Sundance Now.


What is Sundance Now

In 2008, SundanceTV was acquired by AMC Networks, which subsequently introduced an on-demand rental service called SundanceNow. They were merged in 2016, resulting in the present-day streaming service, Sundance Now. This platform is committed to showcasing genuine and emotionally compelling narratives depicted from unique global viewpoints.

Is Sundance Now worth it? There is no doubt that Sundance Now is a niche streaming service. What sets Sundance Now apart from other streaming services is its focus on independent films, documentaries, and foreign TV shows. Their collection of shows and movies are thoughtfully curated, making it easy to discover new and exciting content that you won’t find on other platforms.

Free trial and renewals

With its 7-day free trial, Sundance Now lets you explore the extensive library of award-winning movies, TV shows, and original productions. With new content added every month, there’s always something new to watch on Sundance Now. Just give a chance to sundance free trial.

Once your free trial ends, Sundance Now will bill you for either the initial month or year based on the subscription plan you select. Your payment will automatically be set to the current rate for a monthly or yearly subscription. 

What devices support Sundance Now 

With its vast collection of exclusive content, Sundance Now has become a go-to destination for entertainment enthusiasts. Sundance Now app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Additionally, Sundance Now is available on the most important streaming TV platforms, but it isn’t as comprehensive as competing streaming services. 

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire devices
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Smart TVs

Best Downloader to Enjoy Shows on Sundance Now Offline 

With a vast library of content and new shows and movies added regularly, Sundance Now is a perfect streaming platform. However, if you wish to enjoy high quality and seamless Sundance Now shows while travelling, StreamFab All-In-One is for you.

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The Best Shows on Sundance Now to Watch in 2023

Sundance Now is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about streaming platforms, and it’s easy to see why. With a vast collection of critically acclaimed shows that you won’t find anywhere else, Sundance Now is a must-have for any serious TV fan.Here are some of the best shows on Sundance Now:

1. The Split

This British show follows the lives of three sisters who happen to work in the same family law firm. With excellent writing and powerful performances, “The Split” is a must-watch for fans of legal dramas and family sagas. If you prefer to stream the split offline, you can download it on Sundance Now with StreamFab

The split.

2. Riviera

This glamorous crime drama stars Julia Stiles as a woman who discovers her late husband’s secret life of corruption and deceit. The show is set against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera and features a talented international cast.


3. State of Happiness

Set in the Norwegian oil boom of the late 1960s, “State of Happiness” tells the story of a small town caught up in the frenzy of newfound wealth. Mixing drama and humor, this show is a fascinating exploration of a pivotal moment in modern history.

State of happiness.

4. The Truth Will Out

This Swedish detective series follows a disgraced journalist as he tries to clear his name by solving a decades-old murder case. With engaging characters and intricate plotting, “The Truth Will Out” is a gripping thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

The truth will out.

5. The Name of the Rose

Based on the classic novel by Umberto Eco, this Italian-German co-production stars John Turturro as a Franciscan monk investigating a series of murders in a medieval abbey. With stunning production values and a top-notch cast, “The Name of the Rose” is a must-watch for historical fiction fans.

The name of the rose.



How much is Sundance Now?

Sundance Now has 2 plan options following a 7-day free trial:
- A monthly plan for $6.99/month
- A yearly plan $59.99/year (or 4.99/month!)


Can I watch Sundance Now on my smart TV?

As of late 2021, you can now watch Sundance Now on Samsung Smart TVs 2018 or newer versions. To download the app, all you need to do is: Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and go to the Home Screen. Look up “Sundance Now” on your Samsung Smart TV app store.


Is Sundance Now free with Amazon Prime?

No, Sundance Now is not free with Amazon Prime. You can subscribe to the service through Amazon Prime Video or on Roku.



Sundance Now is a streaming service that truly delivers when it comes to both quality and quantity. With its unique programming, affordability, and commitment to diversity, this platform is well worth checking out. This post also introduces the best video downloader to help you enjoy high quality shows on Sundance Now anytime, anywhere.