As an adult, we shall not be shame about talking erotic websites for our seductive satisfaction. OnlyFans is a prominent and trusted name, on which creative content creators can create, share, and sale their content. Apart from adult content, you can enjoy some versatile content including food, fitness, music, art, etc.

As Onlyfans is a paid subscription-based service, it is better for you to know the top OnlyFans creators who are worth to subscribe before investing your money in this platform. This is why we shift out of the top 10 OnlyFans creators list for you here.

top onlyfans creators

The Criteria for Selecting the Top OnlyFans Creators

As the Onlyfans website has over 130 million users and 2 million content creators, it's not easy to list the most popular Onlyfans creators who satisfy most users. This site works in a pattern of monthly subscriptions, pay-per-view, and one-time tips. So, earning is one of the most essential criteria for making the list.

Earnings: The first and foremost criterion is how much revenue an onlyfans creator has earned through the content.

Followers and comments: As more followers lead to maximum popularity and earnings, the number of followers is extremely important for OnlyFans creators. 

Content quality: It is the most important criterion to select the best OnlyFans creators. Not the better quality, the more follower, but the more follower, the better quality in usual.

Community interaction: Having an average count on views, audience retention time, and organic opinion of other platforms and channels is important.

The following OnlyFans creators are mentioned and selected according to the comprehensive consideration of the criteria above. Hope you could find the one that attracts you.

Top 10 Best OnlyFans Creators 2023

After knowing what makes the best onlyfans creators lead in the lusty line, it's time to witness the hot highlights and follower hits on their accounts with spicy insights of these steamy and sensational accounts.

1. Blac Chyna 

Earning: $ 20 million/month

Followers: 12.3 million on Instagram & 764,000 on Twitter

top OnlyFan creators

This jaw-dropping amount is not surprising for one of its highest-paid, most popular onlyfans creators. This 35-year lady came into the limelight with the increasable success of the song "Miss Me" in 2010, where the rapper Drake mentioned her name in the song. 

From being a stripper and model to a star entertainer and entrepreneur, she has become the most flattering face as one of the top onlyfans creators with 150 stunning images in the onlyfans photo gallery. Users pay $19.99/month to see her onlyfans profile; she earned around $20 million/month out of her 16.2 million subscribers.

2. Belle Delphine

Earnings: $ 11 million/month

Followers: 10 million + on social media

top OnlyFan creators

Despite being a successful American singer, writer, and model, Belle Delphine is one of the top onlyfans content creators. Her profile has over 14.7k images and 698 videos, with 24.3 million subscribers. 

She charges $35/month to access her seductive universe. This one of the top creators on Onlyfans appeals to her Onlyfans subscribers with playful and seductive content with a perfect blend of gaming, cosplay, and adultery. She also indulges horny chatting to give her subscribers bedroom-like feelings.

3. Cardi B

Earnings: $9.43 million/month

Followers: 81.7 million

top OnlyFan creators

Cardi B is one of the top creators on Onlyfans with her rapping talent and charismatic beauty. She started her journey in the internet world as a stripper on social media, followed by becoming a successful rapper. 

This award-winning one of the top onlyfans creators posts her behind the scene footage, sexy photos, and funny interaction images on her onlyfans account. To see the larger-than-life posts of this one of the top onlyfans creators right now, she charges $4.99/month.

4. Tyga

Earnings: $7.69 million

Followers: 21.8 million

top OnlyFan creators

From streetlife childhood to being a successful rapper, Tyga has a vibrant and versatile life journey that influences his internet popularity and makes him a celebrity icon. His music albums are filled with sensational scenes and intense lyrics. He also acted and produced a few adult movies.

He is one of the top 10 Onlyfans creators who greeted his Onlyfans followers with his music clippings, behind the scene footage, and a glimpse of his celebrity life. He also shares his daily routine in his onlyfans posts. He charges $25/month for his subscribers to peek at his personal and professional life.

5. Mia Khalifa

Earnings: $6.42 million

Followers: 22.7 million 

top OnlyFan creators

The Lebanese-American social media celebrity Mia Khalifa used to be a webcam model, porn actress, and sports commentator. She ruled the Onlyfans world and became one of the sexiest Onlyfans creators by posting erotic sex tapes.

Her account is filled with sensational images and videos to target different levels of audiences with various tastes. She charges $12.99/month to visit her vibrant, seductive world. She also discounts her subscription charges on three, six, and twelve-month plans.

6. Ana Lorde

Earnings: $4 million

Followers: 1 million Plus

top OnlyFan creators

One of the top onlyfans creators, Ana Lorde, is an American model and social media star. She is known for her seductive appeal and pose in her onlyfans posts. Her sky-kissing popularity made her featured in famous magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, and FHM. 

She showcased her onlyfans accounts with the creative and seductive approach of body positivity and self-love. She has two onlyfans accounts, one is for free, and the other one is paid to explore her exclusive, empowering, and erotic content. You can see around 1.2k videos and 286 images in her free account.

7. Jem Wolfie

Earnings: $8 million

Followers: 3 million on social media

top OnlyFan creators

The Australian model and social media influencer Jem Wolfie is one the most popular onlyfans creators with her highest earning and internet popularity. She shifted her career from being a basketball player to chef to modeling. 

Her healthy meal and workout posts have reached the top of popularity in the web world. She earns around $1 million/month and charges around $15 to visit her onlyfans posts to her 10,000 followers. Her posts include sexy images, delicious recipes, and fitness videos.

8. Erica Mena

Earnings: $4.49 million

Followers: 7 million

top OnlyFan creators

Erica Mena is one of the best Onlyfans creators and is known as an American television celebrity. She was a former model, singer, and video vixen. She gained popularity from her appearance on "Love & Hip Hop: New York." 

She instantly got 5.3 million followers after promoting her onlyfans account on Instagram. She charges $25.99/month to access her paid premium onlyfans account. She also offers a free subscription for her followers. 

9. Tana Mongeau

Earnings: $6 million

Followers: 5 million on social media

top OnlyFan creators

Being one of the sexiest Onlyfans content creators, Tana Mongeau has opened her two Onlyfans accounts. She has shared erotic, nude, sexy content with a subtle touch of comedy. 

She offers free and paid subscriptions for her fans to get seduced by her extravagant erotic enigma. She charges a maximum of $74 for her video content. She advertised her 7 seconds videos for $5 on Twitter.

10. Asa Akira

Earnings: $187.1k to $233.9k/month

Followers: 2.07 million

top OnlyFan creators

The top 10 onlyfans creators list doesn't get complete without Asa Akira, who is one of the top onlyfans creators right now. As she used to be a porn star, her posts on Onlyfans account are seductive and artistic. 

In her posts, she kept her followers engaged and satisfied. She offers a one-month free subscription to her account, then charges $12.99/month for her exclusive and erotic posts.

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What Are the Top Earnings OnlyFans Creators?

  • Blac Chyna: $ 20 million
  • Bella Thorne: $11 million
  • Cardi B: $9,43 million.
  • Tyga: $7.69 million.
  • Mia Khalifa: $6.42 million.

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Name?

Yes, OnlyFans creators see your profile name, but only Onlyfans administrators can see your real name.

How to Find OnlyFans Creators Near Me?

  • Search by username, real name, or email id
  • Search by location, ph number, or photo
  • Search by guessing third-party tool


So, if you plan to check out the top 10 onlyfans creators' accounts without spending time and energy searching for the best one, you can visit any of the above-mentioned onlyfans creators' profiles for your sensational satisfaction. Otherwise, you can also check out all the profiles on the list to pick your preference.