Instagram is a top-rated app for entertainment globally. Users may share various posts, videos, and images on their accounts. A feature called "stories" that provides 24-hour-long videos and photos was launched by Instagram a few years ago, allowing you to view others' pictures and stories on Instagram.

It does not, however, support downloading or anonymous watching. For this reason, methods for viewing Instagram stories are used. Today, there are several anonymous Instagram Story Viewers available, making it challenging to select the best one. Here is a list of the top Instagram story viewers, including links to their websites and popular features.

Top 10 Instagram Story Viewer Software

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Qoob Stories

  • Starter plans: Free
  • Personal plans: cost $7/month
  • Professional plans: $25/month













Stories IG












1. InstaNavigation

instanavigation top ten instagram story viewer

It is simple to stay informed of all the events involving a specific individual with the help of the free InstaNavigation service. You can monitor news, streams, images, likes, read comments, track followers, and other things thanks to the resource specificity's complete user anonymity. Compared to similar resources, the suggested resource is based on steady modernization and development.

Owing to the recently revealed new capabilities, you can download stuff like images, videos, and other files to any device, allowing you to stay up to date on the latest Instagram account holder activity at all times. There is no need to download, register, and spend time on the program individually while using InstaNavigation.


  • Viewing a story anonymously
  • No account or signup is necessary
  • Download premium content without cost

Pricing: Free

Official Website:

2. Qoob Stories

anonymous Instagram story viewer qoob

Qoob could be the perfect solution if you seek a robust yet practical anonymous Instagram story viewer. You may download films, pictures, Instagram Stories, etc., and view them anonymously on private profiles. To use this service, you simply provide them with the required login.

If you hadn't noticed, downloading stuff isn't always possible on profiles, public or private, but Qoob can assist. Once you get going, you may download high-resolution videos and images from IG accounts. Additionally, certain functions provide you with complex downloading options and sorting choices.


  • View both public and private Instagram stories
  • Saving captions for posts
  • Options for advanced download and sorting

Pricing: Starter plans are free, personal plans cost $7/month, and professional plans cost $25/month.

Official Website:

3. mSpy

mspy Instagram story viewer

For tracking and seeing several social media applications on another person's device, mSpy is the best option. Instagram user profiles may be seen privately with mSpy. This program helps you monitor and limit how much media your children are exposed to. Instagram Stories, GPS position, shared links, and direct messages are all accessible using the Instagram tracker available from mSpy.

With these Instagram Story Viewers, parents may keep an eye on their kids' internet activity without the kids knowing. Additionally, this Instagram story viewer has features for recovering deleted messages, screen recording, and remote website blocking. The best feature of this software is that it will not display any icons on the device being watched.


  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls
  • Using GPS, it can locate a physical place
  • You can record your screen

Pricing: Monthly rates start at $11.66 for plans.

Official Website:

4. Glassagram

glassgram instagram story watcher

For a good reason, Glassagram consistently ranks at the top of lists of anonymous Instagram story watcher services. Although this service may not have been operating for a very long time, they have demonstrated its excellent caliber and dependability. That is why it is so well-liked.

Glassagram receives notifications anytime the selected private Instagram profile user uploads something. As a result, you do not need to constantly check your Instagram or profile. Within minutes, you may begin utilizing it.


  • Watching stories in hidden mode
  • Monitoring of interactions with other content
  • Monitoring of Instagram videos

Pricing: Monthly rates for plans begin at $14.99.

Official Website:

5. Instalkr

Instalkr view instagram stories

Instalkr lets you see Instagram accounts anonymously and, for free, is an anonymous Instagram story reader. The unique feature of this service is that, even if you don't have an Instagram account, you can instantly view public IG accounts. With this viewer, you may browse Instagram accounts entirely anonymously. Also, you may take more hints from the Instalkr review online.

Additionally, you may view IG stories Instalkr with their subscriptions and likes anonymously. The ability to view deleted user posts and Stories is another advantage.


