When I explore multiple streaming services for dynamic and innovative entertaining content, I always look for economical options. However, To save the budget, I end up compromising the quality of my online entertainment. 

So, while comprehending consumers' craving for budget-friendly subscription service, Sky streaming service has come up with a plan where Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky Stream subscribers can enjoy Discovery+ as add-on channels for free with their Sky subscription.

When you know that you can enjoy both exclusive streaming stations in one subscription, you must know the steps of Discovery+ plus login along with Sky Discovery Plus login.

discovery plus log in

What is Discovery Plus?

Warner Bros-owned Discovery Plus is a subscription-based streaming station that offers more factual content than fictional shows in its library. From Discovery Network's spin-off programming to original content, this service offers thoughtful documentaries, real-life crime stories, live sports, dating & relationship shows, home, food content, and many more. 

The tempting titles of the 2023 Australian Open, Roland-Garros tennis, and Olympic Games Paris 2024 will be the center of attraction of the live sports category. On the other hand, the courtroom drama "Vardy vs Rooney: The Wagatha Trial," the dating show "Written in the Stars," and much other exciting content is waiting in the Discovery Plus library.

In order to catch up on all this fascinating content, you should know how to do a Discovery+ Plus login and how to download streaming video from Discovery +.

How does Discovery+ Plus login on to Smart TV?

To initiate the Discovery plus login, you must have a Discovery+ account with your desired subscription plan. Now, you can follow the two methods to complete your Discovery+ plus login on your smart tv depending on the TV model.

Method 1: Log in through a six-digit code 

Step 1

Once you open the Discovery+ app on your smart tv, you will get a screen with a six-digit code that will be used in Discovery+ plus login.

Step 2

Next, head to using any web browser on your PC, mobile, or tablet.

Step 3

If you are asked to enter your login information, you must do that. Otherwise, you follow the next step.

Step 4

Place the six-figure code that you got on your TV screen.

Method 2: Log in via Username & Password 

Step 1

After opening the Discovery+ app on your Smart TV, click the down arrow button on the remote and click "Log in with username and password."

Step 2

If a "Welcome" screen appears, you head to the "Settings" option under the "Menu" and then go for the "Login" option.

Step 3

Next, you should give your username & password that you have used while registering to the Discovery+ website as a user. You are ready to start streaming Discovery plus on your smart tv.

How to make Sky Discovery Plus Activate?

In the UK landmark partnership with Sky, and other streaming platforms and devices, you will get Discovery Plus UK with a Sky subscription for free. With this plan, you can save monthly £6.99 and enjoy the entire library of Discovery+ for free on Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky Stream service. So, it's time to know how to Discovery Plus Activate to get access to the Discovery+ library with your Sky subscription. discovery plus activate

Steps to Get Discovery Plus on Sky 

Step 1

To get the discoveryplus-activate, you need your Sky ID and internet-connected Sky remote.

Step 2

On the remote, click the voice option and say, "Get discovery plus." Next, choose any content for streaming.

Step 3

If you don't have a voice option on your Sky remote, select "Home"> scroll through the app> click right> scroll down to reach "Get more from Sky"> "Discovery+."

Step 4

While following the onscreen instructions, select "Checkout." Next, while using the camera app of your mobile phone, you should scan the QR Code and go to

Steps to Activate at discoveryplus-activate 

Step 1

While using your Sky ID Username & Password, you must sign in and go for the "Continue" option. It's time to be redirected to the Discovery plus website's registration page. Provide your new email address and password details that you have not used before.

Step 2

Head to the "Next" option, and you will be asked for a pairing code. For the code, you must move to the Sky Q box/ Sky Glass and select Home> App> Featured> Discovery+.

Step 3

Go for "Continue with Sky activation" @

Step 4

After entering the 6-figure code on the web page, you will be authenticated to SkyQ/ Sky Glass to start your streaming. 

What to do if you fail to get Discovery+ with Sky?

Despite following all the nessecry processes to active Discovery+ with your Sky subscription, you may face trouble accessing it through any of your Sky apps or devices. So let's see the fixes to the most common error of Disvovery+ not working with Sky.

Sky Discovery Plus Activation Error  

If you can't access Discovery+ through your Sky subscription, first of all, you must go through the Discovery+ activation process on Sky while following the steps mentioned above. After that, if you cannot access discovery plus with your Sky app or device, you must move to the next solution.

1. Check Discovery Plus Server 

Sometimes, you face Discovery plus not working on Sky because the Discovery plus server is down. To check the server status, you have to go to the Downdetector website, and you will know the present status of the Discovery+ website. If it shows that the server is down, you must wait a while to solve the issue.

2. Restart your Sky device/app 

If there are glitches or bugs preventing you from accessing Discovery+ on your Sky device or app, you must restart your devices by disconnecting them from the power supply, waiting for a few seconds, and plugging in them all over again. In the case of the Sky app, you can uninstall it and then reinstall it all over again to eliminate glitches or bugs.

3. Ensure Internet Connectivity 

While accessing the Discovery+ channel through your Sky device or app, ensure a stable and consistent internet connection. Sometimes due to poor internet connectivity, you won't be able to access Discovery+ with your Sky devices.

4. Update Sky Devices & App 

If you have been using the old version of your Sky device or app for quite a long time, it's time to update them to get the new version. With the updated version, you can ensure the compatibility of Discovery+ with Sky and access them through your single Sky plan.

5. Try Customer Care Service 

If nothing works for you to get Discovery+ on your Sky platform, you can contact both the customer care service of Discovery+ and Sky.

Can you enjoy Discovery+ offline?

Even though Discovery+ offers an offline watching option for your repetitive and relaxing streaming, there are also some limitations in their downloading option. So let's see what they are.

  • You require an ad-free subscription.
  • Downloading is available only on the latest version of Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire tablets.
  • All titles are not available for download.
  • The download will expire after a limited time.

So, while enjoying your favorite Discovery+ title with your Sky plan, you can save them for your later watch with the limited free downloading option of StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader.

streamfab discovery plus downloader

StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader

With this video downloader, you can effortlessly download real-life TV episodes from Discovery+ as 1080p MP4 files with AAC 2.0 audio.
  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited downloads with 1080p resolution & EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • Downloading option with H.264 or H.265 codecs to save your device storage space.
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device.
  • Get downloads with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.
  • Scheduled newly released videos will be automatically downloaded.

Downloading Steps 

Step 1

On your system, open the StreamFab software and move to the VIP section in the left function column.

Step 2

While scrolling through the right-side website list, you have to select the Discovery+ website and log into your official account.

Step 3

Next, search and select the content you wish to watch offline and play the video.

Step 4

After that, a pop-up window will appear with a "Download Now" option. You have to select the option to complete the downloading process.



Can Sky+HD customers get Discovery plus for free?

No, Sky+HD customers won't get Discovery plus free. To avail of this benefit, they must upgrade their service to SkyQ or Sky Glass.


How much simultaneous streaming is possible in Discovery+?

With your Discovery+ subscription, you can enjoy simultaneous streaming on four devices.


Final Feed 

So, suppose you are using your discovery plus login for your separate Discovery+ subscription. In that case, it's time to save your money while merging your favorite streaming service with your Sky subscription without any extra cost. And to get the best benefits out of this joint venture, you must take the customizable downloading service of StreamFab Discovery Plus downloader.