If you don't know how to activate Funimation and get Funimation activate code, you need not worry! We will help you with the Funimation activate process to enable you to watch the best anime shows and learn how to download on Funimation. So, let us get started without any further delays. 

How to Activate Funimation on Different Devices?

Funimation/activate on any device or platform is a simple process. If you intend to activate Funimation on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Playstation, Apple TV, or Xbox, our quick guidance is here to ensure you proceed with the activation process without hassle and access your account across several devices. 

#1. How to Activate the Funimation on your Mobile?

You must create your Funimation account online and sign in to complete the Funimation/activate steps. Here's how you can create your account first. 

 Activate the Funimation on your Mobile

Step 1. Visit the Funimation official website account creation page.

Step 2. Enter your official working email address and password. 

Step 3. Tick/untick the Join our mailing list option and read the Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, and Privacy Policy.

Step 4. Click the Continue button. 

Once your Funimation account is created, you can follow the activation process at Funimation.com/Activate TV.

#2. How to Funimation/Activate on Amazon Fire TV?

If you have a subscription to Amazon Fire TV, you can complete Funimation activate to watch your anime shows on the device. Using this process, you will be able to switch to action to binge your favorite anime dramas and series and enjoy the wholesome sentiments of your dearest characters. 

Step 1. Browse the Amazon Fire TV Home Screen.

Funimation/Activate on Amazon Fire TV

Step 2. Go to the App Store and enter Funimation into the search field.

Funimation/Activate on Amazon Fire TV

Step 3. Click the Download tab and wait for the app to install to proceed with Funimation activate.

Step 4. Log in to your Funimation account, and the Funimation activate code will pop up.

Step 5. Next, move to a different device like your PC or mobile phone and go to funimation.com/ctivate. Type the code into the designated box and hit Continue to Funimation activate.

#3. How to Activate Funimation on Roku?

Now, even Roku enthusiasts can receive unlimited access to the most popular and trendy anime and live-action Funimation series on Roku with Funimation activate. 

Step 1. Proceed to Funimation activate by moving to the Home page on Roku and pressing the Home button from the Roku remote. 

 Funimation Activate on Roku

Step 2. Browse the Streaming Channels tab and hit Search Channels.

Step 3. Then move to funimation.com/activate. Tap the Add Channel button. Once Funimation installs successfully, it will appear in the list of channels shown on the home screen.

Step 4. Open and log in to the Funimation app. Then, note down the Funimation activate code.

Step 5. On another device like a PC or smartphone, open a web browser and visit funimation.com/activate to enter the code into the desired box and click the Activate button. 

#4. How to Funimation/Activate on Playstation?

Besides a gaming session, Funimation is now available for your PlayStation. You can finish Funimation/activate and access your Funimation account on PlayStation. 

Step 1. Move to your PlayStation Home screen and proceed with Funimation/activate. 

Funimation/Activate on Playstation

Step 2. Search for Funimation in the App Store and click Download. Wait until the Funimation app installation. 

Step 3. Once the Funimation app is installed, sign in to the Funimation account and get your Funimation/activate for PS4. 

Step 4. Note down the Funimation activate code displayed on the screen. 

Step 5. Visit funimation.com/activate to enter the activation code into the desired space and tap Continue. 

#5. How to Activate Funimation on Apple TV?

Apple TV users can watch Funimation exclusive content by Funimation activate on Apple TV. Following these quick steps, you can watch your favorite anime and live-action shows on your Apple TV at your convenience, anytime and anywhere. 

Step 1. Move to Apple's website and navigate to the App Store. 

How to Activate Funimation on Apple TV?

Step 2. Search the Funimation Channel. Once found, download and install the Funimation app.

How to Activate Funimation on Apple TV?

Step 3. Launch and log into the Funimation Channel pass account. Now, the Funimation/activate code and instructions will be displayed on the Apple TV. 

Step 4. Now, move to a different device like your computer or mobile phone and go to funimation.com/activate to enter the activation code in the said area or space. 

Step 5. Click the Activate button and proceed as directed on the screen. 

