Your one-time expensive subscription is not enough to engulf the entire Amazon Prime library in limited online watch. Before the service removes your unwatched movies or beloved series that you want to repeat, you must save them permanently for your offline watch without internet and device dependency.

Since Amazon Prime's in-app downloading option doesn't let you have device restriction-free permanent download, Notburner downloader will meet all your downloading requirements with maximum customizations. So, let's get a detailed review of Noteburner Amazon Downloader with a powerful alternative, StreamFab Amazon Downloader, for a better option.

noteburner amazon video downloader

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How to Use Noteburner Amazon Video Downloader

Follow the steps below to check how to download Amazon videos using Noteburner Amazon Video Downloader

After running the Noteburner Amazon Video Downloader, as a first-time user, you must select the region and sign into your Amazon Prime account.

how to use noteburner amazon video downloader 

Using the built-in browser of Noteburner Amazon Video Downloader, you can search for your desired video, and the Noteburner tool will show you the related result.

 how to use noteburner amazon video downloader

Using the video thumbnail, head to the details page of your selected video > select the green download sign > for the “Advanced Download” option for the audio track and subtitles.

 how to use noteburner amazon video downloader

Then again, hit the “Download” option to save your selected video to your chosen output folder. Get your downloads in the “Library” section.

Full Review: Noteburner Amazon Video Downloader Pros & Cons

NoteBurner Amazon Video Downloader is a very powerful tool to save your favorite Amazon Prime library permanently on your Windows or Mac system. While selecting HD resolution Dolby Sound, you can share your video with as many people or devices as you want with MP4/ MKV format support.

Your one-time investment in this tool will get you lifelong high-quality downloads of your favorite Amazon Prime titles in your customizable specifications. So, let's review this tool through its pros & cons to know how it works.

  • Enjoy Amazon titles without ads or regional restrictions from SD 360p to HD 1080p
  • Transfer downloaded prime videos to Mp4 or MKV format
  • Explore multilingual subtitles with 5.1 stereotypical sound satisfaction & 25 language support
  • Save any long Amazon Prime content file in video codec from H.264 or H.265
  • Pause & resume option, metadata saving feature & built-in player function
  • You can download only the first 5 minutes of any Amazon video in the free version
  • DRM-protected Amazon videos can't be downloaded
  • Scheduled upcoming episodes of any series or shows can't be saved automatically
  • Sometimes, it shows errors and fails to download the content.
  • The Mac version offers fewer features in comparison to the Window

Better Alternative: StreamFab Amazon Video Downloader

The above-mentioned limitations and frequent Noteburner cannot download problems certainly bother you when saving Amazon Prime titles according to your specifications and requirements. So, StreamFab Amazon Downloader is here to give you the ultimate Amazon video downloading experience.

noteburner amazon video downloader alternative

From removing DRM protection to scheduling videos for auto-downloading, StreamFab lets you do versatile customization with your permanent Amazon video downloads.

You can save as many videos as you want in one go with 10X turbo speed on a Windows or Mac computer to save time. You don't have to compromise with the quality as this tool HD quality video in 1080p resolution with theatrical sound satisfaction. So, this Amazon downloader will keep you one step ahead in time in your offline streaming experience.

Compare: Noteburner vs StreamFab

To make your job easy, select the best Amazon Video Downloader, here, you will get a comprehensive comparison between Noteburner Amazon downloader and StreamFab Amazon downloaders with their powerful and prominent functions.
  StreamFab Noteburner
Price $89.99/Lifetime $99.99/Lifetime
DRM Prime video download YES NO
Batch tasks YES YES
Video quality 1080P 1080P
Audio track EAC3 5.1 & AAC 2.0 EAC3 5.1
Auto-saving YES NO
Format MP4/MKV MP4/MKV
Downloading speed 10X 5X

StreamFab Amazon downloader stands out compared with Noteburner amazon downloader with more powerful functions and lower price. If you just need an Amazon Downloader to save prime videos, try to cancel Noteburner subscription and choose StreamFab!

How to download with StreamFab Amazon Downloader?

Using two methods, you can download Amazon Prime content on your Windows and Mac computers. One option is to Copy & Paste the video link, and the second option is to use the Website login. Here, we take the second method as an example to download your preferred Amazon video content.

First, open the StreamFab app on your Windows or Mac system, and then move to the “ VIP Service” option under the function panel.

 noteburner amazon video downloader alternative

Choose the Amazon Prime Video website while scrolling through the website list from the right side. Log into your subscribed Amazon account and find your wanted video for offline watch.

noteburner amazon video downloader alternative 

Then play your selected video, and once you get a pop-up window for customization, select quality, format, subtitles, etc, depending on your preference.

noteburner amazon video downloader alternative 

After that, go for the “Download” option to finish your selected Amazon video downloading process.


If you are a big fan of Amazon Prime Video, it's time to save everything you love permanently for your offline streaming with Noteburner Amazon Video Downloader. If you want to walk a little extra mile with your Amazon Prime downloads, StreamFab will meet all of your expectations under one roof.