Ads on Twitch are displayed as soon as users begin watching a particular stream and then periodically throughout the stream. These ads come together with other ads that will be thrown onto your screen. They're loud, intrusive, and irritating. The good news is, that there are a few different methods that we used to know how to block ads on Twitch. This article talks about such top 5 methods that can help you black Twitch ads. Read below to know more.

Types Of Ads On Twitch

Twitch is one of the most famous streaming services all over the world, enabling users to watch recorded and live videos from their favorite streamers and offer them their own virtual gifts. In the procedure, users will face a variety of ads, which is a means for the streaming service to earn money. Besides, if you are curious about "does Peacock have ads", this passage will provide a detailed explanation. There are many kinds of Twitch ads and the platform will show you the following types of ads:

1. Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll ads are video ads that users see when they go to a new live channel on Twitch. During the time when the ad plays, the viewers cannot hear the live broadcast sound nor see the live broadcast screen. This kind of ad is triggered by the platform itself.

2. Audio Ads

Audio ads are created to permit the users to watch the stream at its original size while the ad is playing. Similar to all advertisements, audio ads are started by the host, who gets a share of the ad playback. From a Twitch user's point of view, being forced to view an advertisement while seeing a Twitch video is an irritating and annoying experience, and hence users look to know how to block Twitch ads 2021.

3. Static Ads

These are on-page ads scattered all over the Twitch website platform. These ads do not irritate users. However, if you click any one of the ads unintentionally, you may be directed to another website.

4. Streaming Display Ads

Streaming display ads are 10-second video ads that pop up on the channel. Users can hear and see the voice of the anchor when these ads are shown. Creators do not have to do anything unusual to opt for it. When the ad is playing, the live broadcast screen is lowered in size, and the streaming display ad is shown on the side or below; when the ad is playing, the live broadcast screen comes to its original size.

5. Insert Ads

Insert ads are ads inserted by users while seeing a live broadcast. When the ad is played, the main screen shows the inserted ad video, and the audio plays the ad video. When the inserted ad is played in the form of PiP, the live screen shifts in the form of a small window to the upper right corner, above the chat content, and there is no audio output. The advertisement is started with the host playing.

How To Block Twitch Ads?

Now that you know the types of ads on Twitch, below are the top 5 methods that will help you know how to block Twitch ads in 2022.

1. Use Ad Blocker Extensions for Chrome

The simplest method to block Twitch ads is to use one of those ad-blocking extensions on the browser. These video downloader chrome extensions can securely stop most of the on-page ads on the live video streaming service. A majority of these extensions are free to use forever. In addition to this, these extensions come with high advertising filtering efficiency and are simple to use. Also, these extensions are open source.

On the other hand, users must note that static ad filtering is not supported temporarily while using these extensions. In addition to this, the extension can be only used for computers and laptops.

Follow the below steps to know how to use these extensions

Step 1: Install any of the free Twitch ad blocking extensions.

Step 2: Launch Twitch and start the extension.

Step 3: When the extension is operating, users can see the number of filtered ads on the window.

how to block twitch ads:1. Use Ad Blocker Extensions for Chrome

2. Use VPNs

Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one more method that can be used to know how to block ads on Twitch 2021. Twitch ad policy differs from nation to nation, and the advertisements do not show in some nations such as Colombia, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, and others. VPNs assist spoof your location by offering a different IP Address belonging to a different nation. In this manner, users can enjoy live streams without being concerned about irritating ads.

Some VPNs also come with built-in ad blockers that can block advertisements on various streaming services, along with Twitch. Such VPNs successfully ban the ads integrated into the stream along with the banner ads and homepage carousel.

how to block twitch ads:2. Use VPNs

3. Use an Ad Blocking Browser

Apart from the above two methods for blocking Twitch ads, users can also use an ad-blocking browser to block ads on Twitch. For example, the Brave web browser comes with the ability to block all third-party tracking and ads by default. This indicates that when you use this browser, ads will be filtered out automatically. This browser does not impact the playback speed of Twitch videos. In addition to this, the browser is free to install and is open source.

However, pages might take longer to load while using this browser. In addition to this, it may also cause Twitch streams to buffer. Also, this browser cannot block mid-roll or pre-roll ads. Follow the below steps to know how to use this browser.

Step 1: Install the Brave browser on your PC.

Step 2: Run it and it will turn on ad blocking automatically.

how to block twitch ads:3. Use an Ad Blocking Browser

4. Subscribing To A Twitch Channel

Subscribing to a channel is a great method to support your favorite streamer on Twitch. It comes with the extra advantage of ad-free watching. This also comes with other benefits such as a subscriber badge, availability of custom emotes that users can use all over Twitch, and enhanced loyalty badges. Tier 1 subscriptions come at a starting price tag of $4.99 per month.

how to block twitch ads:4. Subscribing To A Twitch Channel

5. Using Twitch Turbo

If you wish to subscribe to Twitch rather than using any of the above methods for ad blocking, users can sign up for Twitch Turbo. This premium edition of Twitch is accessible at a monthly price tag of USD 8..99 per month. Twitch Turbo offers access to Ad-free Viewing all over the platform. This indicates no more ads, displays, or companion ads. In addition to the Ad-free Twitch experience, this subscription also provides the following features which can additionally enhance your streaming experience:

  • Emote Expansion Pack: Ability to select one from the two sets of emoting- Monkey and Glitch emote. It is possible to jump between them at any time.
  • Exclusive Chat Badge: The exclusive chat badge is shown next to your profile, differentiating you from other users.
  • Extend Broadcast Storage: This feature is an advantage for creators who can save the broadcasts from the past 60 days rather than the past 14 days.
  • Custom Chat Username Colors: Users can select a unique username color after subscribing to the paid version. This makes them exceptional so that the streamers can see their comments.

Follow the below steps to know how to use Twitch Turbo to block ads:

Step 1: Go to the turbo page on Twitch.

Step 2: Tap Subscribe.

Step 3: Sign into your account and enter your billing info.

Step 4: Ads will now be banned all over Twitch.

how to block twitch ads:5. Using Twitch Turbo

Bonus: Download Twitch Stream Without Ads For Offline Viewing

One of the methods that can be used to watch Twitch streams without ads is to download them. And users need a capable downloader to download such videos. StreamFab Twitch Downloader is one of the best apps that can be used to download Twitch streams without ads for offline viewing. This downloader is by far the most functional and versatile solution, thereby getting rid of ads and also offering you the ability to download the streams and view them offline anytime.

How to Download Twitch Stream With StreamFab Twitch Downloader

Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Twitch Downloader.

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Step 1: Download and open the tool. Tap the Live Streaming section on the left. Now, on the right, open the Twitch website from the supported services.

how to block twitch ads:How to Download Twitch Stream With StreamFab Twitch Downloader

Step 2: Next, users can log in to their account on Twitch and search for the video that they need to download. Once you click on the video, it will start playing

how to block twitch ads:How to Download Twitch Stream With StreamFab Twitch Downloader

Step 3: As soon as the video starts playing, a pop up window will be shown on the screen. All you need to do is click the Download Now button on that window to start downloading the video.

how to block twitch ads:How to Download Twitch Stream With StreamFab Twitch Downloader


In short, we just had a look at the top 5 methods that can be used to know how to block Twitch ads. In addition to this, we also that users can use StreamFab Twitch Downloader. It is a third-party downloader that helps users to download live streams from Twitch.