Don't be surprised if somebody asks you if you have anime. Anime looks not only cute but also provides much-needed personalization. It's also a great way to give somebody a sneak peek of yourself without opening all your cards.

If you wish to create your anime, you can look into one of these Anime character creator online apps. Don't worry. You need not be a hard-core techie to create it yourself.

The best thing about these character creator Anime is that it's self-explanatory and will guide you till the final step. So stay with us to look at the best ten anime character creators.

Top 10 Best Anime Character Creators

Check out the top 10 character creator Anime and a quick guide on how to use them

1. Avatoon Anime Creator

Avatoon anime character creator is a free tool that helps you create fun and super cool anime for yourself. You can use various features and designs, such as facial piercing and alternative wear, to come up with some fun characters & make your final anime stand out.

Apart from all this, you can use stickers and various poses to suit your styles using this anime character creator online app. If you wish to explore and learn, later you can upgrade to a pro version, the exclusive features of which are pretty affordable.

2. Crypko

Crypko anime character creator uses a Generative adversarial network (GAN) through which you can use automated Anime Face Generation. If you are looking for speed and accuracy while creating anime, then Crypko is undoubtedly the one for you.

Once you get its hang, you can also purchase its special codes that you can use to generate special anime characters. For example, you can create more character creator anime with digital cards.

3. Make Girls Moe

AI and machine learning are the town's talks; thus, the Make Girls Moe anime character creator is a tool that uses AI technology to create awesome female avatars. So if you want to create girl anime, you should switch to Make Girls Moe asap. To explore more, you must try the advanced mode to customize and get more precision.

4. Face Your Manga

One of the successful anime character creators is Face Your Manga, as it's free and creates outstanding anime character creator full body. Now you can produce high-resolution amines and print them at the same time.

If you wish to add a feature that would provide a personalized feel, such as a birthmark, scar, or tattoo, then Face Your Manga is apt for you. So wear your thinking caps and unleash your creativity to make mind-blowing avatars; print them and use them as stickers to get that personalized effect.

5. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot character creator anime is a must-try tool to make your persona stand out. It provides you with features such as adding different kinds of dresses, and changing the size of your eyes, nose, etc.

You also get the flexibility of tilting your face or trying a variety of poses to suit your needs and requirements with an anime character creator full body. So add that unique feel to your product with the anime created using the My Blue Robot app.

6. Portrait Illustration Maker

If you want a different anime for yourself, you must try the Portrait Illustration character creator anime maker, which gives you complete freedom to start from scratch.

For example, suppose you're a newbie and are unsure how to proceed. So why not use its Randomizer feature, which provides you with various avatars from which you can use your creativity to come out with an anime character creator full body.

7. Custom Anime

As the name suggests, Custom anime character creator provides you with everything which helps you custom-make your anime according to your taste and interest. Whether it is your body shape, hair color, eye color, or even clothing, the Custom Anime tool gives you complete freedom to come out with something unique.

Make use of all its features which are entirely free of cost, and save your image as a jpeg to make use of the anime character creator full body later.

8. Avachara

If you want something straightforward to use to create a realistic avatar, then all you need is Avachara. It's so simple that you don't even need to upload your image. Instead, simply choose your gender, fill in your basic details, such as the hair color, nose, mouth, and accessories such as caps, glasses, etc., and you're all set.

So you get your cool avatar with an anime character creator online. Later you can refine it by using its features and various tools.

9. provides various options to help you develop avatars that look similar to your real kind. 3D anime character creator app is free to use and offers choices for various features such as eye color, hairstyles, etc.

Using, you can give special effects, provide uniqueness to your avatar, and call it your own.

10. Cartoonify

As the name suggests, it is one of the best software for creating cartoon-like anime. You can choose your cartoon and build it from scratch by changing the background and size of features such as eye color, nose, size, etc.

However, the only downside to Cartoonify anime character creator online app is that it creates only western characters.

So after thoroughly looking at all the top performing Anime character creator apps, you must head quickly to make your own avatar or character using any of these software. But once created, don't forget to edit it with the deep learning technology of the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI app.

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Exclusive features and Highlights

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How to Use the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI App

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Step 3: Go for preview to change settings

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Step 4: Save the final image

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What is the best free avatar creator?

There are loads of avatar creators available in the market, but depending on your needs, you can choose any from the above list.

Are character creator anime free?

A few anime character creators' apps and software are free, while some offer paid features.

Are anime character creator apps and software safe?

Before downloading any software and installing a new app, look for its online rating and reviews. Also, ensure to update your antivirus. The above few anime character creators listed are safe to download.


The sky's the limit for technology. As time passes, new and better versions of technology have replaced the older ones. Similar holds for anime characters which have evolved from rudimentary to state-of-the-art versions. Use the ultra-cool features of AI and see what you can create. Release your creativity and come out with mind-boggling creatives with the help of all the above-listed anime character creator tools.