Are you fond of watching the latest videos or movies using streaming platforms? But what if your favorite series or videos get removed before you can get a chance to watch them?

When you are searching for solutions online, a tool called MovPilot video downloader comes into your eyes. However, this downloader is not free to use and has some limits in the free trial. Therefore, our editors compiled a full review of MovPilot and hope this can help you to make decisions.

movpilot video downloader review

Movpilot Review: Is It Worth?

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  • Price: $449.75 LFT for 1 PC
  • Available on: Win & MAC
  • Trustpilot Ratings: 3.6/5.0 Average 😐

movpilot review

How to Use MovPilot

Step 1

Install MovPilot and launch it on your device. Log into your streaming service account. Here we take Amazon Prime Downloader as an example.

movpilot review: how to use


Step 2

Search for the video you want to download from Amazon Prime.

movpilot review: how to use

Step 3

Customize the video format, languages, subtitles, etc., along with other preferences. 

movpilot review: how to use

Pros and Cons [IMPORTANT!!]

Movpilot supports to download videos from 5 hot streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Max, and Hulu. Netflix downloader is the best seller. Unlike other cheating tools, Movpilot do operate as a streaming video downloader, instead of a streaming video recorder.

 Features of MovPilot
  • Allows embedded and SRT format for subtitles.
  • Download videos in 720P/1080P resolution to enrich the viewing experience. 
  • You can avail a free trial before capturing the full benefits of the paid version.
  • Download videos in MP4/MKV format to be played and shared with others
  • Batch download a whole season of your favorite TV shows

As a solution to save streaming videos, MovPilot surpasses a lot of recorders. However, compared with other video downloaders, there are also some obvious disadvantages of MovPilot. 

❌Cons of MovPilot
  • You can only download the first 6 mins of the video during the free trial
  • Only 5 streaming services are available to be downloaded at present
  • 1 license for 1 PC, including the all-in-one plan. The price is a bit high
  • There is no integrated built-in browser. For different services, you have to download different clients separately.
  • Limited quality: 1080p Disney+ download not supported, 4K max video download not supported, Netflix HDR download not supported.

Better Alternative: StreamFab Video Downloader

We know how annoying MovPilot will be if we want to download high-quality videos or we want to get a better experience after we pay for the tool. No worries, tech updates everyday and we do find a better alternative.

movpilot alternative: streamfab video downloader

StreamFab enables you to download videos from 40+ OTT services and 1000+ online sites. Along with a faster speed, it also makes your content available in high quality in formats of 4K, and even 8K, serving as one of the most efficient of MovPilot alternative.

Compare: StreamFab vs MovPilot

NOTE: When testing StreamFab vs MovPilot, we compare key characteristics, including output quality, supported services, unique features, and other significant parameters. 
  StreamFab Video Downloader MovPilot Video Downloader
Win & Mac
Win & Mac
Supported services
40+ main OTT and 1000+ online sites
5 main OTT ONLY
Auto-download new episodes at a scheduled time
Not supported
Disney Plus download quality
1080P for parts old movies & 720P available for all
720P Only
HDR Effect
YES HDR10 for Netflix
Not supported
Batch mode
Free trial
Full function to use
Can only download the first 6 mins for each video
📖 Reviews StreamFab Review: Real Person Test | Objective & Comprehensive 2024 Detailed Review for MovPilot Video Downloader 2024

*One thing needs to be noticed: the Batch Mode of MovPilot is only applicable to download seasons of the same TV shows, while the Batch Mode of StreamFab can download different seasons, different videos, and even from different OTT services.

Operation Steps

From our experience, StreamFab provides a much better downloading experience than MovPilot. Here is a simple operation step. You can compare it with MovPilot to see the difference in UI design and download logic. 

Step 1

Install and launch StreamFab on your devices, open it and choose the service you want.

movpilot review: streamfab is a better alternative 

Step 2

Log into your streaming account, and search for the video you want.

movpilot review: streamfab is a better alternative

Step 3

You can choose the audio and subtitle language, for TV shows, you can even decide how many seasons to download.

movpilot review: streamfab is a better alternative

Step 4

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.


1. Is Movpilot Safe and Legit to Use?

Yes, Movpilot is safe and legitimate for your personal use or home entertainmentJust pay attention to installing the tool from the official website or a reliable third-party tool site.

2. Where Can I Find a MovPilot Crack?

NO!!! Any cracked version is prohibited!!! Please do not use crack, which will damage your device and contain potential viruses. It is highly suggested to enjoy MovPilot free trial or turn to use other alternatives like StreamFab. 

3. How to Cancel MovPilot Subscription?

MovPilot provides a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Should a purchase surpass the allocated duration of the product's stipulated refund guarantee, or falls outside the recognized conditions, a refund will not be provided. If you want to cancel your MovPilot subscription, contact their support asap. 


We hope we poured in applicable content about Movpilot, thereby giving you an insight into its detailed review. We covered it from each aspect and provided minute details about its functionality along with its cons.

Overall, it's a great software that aids you in watching your favorite content across various popular platforms; however, its restricted use makes it an obsolete option among multiple alternatives. Therefore, we suggest you check out a better video downloader for your device.