Being one of the most popular video downloaders, Cleverget lets you save content from over 1000 websites. While offering lossless downloading support up to 8K resolution with 320 kbps it also provides batch downloading to save time.

However, despite offering many advanced downloading features, functions, and formats, you sometimes face Cleverget not working with different errors. So, let's discuss the 4 most common problems that can cause Cleverget not working with solutions and steps.

cleverget not working

How to Fix Cleverget Not Working Issue: 5 Methods & Guidance

While facing a Cleverget not working issue, you might need guidance about what fixes you should try to get rid of the problem. So, before selecting any random solution you must target the accurate cause of the problem. Then follow the troubleshooting steps accordingly to fix it.

1. CleverGet Not Working for the Latest Version (Feb. 2024 Update)

Today (1st. Feb. 2024) when I use CleverGet to download Netflix videos, I found that it keeps crashing and I am unable to play and download any videos on Netflix. 

I can watch the movies and episodes via Chrome but failed to download them with CleverGet. I've contacted support, who told me this is a known issue, but no valid methods to fix it. There are no any compensation with these not working problems with CleverGet. I have to ask StreamFab for help. 

Cleverget not working

* I use the latest version. Everything works well, including my streaming account, my CleverGet version update, my internet access, etc. However, CleverGet just stopped working, and no feasible solution I can get from the support.

Cleverget not working

2. Unable to Download DRM-Protected Videos

You may have come across Cleverget not working due to DRM-protected rules or copyrighted content. Despite being a powerful video downloader, Cleverget might not let you save copyrighted content from parts websites, such as Onlyfans. This is the tool's limit.

In that case, you should stop downloading with Cleverget. It is recommended to choose another OnlyFans Downloader, which allows you to save DRM videos. 

3. Fix “No downloadable video detected” Error

If you face Clevervet not working, it could be due to the “No downloadable video detected” error. So, to fix this error follow the troubleshooting steps.

To clean the program cache, launch the Cleverget software on your Windows or Mac > select three dot icons at the upper right corner > get the drop-down menu.
Look for the “Settings” option > click on it > Settings Panel > select “Clear” next to the “Cache box” to clear the program cache and restart the program.

cleverget not working: clean cache 

After cleaning the program cache if you still face the Cleverget not working issue you must try restarting your system to fix the problem.

4. Fix “AVCodec-58 Error”

You may see “AVCodec-58 Error” while using Clevervet downloader, and this error can cause Cleverget not working issue. Here, you follow the solution steps.

After opening the “Task Manager >Details” Tab on your system scroll down to find the “xdl.exe” file.
Terminate the progress and install the Cleverget software again on your system.

5. Check whether the video is malware-infected

While downloading any malware-infected or corrupted video you may face a CleverGet not working error. If your selected video is malware-infected, your computer's anti-virus program may not let you download the content. In that case, you have to check your system’s security settings to know whether your computer’s antivirus program bothers the downloading process.

5. Continuous crashes: find an alternative

If your CleverGet keeps not working even after you have cleaned the cache, re-install software, or contact the support, who tell you this is a known issue and their engineers are working to deal with it, but it takes time. 

Time to choose a CleverGet alternative in case of not working problems! Whatever you met, a Plan B is needed to save you out from trouble. 

Effective Alternative: StreamFab Video Downloader

If you often get bothered by the CleverGet not working problem caused by various reasons you can try the most powerful and effective alternative, the StreamFab Video Downloader.

cleverget not working: use streamfab

With StreamFab, you can download videos from more than 1,000 websites. It lets you save trendy movies or series from over 46 paid subscription-based streaming websites in your desired resolution and format.

  • Save videos from any free or subscription plan without ads
  • Remove encryption from any DRM-protected website
  • Enjoy resolution support up to 8K
  • Select format from Mp3/ Mp4/ MKV to make your download accessible to all devices
  • Get sound satisfaction with EAC3 5.1 audio track
  • Explore auto-downloading of scheduled videos
  • Save several videos in batches to save time

Operation steps

After starting the software on your computer select the VIP Service option from the left side panel and select your desired website from the right side website list.

 cleverget not working: use streamfab

Then log into your selected website from where you would like to save the video. Next, search, select, and play your favorite video.

cleverget not working: use streamfab  

For further customization choose format, language, quality etc and after that select the “Download Now” option for instant download and go for “Download Queue” for later downloading.

cleverget not working: use streamfab


If you are tired of trying too many fixes to get rid of CleverGet not working, StreamFab Video Downloader is another smart option. It lets you save your desired videos permanently with the utmost flexibility and customization. So, instead of spending time and energy on several fixes, you better explore the advanced functions of StreamFab Video Downloader.