Football games are exciting, especially when your favorite team is playing. But what if your work demands attention on the day of an important match? You will not be able to catch the match highlights from the field. Plus, it is only feasible to watch some football matches from the ground at some times. However, getting live updates of it is now possible through NFL Plus. This write-up lets you access information about the NFL, its pricing plans, supported devices, and more. 

So, without a delay, strap your helmets, lace up your cleats, and let us start.

what channel is the nfl network on directv

What's the NFL Plus?

NFL stands for National Football League, and nfl plus is the successor to their previous service known as NFL Game Pass and is limited to U.S. residents. It covers broadcast for NFL fixtures and streaming facilities for TV broadcast games in the market or preseason matchups that take place out of the market. The streaming service can be availed monthly or yearly to get live updates related to local and primetime games that you can watch hands-on using your smartphone, laptop, or TV without a cable setup. However, outside the U.S., you can enjoy the NFL game through DAZN using the game pass.

NFL Plus: Pricing Plans  

Check out the pricing plans NFL Plus offers, along with the duration of plan validity as follows.

Plan Name



Plan Details




No game replays or NFL Red zone

NFL+ Premium



Includes full game replays and NFL Red zone 

NFL + Annual



No game replays or NFL Red zone

NFL+ Premium Annual



Includes full game replays and NFL Red zone

Besides the plans mentioned above, nfl plus offers nfl free trial of 7 days that allows you to cancel the program at any time before the actual monthly/annual subscription plan starts.

Note: You can cancel the plan at any time if you think you will use it no further.

NFL Plus: Devices Supported 

NFL Plus works through the NFL app, and as long as this app exists on your device and you reside in the U.S., you can access nfl plus. It means you can access games on nfl plus tablets and phones with Android 7+, iOS 13+, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, FireTV, and Xbox

However, the accessibility of devices that can be used to watch NFL plus content has dependability on the type of games you intend to watch. You can access pre-season games using your TVs, computers, tablets, and phones. On the other hand, the post-season or live regular games are available exclusively on tablets and phones. 

What Channel is the NFL Network on DirecTV?

If you love to watch NFL TV but need clarification about the NFL network Directv channel, we can help you. Like a standard cable TV provider, DirecTV also offers the NFL channel. However, you can make it available as an add-on channel if you are already using the basic package from the entertainment channel. 

Moreover, if you go for high-priced packages, then as a default feature, the channel comes as an inclusion in them. Whether you select either of the options, you will end up settling down for a similar amount. Also. if you wonder what channel is the nfl network on DirecTV, here it is. As further information, DirecTV Stream or NFL app allows you to access NFL Network via channel 212, which remains the same across all the regions.

What Channel is the NFL Network on DirecTV?

If you prefer not to utilize the NFL Network app or website, an alternative option is to utilize DIRECTV Stream. This platform offers a comprehensive selection of NFL Network content, including the capability to stream the channel live, directly to your cable TV. Sometimes nfl plus not allowing you to see all the NFL games, which depends upon your region. So if you want to access all the NFL games and cannot get NFL network directv, then you can use streaming services like YouTube TV.

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How to Get NFL Network for Offline Watching?

If you are facing a hassle and need help watching your favorite NFL games offline and are thinking about how to get nfl network, here is a hack. StreamFab Video downloader pops up as an instant solution. 

StreamFab YouTube Downloader: A Quick Glimpse

StreamFab YouTube downloader helps you download your favorite videos from the NFL and provides accessibility across YouTube, Facebook, and over 1,000 other websites. You can get these videos in high quality and a lightning-fast speed. You also get facilities for selecting your preferred audio and subtitle languages so you can enjoy the content in your mother tongue. 

 Features of StreamFab YouTube Downloader
  • Download videos with a resolution of up to 8K.
  • Supports multitasking and playlist download.
  • Download YouTube video to PC in MP4, MKV, and MP3 formats.
  • Discovery of trending NFL games and shows that can be watched offline.
  • Allows downloading videos from DRM protected websites to give you an easy watch. 
  • Availability of built-in browser for choosing video in a hassle-free manner.

Steps to Download NFL Videos with StreamFab YouTube Downloader

Step 1

Installation and launching of the StreamFab software

Open StreamFab software by making a double tap on the icon. 

Step 2

Make a selection of the NFL website for downloading videos

To download videos, find the YouTube section or tap on the streaming services section to get a list of websites. Find the NFL website from which you need to download the content.

How to download NFL Network via StreamFab

Step 3

Selecting and playing preferable videos with customizations

After browsing the website, you can also select your preferred video and play it to get a quick watch. You can make changes to audio format, subtitle language before downloading the video.

How to download NFL Network via StreamFab

Step 4

Click the download button

Even if you are watching the videos, the downloader automatically downloads them and adds them to the queue.


How to Watch NFL Network on Amazon Prime?

Here's how you can watch the NFL network on Amazon Prime:

  • Log in to the Amazon Prime app using your device.
  • Sign in with a registered mail ID.
  • From the homepage, locate the search bar and type sports.
  • Tap on the preferred game.
  • Tap on the play option.  

How Do I Watch NFL Network on Spectrum?

You can watch NFL Network on Spectrum by following the given steps:

  • Start by downloading the Spectrum app.
  • Then, go ahead by signing up with your Spectrum account.
  • Once you receive a prompt, select Spectrum as your service provider.
  • Now locate NFL RedZone.                

What Channel Is the NFL Network on Spectrum?

Depending on your location, NFL Network and RedZone fall on different stations on Spectrum. If you live in New York, Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Buffalo, etc., 310 will be your channel. On the other hand, if you reside in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Milwaukee, etc., 346 will be your channel. The rest of the places will have different numbers for psychics. 


The U.S. has an age-old relationship with football, and the nfl plus plays an essential role in it. So, getting independence from watching a live football match on various devices is a boon in a busy schedule. We hope we can tell you all about nfl network on directv other than providing significant information about the NFL. Also, the NFL has various monthly and yearly plans that may not suit your pockets. So, we suggested an alternative StreamFab YouTube Downloader, that avails the game for offline watching on all devices in top-notch quality.