Step 6. Once Funimation/activate using the Funimation activate code, you must use your mobile number to finish the Funimation Channel Game Pass application. 

#6. How to finish Funimation Activate on Xbox?

Guess what! Funimation is available on Xbox. All you need to do is Funimation/activate Xbox to unwind your favorite anime series besides games and online fitness. 

Step 1. Go to the Xbox App Store and search the Funimation Channel to proceed with Funimation/activate Xbox.

How to finish Funimation Activate on Xbox?

Step 2. Now click Activate Channel from the Xbox menu's dropdown menu to finish the Funimation/activate Xbox. 

Step 3. Select your TV provider from the dropdown box, and the Funimation activate code will be emailed to you to Funimation/activate successfully.

Step 4. Navigate to funimation.com/activate and put the Funimation activation code on your mobile device in the required space. 

That's it. Now, you shall be able to access all your chosen anime shows and live-action dramas completely ad-free through Funimation/activate Xbox.

A Full Review of Funimation

What Is Funimation?

Funimation is a leading Japanese animation marketing and dubbing firm in the U.S. and a prominent anime distributor in North America, catering to the needs of avid anime fans and lovers, helping them stream their favorite anime dramas and shows. But you must complete the activation steps of Funimation/activate to watch the anime shows on your device.


Funimation Free Trial & Price Plan

Funimation offers a free 14-day trial period to new subscribers for all plans to explore the program's extensive library thoroughly before making any decision. Once satisfied with the functions, they can subscribe to any of the following three reasonable plans. 

Funimation Plans 




US$59.99/year (US$5.99/month)

  • Offers unlimited ad-free access
  • Provides subtitles and dubs
  • 2 simultaneous screens

Premium Plus 

US$79.99/year (US$7.99/month)

  • Offers unlimited ad-free access
  • Provides subtitles and dubs
  • 5 simultaneous screens
  • Download for offline viewing 

Premium Plus Ultra

US$99.99/year (no monthly plan)

  • Offers unlimited ad-free access
  • Provides subtitles and dubs
  • 5 simultaneous screens
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Annual Anniversary Gift, and much more

Funimation Compatible Devices

Funimation is now available on almost every device and platform, like mobile devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, to watch and enjoy your favorite anime dramas and shows. You can even enjoy direct access to all the anime shows and films on the Funimation website. Some of the Funimation-compatible devices are:

  • Mobile Phone: Android, iOS, and Amazon Kindle
  • Gaming Consoles: Xbox 360/Xbox One, and PS3/PS4, and PS Vita
  • Smart TV: Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TV and Samsung Smart TV

How to Download the Best Anime on Funimation?

Now you know the process to complete the Funimation/activate on multiple devices and platforms. But you can also download your chosen Funimation anime and videos on your device to watch and enjoy them at any time with StreamFab Funimation downloader. 

funimation/activate: StreamFab Funimation downloader

StreamFab Funimation Downloader

StreamFab Funimation downloader supports to download Funimation videos as MP4 files in 1080p quality with AAC audio.
  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period
  • Saves Funimation videos as MP4 files for playback anytime on any device 
  • Downloads subtitles as separate SRT files or remux into the video
  • Offers batch mode to choose all episodes in a season at once at a fast speed
  • Downloads media server-friendly metadata information like title, cast, season, episode title, and cover
Win Download
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Mac Download
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How to download the best anime on Funimation with StreamFab?

Launch StreamFab and move to the Streaming Services tab in the left column. Then, tap the Funimation card to enter the website.

How to Download Funimation

Sign in to your Funimation account and play the anime show/movie you want to download from Funimation. 

How to Download Videos from Funimation?

Initiate downloading the Funimation video. Now click the Download Now button on it to download the anime being played.

How to Download Videos from Funimation?

To Sum Up

Enjoying Funimation anime shows, dramas, and series on one's chosen device at one's convenience is a dream of every anime lover. Our main aim was to help you get the Funimation activate code to proceed with Funimation/activate. We hope you have now learned the necessary steps and will follow them hassle-free. Furthermore, StreamFab Funimation video downloader helps you save and keep offline your chosen Funimation anime forever to watch them without time limitations or other restrictions.