Various video downloaders are available for those who want to download videos from a specific streaming service at an affordable price. MovPilot and StreamFab video downloaders are cost-effective and provide perfect video and sound quality. However, you may need clarification about selecting the best one. Here, we will compare MovPilot vs. StreamFab to check their suitability to users.

MovPilot vs StreamFab

Quick Comparison of MovPilot Vs. StreamFab

To save you time, we have created a MovPilot vs StreamFab comparison table to compare the functions of both downloaders in different dimensions.

  MovPilot Video Downloader StreamFab Video Downloader
License $169.95 for 1 Lifetime license $279.99 for 5 Lifetime licenses ($55 for 1 LFT license)
Compatible Sites 5 services 40+ VIP services & 1000+ online sites
Video Quality 1080P up to 4K
Audio Quality EAC3 5.1 & AAC 2.0 EAC3 5.1 & AAC 2.0
Format MP4/MKV MP4/MKV
HDR Effect No Yes (HDR10 available for Netflix)
Auto-Download No Yes.
Free Trial Can only download the first 6 minutes for each video Full function to use

StreamFab: More Comprehensive and More Cost-effective ✅

StreamFab grabs multilingual subtitles, extracts Dolby Surround Sound, and lets users choose optimal audio quality. StreamFab Video Downloader enables you to download multiple videos at 10x turbo-fast Speed. Additionally, it provides the option to obtain SRT files of subtitles or seamlessly merge the SRT files into the video.

🖥️ License: 5 PC licenses

movpilot vs streamfab

Allows users to download videos to MP4/MKV from OTT. It supports resolutions from 10808p/4K quality and has exclusive auto-mode facilities. The powerful downloader supports 40+ streaming services and 1000+ online sites, including major streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Disney+.

Key Features
  • Audio Tracks And Video Quality: Download streaming video accompanied by EAC3 5.1 audio tracks from 480p to 8K video quality
  • Batch Download Quality: Download multiple episodes or entire seasons and Optimize efficiency with batch download functionality
  • Customization of Subtitle(s): You can seamlessly remux subtitles into the video to suit your preferences and download subtitles as SRT files.
  • Multi-format Compatibility: Download videos in MP4, MP3, and MKV formats, ensuring playback on various devices
  • Ad-Free Downloading: Eliminating ads during the download process improves your downloading experience, ensuring consistent usability.
  • Turbo Speed Download: Avail of a rapid 10x turbo-fast download speed to save time and speed up the download process

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StreamFab is equipped with an embedded browser, allowing users to access their accounts and search for relevant films directly within the application.

To begin with, simply click on the button below to access a complimentary trial. Install StreamFab Video Downloader on your device and launch it.
Select a streaming service or simply copy the video URL and paste it into StreamFab. Take Amazon as an example.

movpilot vs streamfab 

When playing a video, a window will appear prompting your video options. You can select the audio and subtitle languages.

movpilot vs streamfab 

After selecting the format and quality, click on the "download" option. Your video will download at a very fast speed.

MovPilot: Suitable for Month Plan

MovPilot Video Downloader supports downloading videos from 5 hot streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Max, and Hulu. Unlike other cheating tools, MovPilot does operate as a streaming video downloader instead of a streaming video recorder.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that MovPilot is more expensive than StreamFab because the service StreamFab offers includes 40+ OTT and 1000+ sites, but MovPilot only supports 5 OTT. Also, you must note that the Batch Mode of MovPilot only applies to downloading seasons of the same TV shows. In contrast, the Batch Mode of StreamFab can simultaneously download up to 5 videos from YouTube. 

🖥️ License: 1 PC license

movpilot vs streamfab

Key Features
  • Embeds Subtitles: Allows embedded and SRT format for subtitles.
  • High-quality Downloads: Download streaming videos in 720P/1080P resolution to enrich the viewing experience.
  • Compatible with Multiple Formats: Download streaming videos in multiple formats, such as MP4/MKV format, to be played and shared with others
  • High-Speed Downloading: Enjoy advanced technology to guarantee high Speed & high success rate
  • Unlimited Downloads: Download unlimited videos from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Max(HBO)
  • Preservation Options: Avail of the multi-language audio and subtitles preservation options

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Install MovPilot and launch it on your device. Log into your streaming service account.

movpilot vs streamfab 

Search for the videos you wish to download from Amazon Prime.

movpilot vs streamfab 

Customize the video format, language, subtitles, and other preference settings.

movpilot vs streamfab

One point to be noted is that the batch processing mode of MovPilot is only applicable for downloading seasons of the same TV show, while the batch processing mode of StreamFab can download different seasons, different videos, and even programs from different OTT services.


Now you know that while StreamFab Video downloader stands out as a comprehensive option with its rich features, MovPilot is also a great software that helps you watch your favorite content across various popular platforms. However, its restricted use makes it an obsolete option between MovPilot and StreamFab. Therefore, StreamFab is undoubtedly better than the MovPilot video downloader for your device.