ESPN Plus is an exclusive service launched for sports enthusiasts who love live sports like weekly UFC and college football, basketball, martial arts events, and more series and leagues of international matches. As it is not available on cable TV channels, you must subscribe to the ESPN app to enjoy the exclusive titles.

While some users want to use PlayOn to record ESPN for offline watching, but don't find out the methods. Does PlayOn support to record ESPN? Any plan to Add ESPN to PlayOn? This post will solve your concerns. 

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Record ESPN Using PlayOn Channel for Roku

By far the best way to record ESPN with PlayOn is to add ESPN to your Roku channel and use PlayOn to record Roku. PlayOn Roku is a private channel that requires setup before usage, and it has many exciting features to enhance your entertainment.

Key features
  • It has a search feature that lets you type your show's name and browse through several folders.
  • It has an added feature to fast-forward, rewind and resume.
  • The UI has attractive logos and catchy thumbnails.
  • The MyMedia feature lets you watch personal media files on Roku, like personal photos and videos, and listen to music tracks directly from the device.

How to Record ESPN with PlayOn?

Here's how to set up PlayOn Channel for Roku to record ESPN with PlayOn: 

Go to your Roku and select the Channel Store in the main menu.
Select PlayOn under the My Channels category and click Remove Channel to delete the old PlayOn Channel.
Next, click on your computer and install the new channel. Then, log in to your Roku account and tap Yes, Add Channel.

playon record espn 

Now move to the Channel Store on your Roku again to ensure it adds PlayOn instantly, or else it can take approximately 24 hours to update.

Drawbacks of PlayOn ESPN recording

PlayOn Channel for Roku is a great way to watch ESPN and content from other streaming services. However, it does not mean that it does not have its share of limitations. You may encounter these problems while streaming ESPN with PlayOn:

  • The process is very complicated to set up and record ESPN content
  • Not all ESPN videos can be recorded with PlayOn
  • Loss of frame of recorded ESPN videos, making the output quality blurry with lags
  • There are buffering issues in the beginning of the recorded ESPN videos

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Besides these drawbacks, many Roku players have complained that PlayOn Channel is no longer available on Roku. It has removed legacy channels and has instead introduced its own Media Player Channel that works equally well.

But that shouldn't disappoint you as you can watch your favorite sports shows using a reliable and competent downloader like StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader, which helps save your ESPN exclusive programs in top-notch quality. 

[Recommend] A Better Solution to PlayOn ESPN Recording

PlayOn ESPN alternative: streamfab

Save your chosen sports shows in top-notch video and audio quality and MP4 format for you to share, transfer, and play your videos on any device like a computer, tablet, smart TV, smartphone, etc., without needing an active internet connection.

Key features
  • Downloads ad-free videos from ESPN+ and ESPN Player for offline watching
  • Downloads ESPN sports shows in 720p HD quality and saves them in MP4 format
  • Enables downloading high-quality audio tracks in AAC 2.0 with metadata information
  • Saves sports shows and videos at a high frame rate of 60 fps
  • Download sports shows with closed caption subtitles, letting you remux text in the video
  • Download multiple ESPN sports shows or the entire sports series at once at a blazing speed

Operation Steps

Step 1

Get StreamFab ESPN Downloader on your computer

Download and run the StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader on your Windows computer and open the main interface.

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Step 2

Pick the ESPN+ streaming service

Click the VIP Services option from the left section choose ESPN+ navigate the service and select the sports video you want to download and watch later.

PlayOn ESPN alternative: streamfab

Step 3

Select, play, and customize the ESPN content

As the video plays in the background, a popup window will open on the screen, allowing you to set downloading parameters. Choose the audio tracks and subtitle language you are comfortable with.

PlayOn ESPN alternative: streamfab


Step 4

Good to Download

Click Download Now to proceed with the saving process, or hit Add to Queue to download them later.

PlayOn ESPN alternative: streamfab

The Bottom Line

PlayOn is an excellent means to stream your favorite online shows, web series, and home media files to your device screens. Even PlayOn is also a great means to help you record ESPN, though many people claim it's no longer available on Roku.

So, in this way, StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader is the best solution to download and save your favorite ESPN sports shows in high-quality video and audio. Moreover, it won't even leave your device despite the termination of licensing agreements between the channel and producers.