If you want to download some of the highest quality photos and videos, Pinterest is one of the nicest sites. It will provide you with everything you need in the highest possible quality with breathtaking video and picture textures.

You may now save amazing videos by using the best downloaders in 2022 since we always want to preserve eye-catching films and photographs. Your ability to save Pinterest videos is supported by several platforms and websites. However, in order to make things easier for you by 2022, you should pick some of the top solutions.

1. StreamFab All-In-One

This is the best DVDFab product used to download Pinterest videos for watching later. This powerful platform gives a good user experience to downloading Pinterest videos. This platform is available both to Windows and Mac users. Videos can be downloaded in various formats and resolutions with increased quality; hence, it is the best video downloader. It supports all video download formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and MP3.

pinterest video downloader online:1. StreamFab All-In-One

Features of StreamFab Pinterest Video Downloader

  • Provide the capability to download the meta information of a video.
  • Allows video download from most social sites such as Netflix, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and others.
  • Allows video saving in various formats and resolutions.
  • No ads allowed.
  • Software is available both to Mac and Windows users.

Steps to download Pinterest videos using StreamFab Pinterest Video Downloader.

Step 1

From the official website, you can download the StreamFab Pinterest Video Downloader, install it on your device, and then start the program to use it.

pinterest video downloader online:Steps to download Pinterest videos using StreamFab Pinterest Video Downloader.

Step 2

Open your browser and sign in or create an account on Pinterest. As soon as your dashboard is prepared, go to the video you wish to download, click the "Play" button, then copy the URL from the address bar. You just need to click on the link and then hit "Ctrl+C" on your keyboard to complete the operation. After copying the link, paste it into the "Paste URL" box on the StreamFab platform.

pinterest video downloader online:Steps to download Pinterest videos using StreamFab Pinterest Video Downloader.

Step 3

Once the link is on the button, StreamFab automatically starts downloading your video. You can see the download progress by clicking on the Downloading button. Once your video is done downloading, you can view it in your saved folder.

Pros & Cons

  • It automatically detects the videos that are being built in an inbuilt browser.
  • Download MP4 movies without having any ads.
  • Provides a user-friendly experience.
  • Gives a fast and efficient download speed.
  • One gets a meta description of the videos to be downloaded.
  • It is a quick and easy-to-use software.
  • Has a 30-day free trial, after which one has to subscribe.

2. Pinterest Video Downloader

pinterest video downloader online:2. Pinterest Video Downloader

This is an online free platform that can be used to download Pinterest videos. Pinterestvideodownloader.com is the website used for the video downloading process. Along with the video, one can also download gifs or images using this tool. Since Pinterest does not give an option of downloading videos, this software serves the best purpose for anyone who wants to access and watch Pinterest videos offline. It has a simple process to download streaming video, as shown in the stepwise approach below.

Features of Pinterest Video Downloader

  • It just needs one click to download your Pinterest videos, images, or gifs.
  • It is a fast, easy-to-use, and secure platform used for video downloading.
  • There is no need to login into your Pinterest account to download your videos.
  • Original quality and resolution of the videos are maintained when saving or downloading the videos.
  • Downloaders can extract MP4 format videos.
  • Pinterest video downloader is compatible with different devices such as Android phones, MacBooks, tablets, and PCs.

How to Download Pinterest Videos?

There are two ways to download Pinterest videos. One can use a mobile phone or go ahead and use computers. Both devices use Pinterest tools to download videos from the platform.

Download Pinterest Videos Using Mobile Phones.

a. Launch the Pinterest website and install the app on your phone to set the download process.

pinterest video downloader online:How to Download Pinterest Videos?

b. Go to the search box to search for the video you want to download from the site on the navigation panel. Many Pinterest videos will open on the panel to choose the best video you want.

c. Click on any video you want to download from the site; the video will be open on the platform. If you want to download the video, a send button will appear on the video that instructs you to send the name of the video for the download process. Click on the button; a copy icon will be opened for you. Click on the copy icon that links to the video you want to download.

pinterest video downloader online:How to Download Pinterest Videos?

d. The link of the video you copied from the Pinterest site, paste the link on the search box of the pinterestvideodownloader.com website. Then click on the download button to initiate the download process.

pinterest video downloader online:How to Download Pinterest Videos?

e. A link will pop up that has a format on how to download the video. You can easily download the video from this stage.

pinterest video downloader online:How to Download Pinterest Videos?

Download Pinterest Video using a Computer.

  1. Find the search box on the Pinterest website to quickly search for the videos you wish to download. Any video from the presented list of videos can be chosen for download by clicking on it. The video you click will begin playing on the website. You can then determine whether the video contains all the entertainment you require before downloading it. You must select the transmit option on the video in order to download the desired video.
  2. Once you click on the send button, a menu will pop up that gives more directions on how to download the video. Go ahead to click on the link button displayed on the menu; your video link will be copied to the clipboard for further download. Navigate back to the pinterestvideodownloader.com website to be able to download your video.
  3. Copy the link and paste it into the website's search box from the menu and click the download button to start downloading other links to videos with the same material. To download the video, right-click on the platform's download icon. If you're using a mobile device, you can also tap and hold the download button. Choose Store or Download to save your video to your device so you can watch it later.


  • It is a secure platform for video downloading.
  • It can be used on android phones, desktops, and computers.


  • Mostly used in website format for improved performance.
  • The speed is relatively slow, and the supported websites are limited.
  • The downloaded quality is not as perfect as you expect.

3. 2Get.Video

2Get.Video is another alternative to downloading Pinterest videos for free and easy.

Features of 2Get.Video

  1. It is a web-based platform.
  2. Offers different formats such as mp4, WebM, and 3gpp.
  3. One can download videos from Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, and others.
  4. Has an easy-to-use dashboard for downloading videos.
  5. It is fast and efficient.

How 2Get.Video works?

  • Navigate to the Pinterest website. On the platform, search for the video you want to download.
  • Browse the Pinterest website and Search for the video you wish to download on the platform. Following the domain name pinterest.com in the given URL, you must now type "2get." "pinterest2get.com/pin," as displayed
  • Once you are on the download page, choose the format and resolutions you would like your video to be. Go ahead and click the “Download” button. Once that is done. Your video will be downloaded to your device for watching later.


It is easy to download Pinterest videos using the Pinterest Video Downloader platform. It is an online tool that allows one to download Pinterest videos and watch them later hours during leisure hours. However, StreamFab All-In-One is a DVDFab Product that is preferred and easy to use when downloading Pinterest videos. The download speed of StreamFab All-In-One is fast, it supports all video downloading formats, and it provides the capability of downloading multiple videos at once. It also comes with a powerful media player that can play downloaded video files at high quality.

The article has also highlighted 2Get.Video platforms as another alternative to downloading Pinterest videos. All these sites enable an easy video downloading process that allows individuals to watch Pinterest videos at their pleasure.


How safe is StreamFab Pinterest Video Downloader to use?

StreamFab Video Downloader is 100% safe to use when downloading videos for watching later. The software does not have any malware, adware, or spyware that can lead to issues with data privacy. It has regular updates to ensure compatibility with the devices is maintained whether Windows or Mac Users.

Why is StreamFab All-In-One preferred over platforms?

This software is preferred because of the following main reasons:

  • One can pause and resume the video downloading process.
  • The speed of downloading Pinterest videos is high.
  • All video formats are supported, such as MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV, and others.
  • Multiple videos can be downloaded simultaneously.

Does Pinterest Video Downloader support all video formats?

Yes. Pinterest Video Downloader supports all the video formats such as MP4, MKV, and others.