Let us first take a glimpse at the two standards that has become popularized just last year, that is, 2016 with the advent of high-resolution TV screens, and smart phones that can record high definition videos and so on. There are two interchangeably used file formats called 4K and UHD. These are different based on the area of usage. The 4K is a video production standard used in the cinema industry but the UHD is more of a consumer display standard used by TV and screen manufacturers. The most profound display of these abbreviations is during the Black Friday sale. However, it is also possible to take your videos that are not of so high definition and convert video to 4K UHD, after they have been shot. It does not mean that it is same as the original one, but it can be comparatively better for large screen viewing than a low-resolution video.

convert videos to 4k or uhd

The 4K roughly means around 4000 pixels across your screen. The currently used computer/laptop screens are mostly 1366x768 on 14 and 15.6-inch screens, the smart phones offer 1080p recording and so on and so forth. The 4K or UHD packs even twice as much as a 1080p screen, roughly in every inch of your screen. This increases the detail and makes the pixelation disappear to the human eye. Here we shall talk about some ways to convert video to 4K UHD using software.

It must also be noted that not every software or media player is capable of playing neither such high-resolution videos nor every screen supports display of them. It is therefore used only for very large screens like 51-inch monitors and so on. The software also used for them are ones that make use of CPU and GPU for video processing for real-time media playback.


Fonepaw Video Converter

The video converters are mostly useful since there is a lack of 4K UHD content on the internet or a 4K stream of House of Cards on Netflix. So, it can be used to convert other videos and watch them on your new TV from Samsung or Panasonic. There are a few that have good models in the market with that high resolution actually. There may be some very high-end models from Sony as well as an Xperia range of smart phones. Nevertheless, Fonepaw Video Converter Ultimate is available for both Windows and Mac. It is free for trial and can convert video to 4K UHD in 3 simple steps.

convert videos to 4k or uhd

First, add the media files, second, choose the output resolution, e.g. 4K here and, then hit “Convert” button. It also has an added feature to download videos from online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and BBC and so on. It is inbuilt so that you can directly download the converted video in 4K format. This is a good, generous addition to a converter that is usually missing. Then, there is not just a single option for 4K UHD video, but a plethora of options under the 4K output settings drop down menu. For example, it has 4K H.264, 4K H.265, AVI, and MPEG separately and much more. In addition, you can also choose brands like YouTube 4K HD format directly and so on. In addition, the Fonepaw Video Converter can also help you decode and compress 4K video file size obtained from elsewhere and store it in lesser hard disc space on your laptop.


DVDFab Video Converter - Professional 4K Converter

It is often recommended not to convert SD or HD videos or 640x480 resolution videos to 4K since it will greatly reduce the quality after the conversion. It will obviously have 4000k pixels, but there will not be enough detail as it was not there in the original video itself. DVDFab Video Converter another great software that not just allows similar features as the one above, but additionally has a lot of power beneath its hood. First, it allows complete compatibility with Intel processors to make use of multi-core power and multi-threading to do parallel processing. It’s not just allows smooth, lag-free playback of the 4K media, but also allows quicker to convert video to 4K UHD than others without. The next thing about further improving the performance is using GPU hardware acceleration that allows the program to process the video on the GPU of the laptop or computer to enhance the speed of conversion as well as playback. DVDFab Video Converter allows a free trial of the software and is quite a useful tool too. You can choose between MKV.4K and MP4.4K as output for conversion.

convert videos to 4k or uhd

Furthermore, it allows editing videos in real-time, which is possible due to the above-mentioned improvements in processing data.


Wondershare Video Converter Pro

There are many others that also do the same thing with little differences. One of them is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. It also features very similar features as the above. It also allows both to convert video to 4K UHD and also, to compress them to 1080p, 720p or 480p. This allows to convert video to 4K UHD, and also to 4K MOV, 4K WMV, and 4 K AVI and so on. Its Converter Factory Pro supports multi-threading as well as hyper threading to speed up the process which uses the latest CPU cores to increase performance. This is quite important to deal with the time required to decode and encode such high-resolution frames from a video file.

convert videos to 4k or uhd

This article shows you how to convert common videos to 4K videos but if you have some 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and want to convert them to 4K videos or other common videos you can have a look at how to convert UHD Blu-ray sources to videos.