If you can't control your craving for curves in your porn passion, the bundle of porn sites invites you to satisfy your dietary desire with sensational satisfaction. However, visiting paid adult sites is the best option if you feel uncomfortable visiting any random free porn site and want to avoid any unnecessary risk and threat of disclosing your personal information and identity. So, OnlyFans and Fansly are the safest options to keep your porn passion private and secret, as they are paid subscription services.

Now, while choosing any website from these two similar adult content-providing services, you must have a detailed comparison between OnlyFans and Fansly. You can also find the best OnlyFans and Fansly downloader here.


What is Fansly? 

Fansly was formed one year after OnlyFans in 2017, and it is owned by American Select Media LLC and CY Media LTD in Cyprus. This is also a similar site to OnlyFans, and it mainly offers explicit adult content. Here, the users can enjoy their favorite Fansly account and NSFW (not safe for work) content by paying the designated amount decided by the creator. 

Here, users can also enjoy free accounts and content offered by content creators to increase the fan followers and popularity of their accounts. Along with free service, the content owners also provide paid content to watch when you want to explore something more exclusive and explicit. 

fansly overview

This site gained its popularity after OnlyFans banned adult content from August 2021 onwards due to circulating some child sexual video allegations. Content creators suddenly shifted to the Fansly website to ensure their earnings and sustainability against their service. This site started to receive 4000 viewers every hour, and the Fansly website has also crashed due to the sudden rise in users. Presently, this site gets 21 million visits per month.

Is Fansly Safe & Legal?

In the adult industry, getting trapped in illegal porn websites and their unsafe content is very common. In that case, being a legitimate website Fansly assures you to protect the privacy of the content creators and subscribers. The dedicated technical team always works to protect the creator's content so that it doesn't get leaked or misused by its users. 

is fansly safe and legal

Since this is a subscription-based platform, the website is very careful about its security policy so that the content creators get their deserved money against their service. On the other hand, this site doesn't restore the personal details of its users to provide privacy.

So, in short, Fansly is a legal & safe platform to use. However, there are strict online laws and policies against accessing adult content; you must visit this platform at your own risk.

Fansly Vs. OnlyFans: Distinct & Different Features of Two Sites 

To know which platform is more desirable, useful, and demanding to a content provider and consumers, you must know what makes these two similar service-providing sites distinct and different from one another.

While going through the unique features and functions of OnlyFans and Fansly websites, you can decide what appeals to you more. Here we listed a comparison sheet for you to know clearer about the two sites.

Features Fansly OnlyFans
Payment Accepts credit cards only Accepts various payment methods
Subscription Set by content creators, up to $499.99/month Set by content creators, up to $49.99/month
Content More explicit Not just sexual content
Content selling Directly through the website Through prop-off websites
Regulations Lenient with explicit content Limits explicit content, allows SFW content
Earning Tips, referral bonuses, using reference links

Referral bonuses, reducing fees, subscription

Content Sharing Does not support sharing OnlyFans content on other websites Supports sharing Fansly content on other websites
Security & Privacy Policies Provides high level of security and privacy protection Provides adequate security and privacy protection

Fansly Vs. OnlyFans: Similar Benefits of Both Websites 

After knowing the distinct features of Fansly and OnlyFans websites, you must look at the similar benefits of giving neck-to-neck competition to both sites. Since the purpose, the pattern of service, the targeted audience, and the content creator are more or less the same on these platforms; you can enjoy many common benefits on both platforms. So, let's see what they are.

fansly vs onlyfans

  • Most content creators charge their subscription price from $5 to $15/month.
  • They offer a free "Teaser" option.
  • For direct messages & interaction, you can avail of a one-time payment.
  • You can get in-house traffic statistics.
  • Content creators get 80%, and the websites earn 20% of the total earning.
  • Both platforms receive payment through credit/ debit cards or bank transfers.
  • Both offer content from supermodels to the next-door girl.
  • Both provide a free and paid account.
  • It offers watermarking and location blockers to ensure privacy and exclusivity to the content owner.

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play onlyfans videos

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download onlyfans videos

Fansly Vs. OnlyFans: Comparison to Pick The Perfect One 

When you know almost every aspect of these leading adult websites, you must compare all the essential factors before prioritizing any site to make the right decision depending on your preference.

Fine Factors



Payout Payroll

Creators get paid within 7 days of requesting a balance with a minimum $100 request amount

Creators get paid within 3 days of requesting a balance with a minimum $20 request amount


Creators get 1% from their referred subscribers 

Get 5% from referred models for 1 year 

Get 1.5% for lifetime from referred models after 1 year

Referred creators get 75% of their earnings up to $ 1 million 

Creators get 5% from their referred models for 1 year

Payment Methods

Through cards & in the USA via Bank Transaction, Skrill, & Paxum

Through cards & bank transaction

Best For

Best for creators who want to get more online subscribers & backup plan

Best for beginners with soft porn & nudity


2 million adult creators with 130+million subscribers

1.2 million adult creators & 170+ million subscribers

Legal Boundaries

This site doesn't censor their content

This site removes its adult content due to legal threats

Last Word 

If you are confused between Fansly vs. OnlyFans to select the most appropriate adult site of your choice, the detailed comparison of these websites will resolve your problem. This article will guide you to enjoy your porn fantasy with privacy and safety while giving the most useful information about these popular adult websites.