Have you ever thought of downloading Netflix videos for offline viewing? If your anwer is yes, that's probably how you first met CleverGet Netflix Downloader.

Today, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of CleverGet Netflix Downloader, especially whether it is worth your money to purchase the services of CleverGet Netflix Downloader. If you're interested, keep on reading.

What is CleverGet Netflix Downloader?

CleverGet Netflix Downloader

CleverGet is the flagship product of the software company Leawo. CleverGet focuses on streaming media downloads and provides more than 20 single products for different streaming media videos. Among them, the most popular one is CleverGet Netflix Downloader. Just like you who are reading this article, we all long to watch Netflix videos anytime, anywhere without geographical and spatial restrictions.

The core selling point of CleverGet Netflix Downloader is that it supports batch Netflix downloads to MP4. Compared with other Netflix Downloaders, it is more user-friendly.

CleverGet Netflix Downloader

How to Download Netflix Videos with CleverGet?

Warm reminder: Third-party Netflix downloaders like CleverGet Netflix Downloader require you to have a valid Netflix account before you can use them.

Step 1: Download and Open CleverGet Netflix Downloader

CleverGet Netflix Downloader supports both Mac and Windows systems. You can click the download button on the official website and start the installation process.

Step 2: Log in to Your Netflix Account in CleverGet

Click the Netflix icon on the homepage of the CleverGet software, and the software will jump to Netflix's official website. At this point, you need to enter your Netflix account and password to log in.

Step 3: Click to Start Downloading Netflix Episodes

After logging in, you can search for the Netflix you want to download, click the download button, and you can start downloading.

Personal Experience: The entire process of using the software is relatively simple and easy to get started. However, sometimes, the download progress bar of CleverGet Netflix Downloader will be stuck at 99%. The software still has some bugs that need to be improved.

Pros and Cons of CleverGet Netflix Downloader

Here are the advantages and shortcomings of CleverGet Netflix Downloader: 

Pros of CleverGet Netflix Downloader

1. Download Netflix to MP4 or MKV Format

CleverGet Netflix Downloader has no problem with its basic function settings. It can basically successfully convert Netflix to MP4 or MKV, and the resolution can be up to 1080p, which can fully meet your daily viewing needs. 

2. Support Batch Download 

Unlike many other software that requires you to paste the videos' URL one by one, CleverGet has a batch download function, allowing you to download up 5 videos at once.

3. Download Netflix Subtitles Easily

CleverGet Netflix Downloader not only supports downloading videos, but also helps you save the original subtitles in Netflix videos when downloading. You can convert Netflix subtitles to SRT format or Sup format.

Cons of CleverGet Netflix Downloader

1. Slow Downloading of Netflix Movies

The CleverGet Netflix Downloader does have certain limitations or drawbacks. Its most prominent issue lies with its slow download speed. While the speed of CleverGet is adequate for downloading short episodes from Netflix, the software struggles with lengthier content.

For instance, it may take longer than 40 minutes to download a full Netflix movie. Users may also experience lag when launching the software, indicating the need for more advanced computer specifications.

2. No Free Technical Support for Free Trial Users

The second limitation relates to technical support for free trial users of CleverGet. These users will not receive any official assistance if they experience difficulties operating the software or encounter any product-related issues.

Essentially, CleverGet Netflix Downloader has adopted this approach to avoid devoting time to non-paying users. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to consider if you're willing to invest money in a company with such a policy.

3. Limited Language Support

Currently, CleverGet’s software only supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Chinese and Japanse. It may be difficult for you to use this software and understand its detailed policy if you speak other languages.

How Much Does CleverGet Netflix Downloader Cost?

As of date when the author posts this article, the official price of CleverGet Netflix Downloader is as follows.

  • Monthly subscription: $19.97
  • Annual subscription: $35.97
  • Lifetime membership: $59.97

Overall, the monthly subscription fee of CleverGet Netflix Downloader is less cost-effective than the other two products. If you don't have long-term Netflix download needs, you can try the monthly subscription plan first.

Are There Any CleverGet Alternatives?

Although CleverGet Netflix Downloader can meet your needs for downloading Netflix, overall, the download speed may be lower than you expect. If you want a better experience, try StreamFab Netflix Downloader, the best alternative to CleverGet Netflix Downloader.

StreamFab Netflix Downloader enables one-click downloads of 1080p Netflix series in MP4 or MKV format. It supports subtitle downloads and Meta Information on both Windows and Mac, boasting more advantages compared to CleverGet.StreamFab Netflix Downloader

StreamFab boasts impressively high download speeds and GPU acceleration, enhancing your download experience. It's so fast, in fact, that a Netflix movie could be downloaded within just 10 minutes given stable network conditions. 

Further, StreamFab allows unlimited batch downloading. This means you can select an entire TV series season to download in one go, and the StreamFab Netflix Downloader will automatically order and download these episodes for you. 

Additionally, StreamFab caters to a global audience with its streamlined multilingual interface that includes over 10 language options from Italian to Spanish, making it user-friendly for more people.

The StreamFab Netflix Downloader also offers a free trial with a possibility to download 3 Netflix videos at no cost, just like CleverGet. Plus, StreamFab extends a 7-day money-back guarantee and provides free technical support for both paid and non-paid users, accessible via email.

Final Thought

Overall, CleverGet Netflix Downloader can reach 3.8 points. It is very helpful to users who want download Netflix movies and shows in HD quality. However, if you want to enjoy fast Netflix Download, alternative to  CleverGet like StreamFab Netflix Downloader is a better long-time partner.