Hulu is well-known for its huge library of television shows, movies, entire seasons, and original content exclusive to Hulu. At this time, Hulu may only be accessed on mobile devices by users located in the United States of America and Japan. We are aware that this comes as quite a blow to those worldwide binge-watchers looking forward to gaining access to all of the incredible stuff that Hulu offers.

Even users who have access to the extensive collection of content that Hulu provides have many queries regarding the various payment options, the service itself, and other topics. Many people are interested in learning how to alter their payment methods on Hulu.

How Do I Update My Payment Method on Hulu Across All of My Devices

Keep the Website's Payment Method for Hulu Up to Date

You can easily change your billing data by making them directly on the Hulu website. This is the first method. Hulu can be accessed by opening a web browser and going to the website's address, which is When you have arrived at the destination, log in to your account and click the "Your Account" link near the top of the page.

When you click this link, it will take you to a new page where you may view all of your account details. You need to click the "Update" button when you locate the "Payment Information" area by scrolling down till you see it. You will get an overview of your Hulu membership and information regarding your billing on this page.

If everything seems to be in order, you should bring up the payment form by clicking the "Edit" button, which is located in the upper right corner. You can make changes to any and all of the information associated with your credit cards here, such as the name printed on it (if that's required), the expiration date, the security code (CVV), and more.

Before watching any more videos or TV shows from Hulu, make sure that all of the information has been updated correctly by going back to and clicking the "Update Payment Information" button after you have finished making to this information and have saved your changes.

Hulu payment update method on PlayStation

:How Do I Update My Payment Method on Hulu Across All of My Devices

If you signed up for Hulu through iTunes rather than directly through the website itself, you'd need to update your credit card information slightly differently from what is described here.

Launch the iTunes application already installed on your computer and sign in with the same Apple ID that you use for Hulu. The next step is to select "Account Info" from the primary menu located at the very top of the screen.

From this point forward, scroll down until you reach the section labeled "Credit Card Information." Here, you may view and amend your credit card info. To update this information, enter your new data and click on "Update."

After that, visit to verify sure everything is updated before watching videos.

Update Hulu Payment Method on Android

:How Do I Update My Payment Method on Hulu Across All of My Devices

To update payment method Hulu, First of all, open the Hulu app on an Android device. Once you have the Hulu app open, tap on the menu symbol in the top left corner of your screen.

  • To access your account, choose "Account" from the menu after you click here.
  • Now, go to the bottom of the page to the " Credit Card section."
  • Click on this, and then enter your new credit card information into the fields that appear after it.
  • After you're done, click "Update" at the bottom.

When you go back to, check the "Device Settings" section to ensure that all of your information has been accurately updated across all of your devices.

Your video streaming experience is going to be significantly more seamless than it was in the past now that you know how to modify the Hulu payment method on various devices.

Hulu update payment method on Roku

:How Do I Update My Payment Method on Hulu Across All of My Devices

You can have the Hulu update payment option by going to and selecting the "Billing" settings menu option each. Every Hulu subscriber can modify the payment method associated with their Roku account.

You can also make changes to your billing information using a Roku device. To do so, press the * button and then navigate to Settings > Billing information using the menu. To access more fields for entering new credit card information, visit this page and click the Change link next to the Credit Card Number field.

Whether you access the service through a desktop computer or a mobile app, you will be prompted to update payment info Hulu and will be asked if there have been any changes to your information in the past week.

Update Hulu Payment Method on Xbox One

:How Do I Update My Payment Method on Hulu Across All of My Devices

Start the application, then press the Y button. After choosing that choice, a window with Account Details will display, featuring "Payment" in the bottom right corner.

Users are immediately taken to the page where they can change any aspect of their billing information, such as their Name/Address or Credit Card Number, simply by clicking the Update button next to the item's name in the list view format.

Before moving on to the next step, which requires the user to input new card details like expiration date, etc., the user must decide whether they are satisfied with the changes that have been made during the process and then click either "Save Changes" or "Cancel Transaction." The update to the payment method should now be complete after this.

Update Hulu Payment Method On Amazon Fire TV

:How Do I Update My Payment Method on Hulu Across All of My Devices

Updating the Hulu payment method on Amazon Fire TV and updating on Roku is the same with a few steps.

Go to "Settings" on the Home screen from the list of options.

Then you have to go to "account" and then "subscriptions."

You will see a list of services; select "Hulu" from this list.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see a popup option to manage the payment method.

When you will click on this option, a new window will open. Enter more of your credit card details and "Save changes" when you're done.

Update Hulu Payment Method on Apple TV

:How Do I Update My Payment Method on Hulu Across All of My Devices

You'll need to be signed in as the account owner and have access to a web browser like Safari or Firefox (Chrome won't work) to update the payment method associated with your Apple TV. You can then navigate to the Hulu website, where you will be prompted to enter your login information. From there, you can watch Hulu.

Once you have entered your primary email address and password to log in, select the account you wish to use from the drop-down box that will appear once you have successfully logged in. From the dropdown menu, choose the Billing Information. Now, tap on the Update Credit Card Info, Enter New Details, and then Save Changes.

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StreamFab Hulu Downloader

:StreamFab Hulu Downloader

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The downloaded Hulu video, movies, and series, in terms of video quality are HD in 720p resolution. This resolution should look fantastic on most mobile devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

When it comes to audio, it gives people the ability to make their own choices. You can choose between EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0 as your format of choice. Choose one, which is suitable for your needs.

MP4 downloads

When it comes to the video format, there are also two other choices available for you to consider. To play downloaded videos on any device, save them as MP4.

In addition to that, you also have the choice of using the MKV file format, which is supported by the vast majority of modern devices. It will be an additional option available to you.

Ad-free plan

If you subscribe to Hulu's Basic Plan, you'll be annoyed by advertising while watching videos. For a better video-watching experience, this Hulu Downloader can eliminate advertisements.

It allows users to watch videos on Hulu without being disrupted by advertisements.

Pre-select audio and subtitles

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Download SRT subtitles

You can choose the language and format of your subtitles for future usage. The Hulu Downloader gives you the option to download your subtitles as SRT files or remix them straight into the videos themselves.

Batch download movies and TV

Hulu Downloader saves you time by letting you download films and TV series in batches instead of one at a time. In addition, downloading a movie to your device takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

Save metadata info

Like a movie title, actors, season, episode title, cover, etc., metadata comes with Hulu Downloader videos. The metadata is the actual component that enables you to categorize your video files.

You can even develop your own media library if you use a media server such as PlayerFab.

Blu-ray Creator downloads

There is yet another method available for individuals who already have a Blu-ray player or an Ultra HD player in their homes to watch the Hulu video. You can put the downloads on Blu-ray discs and watch them on your home theater system's big screen.

The Hulu downloader software makes the process much simpler by enabling you to automatically import the videos you have downloaded into DVDFab Blu-ray Creator from DVDFab. With this software, you can convert the videos into standard Blu-ray discs, complete with beautiful menus.

How to Use It

  • After double-clicking StreamFab, select the VIP Services tab that appears in the left column of the window that appears.
  • Play the movie or TV episode that you want to download while signing in to the Hulu website using the subscription account.
  • After the video has begun playing, a popup window will appear; to start downloading the video, you will need to click the Download Now button that is on that window.


Changing your payment method on Hulu is not as difficult as it sounds. We went over various tried-and-true methods with you, each of which can be carried out correctly on a different kind of gadget.

After knowing all about how to update payment on Hulu, we also discussed the best Hulu downloader. StreamFab Hulu Downloader is one of the greatest download solutions available, and we've shared it with you so that you can start using it right away to download videos from Hulu for offline viewing.