Can You Download from ARD Mediathek?

ARD started its journey in 1950 as a joint television network for the public interest, providing post-war broadcasting services, news, etc. With the evolution of streaming digital content from the analog era to online platforms, ARD Mediathek has come into play to offer its content streaming service on online digital platforms.

ARD Mediathek is popular in German. A VPN might be required for users from other countries who want to access ARD Mediathek. Therefore, some users seek an ARD Mediathek downloader for offline watching.

ard mediathek downloader: download ard mediathek video

But, can you download videos from ARD Mediathek?

Note: Programs on ARD Mediathek can only be streamed online. Currently, the official platform does not offer a download feature.

Because the ARD Mediathek official website has not provided a download feature for an extended period, many users believe that downloading ARD Mediathek videos is completely impossible and that it is also not feasible to save Arte videos in high-quality mp4 format for viewing on multiple devices.

No worries! By utilizing the technique I am about to present, you can acquire and retain 1080P ARD Mediathek videos and save them in MP4 or MKV format.

I believe this is an impeccable technique that can compensate for the shortcomings of ARD Mediathek in terms of downloading.

How to Download ARD Mediathek Video without Limits?

Due to the DRM protection implemented on all ARD Mediathek videos, users are restricted to only streaming the content online. It is impossible to download ARD Mediathek videos through conventional means.

Here, we shall consider methods to bypass the DRM (Digital Rights Management) of ARD Mediathek, aiming to acquire and permanently store them in their original pristine 1080P resolution in either MP4 or MKV formats on your device.

To download ARD Mediathek videos, you need:

  • A valid ARD Mediathek streaming account
  • A PC device (with stable internet connection)
  • A feasible ARD Mediathek Downloader

Tool Required: StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader

Since ARD Mediathek doesn't allow offline streaming, you may find it difficult to get ARD video download using any random ARD Mediathek downloader. In that case StreamFab YouTube Downloader will help you to download ARD Mediathek video with ultimate customizations.

ard mediathek downloader

From audio-video quality selection to removing copy-protection, you will get an ARD video download with 1080P native lossless resolution and save it in MP4/MKV format permanently for offline watching even if you are outside Germany. 

  • Remove video DRM protection and download any kind of video from ARD Mediathek
  • Get ads & regional restriction-free ARD Mediathek video download
  • Download ARD Mediathek video in MP4 or MKV format for all device and platform accessibility
  • Enjoy your favorite ARD Mediathek video download in up to 1080p native lossless resolution
  • Stream with seamless sound in AAC 2.0 audio quality to maximize your experience
  • Not just limited to ARD Mediathek, more sites such as YouTube, Facebook, SBS on demand, NBC, etc are all supported. 

Steps to Download ARD Mediathek Video in 1080P

Install and open this YouTube Downloader on your system。
Visit ARD Mediathek website via the in-built browser and select the ARD Mediathek content for offline watching.

ard mediathek downloader: download ard mediathek video 

Once you select the enter option the video will be automatically analyzed by this ARD Mediathek downloader. 

ard mediathek downloader: download ard mediathek video 

Select the “Download” option to finish the ARD Mediathek video downloading process.

 ard mediathek downloader: download ard mediathek video

The ARD Mediathek will be downloaded in your local file in MP4 or MKV format soon. 

ard mediathek downloader: download ard mediathek video 

You can easily play the ARD Mediathek video with other players, for example, VLC player,  or share the video with other devices. 

ard mediathek downloader: download ard mediathek video


To enjoy the versatile library of ARD Mediathek service, the ARD Mediathek downloader will be a savior to save your desired content from this platform for your permanent offline watch. With StreamFab YouTube Downloader, you can get ARD video download in the highest audio-video quality and stream them anytime, anywhere on any device.