While trying out different free online downloading tools, websites, and third-party software, I faced several challenges. Many downloaders like Freemake and 4Kdownload don't support OTT services and offer video downloading only from social media sites. 

While looking for a multi-purpose downloader, I have come across StreamFab, a video downloader developed by DVDFab Software. Having tested it for over 30 days, I think it is necessary to write such a review for you in selecting video downloaders.

streamfab review

StreamFab Review: Features and Improvements

Frankly, I use this tool because of my friend's recommendation. Then I searched for it online and found that StreamFab has gained a really positive reputation on some objective and famous product review sites including (4.8/5), G2 (5/5), and even ProductHunt (4.8/5).

All the review content below is based on my personal using and testing experience. Anyone who wants to recite the article content shall note the reference sources.

If words are too boring for you, we've created a video. I hope you can have brief opinions toward StreamFab Video Downloader via my testing experience:


Main Attractions of the StreamFab Video Downloader

While talking about the main attractions in StreamFab reviews, we must not miss the unique features. Except for the traditional video downloading function, StreamFab highlights my offline experience from other aspects:

What We Like StreamFab
  • No need to register during your FREE trial!!!! (StreamFab is the ONLY downloader not requiring registration I've met, unbelievable!!!😭😭)
  • Access free trial of all downloaders: including Netflix & Amazon Prime (others may only offer free try of youtube downloader)
  • Advanced downloading quality: Support YouTube 8K videos, 360° VR videos, Playlist download, and even Netflix 1080P HDR effect. For adults: Supports download videos from OnlyFans Message.
  • Schedule mode to download the newly released episodes from OTT (as I know, SrteamFab is the FIRST to download the new content since the last widevine update)
  • Detect your login status on desktop browsers, which saves my time in repeating authorization

As an OTT downloader, I must acknowledge that StreamFab shall be their 1st tier. But it is not perfect at every angle, I share some points which need improvements here. Hope you can grasp a more comprehensive overview of StreamFab:

😶‍🌫️ What StreamFab Shall Improve
  • 48-hour get response from customer services (other downloaders provide 24-hour service)
  • No Playlist download function from TikTok "Collection" or Creator Page.
  • No cloud space to store my downloads. I need to save the videos on my PC device. 

Some days ago, StreamFab announced its new updates on supporting users to download videos from OnlyFans Message and Collections, which is a good signal for short-video downloading I guess. If they could exert this technology on other similar sites like Twitter, Ins, or TikTok, it would be much more perfect!

On the video quality aspect, StreamFab does DO the best in the industry. At present, I haven't found a site that others support but StreamFab doesn't. If you have any ideas, share your comments below for discussion! 

Is StreamFab Safe to Use?

Yes. StreamFab only provides a LEGAL and SAFE home edition for users. If you are worried about if it is safe to use StreamFab, you can be relieved now.

StreamFab is developed by DVDFab Software, which has been in the multimedia tools industry for over 20 years. StreamFab has been tried by 100+ Million users and keeps 50+ updates per year. It is safe and clean to use, verified by objective review sites and YouTube review channels.

streamfab review: Is StreamFab Safe to Use

You need to be aware that please make sure you've gained the authorization to download content from creators. In most situations, it is legal for use to download videos for our personal entertainment. Any commercial use might not be allowed. Your intention and purpose matter a lot.

Is it free to use StreamFab?

StreamFab does provide a Free Trial and a Free version for all users, so please DO NOT use any StreamFab Crack! which is dangerous!  It is better for you to try it for free before you purchase it. If you decide to purchase to unlock the premium function, it is totally OK, up to you.

The discount promotion of StreamFab might not be as competitive as some extension downloaders or online tools, but I think it is worth it. I tried other downloaders at a lower discount, but I found some of them are not 'real downloaders'. instead, they shall be called 'recorders', with relatively low video resolution and slow downloading speed.

Steps to Download Videos Using StreamFab Video Downloader

If it is the first time you use StreamFab, no worries, it is very simple to operate. Check the steps below to see how to use StreamFab and how StreamFab makes your downloading success!

Step 1

Download the video downloader

First, click the button below to get a free trial. Install StreamFab Video Downloader on your device and launch it.

 * No need to register during your free period, which protects your personal info well.  

Step 2

Choose the streaming website to find the video you want 

Choose the streaming service or simply copy the video URL and paste it on StreamFab.

streamfab review: how to use

Step 3

Customize the file

When you play the video, a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language. For streaming services, you need to log into your account first.

streamfab review: how to use

Step 4

Click the download button

After selecting the format and quality, click on the "Download" option. Your videos will be downloaded at a very fast speed.


Does StreamFab remove commercials? 

Yes. StreamFab Video Downloader removes commercials/ads during the downloading procedures. You can enjoy ad-free content offline. 

Is StreamFab a screen recorder?

NO! StreamFab downloads videos and audio from the streaming service. It grasps the original sources of video content and downloads them on your device. StreamFab does not capture the screen or record the video during your playback. For the differences between screen recording and video downloading, please refer to this table.

  Screen Recorder Video Downloader
Speed Slow / 1x speed Fast / 10x speed
Video Quality Depend on the video Lossless native quality
Audio Quality AAC 2.0 EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0
Subtitle Format Render SRT files or Remux
CPU Usage More Less

Can I get a free StreamFab account/StreamFab license?

Yes. Each new user is eligible to receive free StreamFab account or StreamFab license. Furthermore, it is possible to experience the free trial once more by utilizing an alternate email address.

Is the StreamFab Cracked version available?

Numerous questionable websites assert that they possess a "StreamFab crack" version, yet we strongly advise against using such versions. They could potentially harbor harmful malware that risks damaging your computer and might also compromise your personal information.

Furthermore, StreamFab MOD APK modified by someone other than the original developer is unsafe and it often contains malicious code or other malware.


There are numerous video downloaders in front of us when we are looking for offline watching solutions, how to choose the best one or most suitable one becomes a good question. This is the reason why we spend time testing different video downloaders and compiled a review to publish. We've also written a Cleverget review, if you are interested, you could have a look.

Hope this post about StreamFab review could gain more exposure and could appear for users who get stuck by different tools. If this content does provide some hint for you, don't forget to give us a 'like' or 'share'. Your encouragement pushes us to go forward. 🥰