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Rakuten TV Downloader

Download videos from Rakuten TV as offline 720p MP4 files with AAC 2.0 audios

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StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader
  • Download all Rakuten TV videos

  • Download Rakuten TV videos in 720p

  • Explore Rakuten TV videos with its in-built browser

Why do you need StreamFab?

  • Videos come and go

  • Download all Rakuten TV videos

  • On-demand videos come and go on streaming services

    Most on-demand videos on a streaming service, including Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and many others, come and go due to the licensing agreements between the streaming service and the studios that produce them.

    The movies, TV shows, and other videos will be removed if the licensing agreement is due and not renewed. What’s more, if a title is gone, no one knows for sure whether or not it will come back in the future. It could be gone forever.

    On-demand videos come and go on streaming services

What can StreamFab do?

  • Excellent Downloading Quality

  • Multiple Format Available

  • Save the Downloaded Videos in Premium 720p Quality

    Rakuten TV Downloader enables you to save videos in MP4 format with high-definition 720p resolution and AAC 2.0 audios. High-definition videos are high quality, finely detailed, and smooth in motion.

    You can even see the texture of the performers' skin clearly on a large screen, so you won't lose your excitement with low-quality images.

    Rakuten TV Downloader

Perfect Downloading Experience You Get

save Rakuten tv videos

Batch-download Dramas and TV Shows at High-speed

Another feature of StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader is that it supports batch-download. Suppose the TV show you want to download contains multiple seasons and each season has tens of episodes, instead of downloading that show episode by episode, season by season, how about adding all episodes from all the seasons to download at one go? You can just do that with this downloader tool.

On top of the batch-download, this Rakuten TV downloader software downloads your videos at super-fast speed. It only takes 10 to 20 minutes to finish a 90-min movie, and when it comes to a shorter TV episode, it will be much faster. Compared to downloading all the episodes one by one, the batch-download not only saves your time but also prevents you from missing any episode.

save Rakuten tv videos

Download Audios and Subtitles in Various Languages

Have you ever downloaded a foreign movie only to find you cannot enjoy it because the audio track downloaded is not your mother tongue? With Rakuten TV Downloader, you can download the dubbed version of those foreign movies and dramas, so that you can listen to your native language. Just select the language of your preference, then it’s done!

The same also goes for subtitles, which is a critical factor for you to understand foreign movies. You not only can download subtitles in Japanese but also English, or both. This is especially convenient to foreign language learners, as you can compare the English and Japanese subtitles by downloading them both. So, your English or Japanese learning also becomes easier.

Rakuten tv offline play
Download Metadata such as Title, Cast, and Poster
When you download a movie, aside from downloading the title and content, you may also want to save the cast information, cover design, and other details. With Rakuten TV Downloader, you can download all the metadata, such as episode titles and movie introductions as well.

Downloading the metadata can also help you easily organize the downloaded videos on your local storage. You can even create your own media library and manage it in a well-organized manner with other media server tools, such as Plex, Kodi, and PlayerFab.

Download your favorite videos from Rakuten TV NOW!

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Feedbacks on StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader

I was troubled by the fact that I can only watch for two to seven days after downloading Rakuten TV videos using its native download feature. Even if I downloaded the content, I was often too busy and the download deadline would pass... But with StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader, I can now enjoy movies and dramas offline forever. I can play them anytime, anywhere without worrying about the Internet environment. For me, Rakuten TV Downloader has become an item that I will never be without again.

Mark / Photographer

When I tried to record Rakuten TV videos before, the screen went black and I was at a loss what to do. I had a work I wanted to download on Rakuten TV, but it wasn't available for download. At that time, I found out about the existence of StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader, and first tried the free version. It was my first time using a downloader, but it was very simple and easy to use. Now I have upgraded to the paid version and use it every day. It was nice to meet Rakuten TV Downloader!

Alice / Journalist

I have always been stressed about watching movies and dramas on Rakuten TV while worrying about the traffic and Wi-Fi environment. I knew that I could download the movies, but I couldn't find a safe and high-quality software. That's when I found StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader, which allows me to enjoy Rakuten TV offline even when I'm in places where it's difficult to connect to the Internet.

Jacob / Writer

How to use StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader?

  • how to watch Rakuten tv
    Step 1

    Launch StreamFab and choose Rakuten TV

    After you start up StreamFab, move to the Streaming Services from the left panel, and open the Rakuten TV website from the supported streaming services listed on the right.

    how to watch Rakuten tv
    Step 2

    Play the video you want to download

    Sign in to your Rakuten TV account, and then play the video you want to keep offline.

    watch Rakuten tv
    Step 3

    Download that video to your local storage

    As the video starts to play, a prompt window shall show up, click the Download Now button on it to download the video being played.

    download Rakuten tv shows

System Requirements

StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader
  • ★ Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)

  • ★ Intel i3 or above

  • ★ 4GB of RAM or above

  • ★ 40GB of free hard disk space or above

  • ★ Live Internet connection required

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Fair Use Policy: StreamFab is legal only for personal needs and it's not allowed to share the downloaded content with any third party.

To avoid being blocked by streaming providers, a StreamFab licensed account has a quota of 100 downloads per day, and 700 downloads per week from each supported streaming service. Whenever some of it is used up, it will refill during the next time cycle.