In an era dominated by digital streaming, Amazon Prime Video stands out as a premier platform with a wealth of captivating content. With its recent debut on the Mac App Store, users can now access their favorite titles directly on their devices.

However, the official app has its limitations on Prime video downloads. Despite this, it still offers a convenient way to enjoy your beloved movies on the go. So, we have some methods to download Amazon Prime Video on Mac to give an uninterrupted content experience.

how to download amazon prime video on mac

1. Use Prime Video App to Download Amazon Prime Video on Mac

Subscribing to an Amazon membership can be an excellent way to get an Amazon Prime video offline on mac. With the membership, you can watch your favorite and available movies on Amazon Prime in an offline and handy mode, allowing you to download and watch them without an internet connection, allowing convenience.

However, if you are not up for the subscription, you can still enjoy the movies by renting or buying them.

how to download amazon prime video on mac

Download the Amazon Prime Video application on your device using the App Store and log in to your account.
Select a movie as per your liking.
Fetch video information and tap on the icon for Download.
Once the movie is downloaded, enjoy it offline.

Drawbacks of downloading Amazon Prime Video on Mac using the app

Although an official application is offered to assist its users in downloading Amazon prime movies on Mac, there are some loopholes, such as:

  • Non-availability of the ability to download movies on any other medium or device.
  • The Amazon Prime video downloader for Mac allows the user to store the downloaded video for a maximum of 30 days, not permanently.
  • DRM protection prohibits unauthorized content distribution, so you cannot transfer movies to other devices to watch offline or share with friends.

After going through the downsides of using the usual download method, can you download Amazon Prime Video on Mac permanently? Yes, StreamFab Amazon Downloader lets you download your favorite movies in highly compatible MKV and MP4 formats. It also allows portability, with the ease of transferring the movie to any device.

2. Use StreamFab to Download Prime Videos on Mac Permanently

Are you in search of a seamless and permanent solution to download Amazon Prime Video on Mac? StreamFab Amazon Downloader, with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality, offers unlimited access to your favorite content.

how to download amazon prime video on mac

Easily download Amazon Prime videos in original lossless 1080P on macOS and above versions with both Intel chips and Apple Silicon chips and permanently save Prime videos on Mac in MP4/MKV format. 

Key Features
  • Download Amazon Prime videos in lossless 1080P and save in MP4/MKV fornat
  • Save prime audio in EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio tracks and save Dobly surround sound
  • Schedule mode to download newly released prime videos on your Mac automatically at a set time
  • Download subtitles and audio of the language you prefer to watch offline
  • Batch mode to add multiple prime videos to the queue for downloading and save your time
  • Super fast speed to download a full movie at around 10 mins on Mac

Operation steps

Opt for StreamFab Amazon Downloader. Make installation of the software on your Mac and let it launch ultimately.

how to download amazon prime video on mac 

Select Amazon, and log into your Prime video account. Find the prime video you want to download on Mac with the built-in browser. You can also download rented movies on Amazon Prime successfully. 

how to download amazon prime video on mac 

Play your favorite movie and let the software automatically analyze it and ask you to choose the output format, resolution, subtitles, etc.

how to download amazon prime video on mac 

You can instantly download the movie or put it in the 'downloading queue' option if you are short on time.


1. Where are Amazon Prime video downloads stored on Mac?

Macs have a hidden folder where the contents or files are DRM-protected. If you wish to locate the downloads and transfer them to another location or device, StreamFab Amazon Downloader can be very helpful.

2. How to screenshot Amazon Prime video on Mac?

If you want to know how to take a screenshot of an Amazon Prime video on a Mac, you will be disappointed. Due to the DRM protection, Amazon Prime Video's black screen Mac is seen if you try to take a screenshot. However, you can use third-party screen recording software to record Prime videos as it plays on your screen.


All in all, navigating the realm of Amazon Prime Video on Mac can take time, owing to the limitations of using the Prime Video app. By mastering the art of downloading Amazon Prime Video Mac with StreamFab Amazon Downloader, you can embrace the freedom to indulge in seamless offline viewing while embarking on a trip filled with endless entertainment possibilities.