When selecting your kids' entertainment content, you have to be responsible enough to make the right move on their behalf. Since your kids, toddlers, or teenagers are not grown enough to choose their entertaining content while knowing their taste & being a responsible parent, you must take them to the fun & fantasy world of YTV. So, to explore the world to its extreme extent, you must have a brief about this platform.

What Is YTV?

This is a Canadian-based English Television channel owned by Corus Entertainment. It is one of the oldest platforms formed specially to entertain kids and teenagers. Even though it originated in 1988, with the ownership of Rogers Media and CUC Broadcasting, it has undergone different ownership changes several times. Under the current license, this channel has been offering content from USA-originated Nickelodeon for quite a long time.

What Makes it Popular and Exclusive?

Being 34 years old and successfully establishing a Television channel, it reaches millions of houses to entertain children aged between 9 to 17. Its library is filled with unique TV shows, series, movies, cartoons, anime, etc., to keep your children busy while offering quality, creative, and learning stuff. The most exciting and convenient advantage of this platform is that the channel feed has been broadcasted in two-time shifts of East Eastern Time & West Pacific Time.

The YTV extensions and POW are the Cours' two main attractions. These channel applications are known for their international kids-action, superhero, and adventurous content. Apart from this, YTV One World, with humor, games, and travel content, is all set for your kids' entertainment with the academic content of STEM.

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After 2011, the shows are available in HD quality. However, its exclusivity lies in dividing broadcasting feeds into various programming blocks such as The Treehouse, The AfterSchool Zone, Limbo, Bionix, etc. When some blocks reduce advertising duration while introducing interaction of live-action hosts, some blocks are designated for the old and specific audience. These programming blocks are known as "Zone" in the present day. Let's look at a few examples of "The Zone."

  • The Treehouse: This is a morning 10 am show specially designed for children. It featured a puppet which is better known as "The Fuzzpaws." This Zone contains popular shows like The Big Comfy Couch, PJ Katie's Farm, Bananas in Pajamas, etc.
  • Big Fun Weeknights: It offers different marathons and TV shows.
  • Big Fun Movies: It offers movies from big brands like Universal Studios, Paramount, Disney, Fox, Warner Bros, MGM, etc.
  • Brainwash: It is a weekend programming zone aired in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Shift: It is a Prime Time programming zone with the most popular shows.
  • Limbo: It is designed for teenagers and aired from 8 pm to 12 am.

What are the best features?

After knowing the fascinating facts about the lucrative library, programming structure, and broadcasting benefits, you must know the well-organized features to access this platform to your specification. No matter how exclusive the shows are, you would only be able to make the most out of them if you quickly access them on multiple platforms and devices. So, let's get into the features to explore its world according to your convenience.

  • While visiting the "Schedule" page or through the Instagram official page of this channel, you get information on upcoming shows.
  • While selecting your "Service Providers," such as Shaw, Shaw Direct, and Rogers, you can access On-demand content.

Under On-demand, you will get:

  • The Loud House
  • Movies will be available for a limited time after airing on the next day of the original release.
  • Some notable shows like Kids Choice Awards & Jojo Siwa.
  • You can catch full seasons of previous hit shows.
  • The new episodes will be available one day after their original release for one year.
  • With another subscription, you will get these episodes for four weeks.
  • On the "Game" page, you can play games.

Can you watch YTV shows online?

You can watch your favorite shows online on your PC or mobile device. Even though this channel doesn't have a separate dedicated app for online platforms, you can access its entire library on your PC using the official website. On the other hand, while using the official YouTube channel, you can watch YTV shows online on your mobile devices. You can also enjoy cool stuff on the YouTube platform, like behind-the-scenes, funny clips, etc.

However, the movie library of this platform is not accessible through the YouTube channel, and you also can't access its content on mobile devices while using its official website. So, to watch YTV online live on different devices and platforms, you have to depend on both the official website and the YouTube channel.

Is there any limitation to watching YTV online live?

Even though it provides online watching options on multiple platforms and devices, certain limitations restrict its online watching.

Let's see the limitations to avoid them.

  • The content is not accessible on mobile devices through the website.
  • The website works only on PC.
  • Movies can't be watched on mobile devices through YouTube channels.
  • YouTube doesn't allow you to download its content.
  • The content is available on this platform for a limited time.
  • There is no offline watching option on this platform.
  • You can't skip the compulsive ads of this platform.
  • Since this channel is available only in Canada, you can't watch its shows online while traveling to other countries.

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Downloading Steps

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download ytv videos with streamfab

Step 3: Customize the video

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Is there any News show on YTV?

Yes, there is a 30-minute news show called YTV News, broadcasted on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. This show is better known as "National Youth-Oriented TV Newsmagazine.

Is there any anime content on YTV?

Yes, in the Bionix programming zone, you can get anime content with action programming; it is aired on Saturday nights.

What is the latest original programming of YTV?

Live-action series: The Hardy Boys

Animated series: Super Wish & Best & Bester

Wrapping Up

Nothing would be best to keep your hyperactive kids engaged in any productive and learning entertainment platform, but this channel's most expensive and diversified content library. From television to online platforms, you can enjoy YTV shows anytime, anywhere. However, to make your online watching dependency-free, you must take the supreme support of StreamFab All-in-One downloader.