Introduction to PlayOn Cloud

Are you tired of missing out on your favorite shows or movies because of unpredictable schedules? Do you wish there was a way to watch offline content from popular streaming platforms? PlayOn Cloud is a solution to record your chosen content to watch at your convenience.

The price plan of PlayOn Cloud is based on cloud storage. You can save your recordings in the cloud to save your local space. Every PlayOn Cloud subscriber will get 30 credits to record streaming videos. When you run out, you have to pay for extra credits. 

  • Price: $4.99/Month (100GB) - $49.99/Month (4TB)
  • Ratings: 4.0/10.0 on VideoHelp | 1.6/5.0 on Trustpilot

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Review: PlayOn Cloud vs PlayOn Desktop

PlayOn Cloud is only available on your mobile & tablet, while PlayOn Desktop (now upgraded into PlayOn Home) is for PC devices. The basic function of both are similar: record videos on streaming platforms.

However, it seems that the tech team of PlayOn puts more effort into developing the Cloud version, and the subscribers of the Cloud version are much more than the desktop/Home version. Considering that the basic function has been reviewed in the above resource, therefore, in this part, we will dive into the difference between PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Desktop (Home).


Compared with the desktop home version, PlayOn Cloud attracts me because of the following key features: 

More convenient and flexible to record at any time and save them in Cloud Spave to optimize your storage.
Credits will be refunded if recording fails, so it would be less expensive to buy credits in bulk, rather than a subscription.
Support closed captioning for most channels, which are deactivated in the Home version. 
Works more smoothly than the Desktop Home version, with less lags and shut down issues.
Auto-ad skip and play subtitle tracks for the same recording it creates.
Get 7 free credits to record videos.


Although PlayOn looks like to be stronger than the desktop, numerous complaints from users have filled up the related forum. Especially the following 3 cons:  

The recorded quality is 720P at best if you want to record 1080p videos, you have to pay 3 credits.
Frequent PlayOn not working problems are reported when recording directly to the NAS.
It takes a long time to wait for the recording procedures. 
While the focus of PlayOn's development is on the cloud version, with the introduction of the Cloud and Home plans, desktop users have been ignored without any mitigation measures, resulting in numerous user complaints.

playon cloud review

Better than PlayOn Cloud: StreamFab

PlayOn Cloud: better alternative streamfab

StreamFab enables you to download videos from OTT directly, bypassing the limits of traditional recorders. With better quality, faster speed, and more comprehensive supported sites, StreamFab levels up your video offline experience. 

How to Use: StreamFab vs PlayOn Cloud

💡 For function comparison, check: Compare: StreamFab vs PlayOn

In another resource, we've compiled a very detailed review of the PlayOn and the better solution. If you are interested, just feel free to read the post above. To save your time and avoid repeat content, here let us have a look at the operation steps and UI design:  

Step 1

Download the software

Install the software on your device and open the interface. Choose the streaming service you want, and log into your account. 

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Step 2

Customize the file

Having find the video you want, choose to 'record' or to 'download' StreamFab provides more flexible settings on the resolution, audio, episodes, subtitles. etc. 

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Step 3

Confirm and wait

After customization, you can start the task right now or add it to the queue.

PlayOn do provide a method to save streaming videos, but it doesn't offer qualified output content. When you check your recording, you may find the video and audio out of sync, buffering still exists, low resolution, etc. But if you have a downloader, all will be different.

We still recommend you guys get a free trial of PlayOn Cloud and SrteamFab first before your final decision. Experience by yourself, and you will know the difference. 


1. Is PlayOn Cloud Safe?

Yes. PlayOn Cloud prioritizes the safety and security of its users. With advanced technology and robust protocols in place, PlayOn Cloud ensures a safe and protected experience for its users.

2. How to Download PlayOn Recordings to My Computer?

Go to your personal recordings page, where you can find your recordings are stored in the cloud, and then you can directly download those recordings to your computer.  Downloaded recordings will be placed in the following folder: Videos\PlayOn Cloud Recordings on your PC or Mac.

3. How to Cancel PlayOn Subscription?

Open your PlayOn Cloud app and go to Settings > Cloud Plan to cancel or change your subscription plan. If you need any problems, please contact PlayOn Cloud support. 


One of the major advantages offered by PlayOn Cloud is its range of playback options. From streaming recorded videos on any device to downloading them onto your device for offline viewing, PlayOn Cloud provides flexibility that suits every user’s needs. 

PlayOn Cloud is a feasible solution but with lots of undeniable restrictions. If you feel unsatisfied with its functions and quality after your trial, just feel free to choose another alternative.