  • Access anonymous stories
  • Access deleted stories, videos, and photographs
  • Save images and videos

Pricing: Free

Official Website:

6. Inflact

inflact instagram story viewer

For social media networks, this Instagram story viewer is a valuable marketing tool. To target followers and increase the profile's interaction rate, Inflact uses the platform's capabilities. Its trending hashtag search may assist in quickly connecting with many individuals letting users download videos, stories, or posts to any device.

This Instalkr alternative can access public and private Instagram profiles and functions on various platforms. Data collection creates a marketing plan and examines the rivals on the market. Given all the information, it may create a foundation of devoted clients and increase client interaction. Inflact can aid with content and post-scheduling for planned automated uploads.


  • Downloader for pictures and videos
  • AI-Generated hashtags for scheduled posting
  • Stories viewer

Pricing: Monthly rates begin at $72.

Official Website:

7. Stories IG

watch ig stories anonymously using storiesIG

Instagram Stories, posts, and videos can be seen and downloaded via the Stories IG App. You must enter your search terms, choose the desired result, and then click to download or save the movie to your desktop or mobile device.

Here, Instagram Stories are available for free download so you can see them secretly, provided they are made public. The Instagram Stories, posts, and videos you read and download are strictly for informative reasons, much like the other services on this list. Every right is the property of its owner.


  • Instagram anonymous account
  • Download stories, videos, and pictures
  • Social media content sharing

Pricing: Free

Official Website:

8. Instastories

instagram anonymous instastories

As a viewer of Instagram stories anonymously, Instastories has many fantastic features. With only a public Instagram profile username, you may explore IG Stories and highlights without being identified. There is nothing to sign up for and nothing more to share. Through the website, you may browse any public Instagram profile.

You may also download streaming video without sacrificing the file's quality. The user interface of this service can be confusing. Users have complained about having trouble finding the text area for entering their usernames, which might make it appear overwhelming. It just implies that you must adhere to it, and you will discover it among all the facts.


  • No registration or account is necessary
  • Download high-quality content
  • It keeps tabs on subscriptions and live broadcasts

Pricing: Free

Official Website:

9. Storistalker


There are differences in comparing Storistalker to the other Instagram watchers on our list. It includes Instagram surveillance features and allows you to anonymously access stories, profiles, and posts on your web browser. You may follow certain Instagram users to view the photos they like, any changes to their accounts, the comments they write, and other information.

Another distinctive feature of this anonymous Instagram story viewer is the ability to read deleted posts and stories. Additionally, it differs from other Storistalker accounts because you can only see a user's postings without enrolling for one. Therefore, you must have an account to view their stories, deleted & liked posts, and other stuff. Of course, Storistalker's enhanced powers have a cost.


  • Shows how many people liked the picture altogether
  • The user can view who has blocked their account
  • Download high-quality content

Pricing: Free

Official Website:

10. SmiHub

anonymous instagram viewer smihub

The first thing about SmiHub that impresses you is its flawless user interface. It is tidy, uncluttered, and encourages people to get to work. It prompts you to enter your username immediately in the text box when you first log in. When you enter a username into the online service, the program immediately gets you access to that specific account.

From this point on, you may anonymously browse stories, do any searches, and download stuff quickly. The application also enables you to examine a specific account's likes, comments, and follower count.


  • View as an anonymous Instagram viewer
  • Download images and videos together.
  • Analyze followers, comments, and likes

Pricing: Free

Official Website:


Are Story Viewer Apps For Instagram Safe to Use?

Yes, utilizing an Instagram viewer to see stories is secure, but you must ensure that your account won't be hacked or terminated.

Can I see how often my IG stories have been viewed?

The number of times another user has read your story is not presently tracked by any features. The only data gathered by the accessible feature is the number of views each viewer receives.

Do I need to log in with my account to see someone else's Instagram photos or stories?

No, the purpose of these tools is to enable you to view the profiles of others without having your profile.


We hope our guide to the top applications to watch IG stories anonymously has assisted you. Several programs enable you to download and browse Instagram Stories on your device while remaining anonymous. You may even download stories, reels, and videos from some. We hope that the thorough details we gave in this post will assist you in making the proper decision. If you are interested in ins video downloader or OnlyFans Downloader, StreamFab might provide some help.