking screen recording.

Download Chrome Extension

You can search on the Chrome store for OnlyFans Downloader for Chrome and use it to download from your favorite Chrome-based browser. This browser is relatively easy to use and has a simple UI, and you can download it in MP4 format. The issue here is that the extension sometimes crashes, the downloading speed is low, and the quality is not excellent. Finally, you have a higher chance of getting your account banned.

Download Chrome Extension

Online Webpages

Many online web pages can help you download OnlyFans content, and some are even free. One such is TubeOffline, but it isn't good for too many popups and ads and redirecting you to other websites to download. Even though it is free to use, it is not worth it due to those popups. Plus, it doesn't work well with DRM channels and provides low quality if it ever works.

Use the VLC Stream URL Link

You can use a Stream Detector plugin from Firefox and take its help to get a transport stream URL. This URL can be opened in VLC, and it will stream whichever OnlyFans creator content you are watching. Once it starts streaming, you can record with the help of the VLC app. Most of the time, it works, but it also faces some issues like the previous fixes.

So what should you do in such scenarios if you really want to download it and OnlyFans wont let me screen record? Then, you move to a professional screen recorder tool that can easily bypass this issue. Please read the next section if you can’t screen record OnlyFans.

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Best OnlyFans Offline Solution: StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader

StreamFab is the only professional tool that can help you avoid the can't screen record OnlyFans issue. It can record not just OnlyFans but can work on thousands of other websites and the most popular streaming platforms.

The best part about StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader is that it can easily bypass the DRM protection and allow you to watch streamable videos offline. Furthermore, it can do that in bulk. So if you enjoy one of the models so much, simply use this tool and never worry about things like you can’t screen record OnlyFans.

StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader
  • The safest and cleanest OnlyFans Downloader in the market.
  • No worries about getting shadow-banned or black screen.
  •     Download videos from OnlyFans Messages, not just DRM Protected channels.
  • Remove ads from downloads
  • Download all the collections from your favorite creators
  • Free trial in 30 days

How to Use StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader?

Please follow these steps to start downloading your favorite content to bypass the can't screen record OnlyFans issue.

Step 1: Install StreamFab Downloader

In the first step, you need to download and install the StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader and run it. Next, go to the Adult Services option on the right-hand menu list. Once there, click on the OnlyFans icon.

Install StreamFab Downloader

Step 2: Play the OnlyFans Video

Search for your favorite OnlyFans creator and go to their homepage. Search for or play the video you want to download. You must be logged in to start this process.

Here, you can find the creator whose media you want to download in bulk, so you don’t need to select any videos or play them.

Play the OnlyFans Video

Step 3: Customize Your Selection

If you have started playing any video here, the downloader window will automatically pop up to ask if you want to download it. This popup will analyze the video page or the creator page and show all the videos you can download together.

Here, you can choose to download them all, one by one, or select which you want. You can change the quality if you like or schedule a download of a video later if others in your home are using the same internet.

Customize Your Selection

The schedule option can also be used for content that has yet to be released; StreamFab will download that content as soon as it is available.

Step 4: Start the Download Process

Once you have chosen the ones you like, you can press the download link and wait for it to finish. The speed highly depends on your DSL connection so that it may vary based on our results.


In this article, we discussed what to do if you can’t screen record OnlyFans for offline viewing. The primary problem behind this issue is the DRM that the OnlyFans website implemented. Now, the internet is divided on this issue, but nonetheless, if you are facing a similar can’t screen record OnlyFans issue, we have solutions.

Though we discussed many solutions in this article, they all have similar issues, such as crashes or results only showing a black screen. That is why it is best to use a professional tool like StreamFab to download your favorite videos. Try the app today and see why StreamFab is the best OnlyFans downloader.