How to upscale image when there is a blurry image shot by a camera, smartphone or other digital devices? Instead of retaking a photo, the best way is to upscale an image and improve the quality of it with an image upscaler online or offline. In order to get the best restoration effect, Artificial Intelligence is an important element to get super resolution. So all the image upscalers I have introduced in this post is AI image upscale, able to enhance definition without quality loss.

Table of Contents:

How to upscale an image? There are so many tools available, among which AI upscale image is the most effective way.

1. Smart Upscaler - Upscale Image Online

  • Recognize pattern and decide edges and shapes by machine learning
  • Upscale image by increasing image size
  • Keep your images secret without information disclosure
  • Support batches image upscale backed by API integration
  • Support JPEG, PNG and upscale image to 8x (paid), 4x (free)
  • Offer a free trial with 3 images included
  • Price: $0.20/image, $9/month, $99/month

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

How to use this image upscaler:

  • Drop one or more images here by clicking “Browse” (Max size: 5MB)
  • You are allowed to upscale image up to 4x in free version
  • For high resolution images, click the button of “Upgrade” and purchase
  • Download files processed by this image upscaler

Upscale Image

2. ImageUpscaler - Upscale Image Online

  • Able to upscale image in 4 times
  • Have the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI upscaling)
  • Claim to enlarge image without losing quality
  • Accept files in JPEG, JPEG and PNG formats
  • $3/month (100 images/month, 4x, 2500 width & height, 5 MB)
  • $12/month (500 images/month, 4x, 2500 width & height, 5MB)
  • Free trial with 3 images supported

How to use this image upscaler:

  • Come to its official website and click the button of “Resize Image Now”
  • Select an image to upload
  • Click the option of “Upscale Image”
  • 10-60 seconds for each image upscale
  • Download your file

Upscale an Image Online

3. Bigjpeg - Upscale Image Online

  • Limits on file size: less than 10 MB, 3000X3000px, 500 images/month
  • Image type: Artwork and Photo
  • Upscaling: 2X (free), 4x, 8x and 16x (paid)
  • Have the function of noise reduction

How to use this image upscaler:

  • Select an image to upload
  • Click the button of “Start”
  • Set the options of “Image type”, “Upscaling”, and “Noise Reduction”
  • Press the button of ‘OK”
  • Wait for this image upscaler to download your file
  • Several minutes will be needed to upscale image

How to Upscale an Image

4. Let’s Enhance - Upscale Image Online

  • Output high resolution images without quality loss
  • Upscale an image from 2x to 16x automatically
  • Increase resolution of image fast
  • Save time with presets
  • Enhance images while saving the size
  • Scale up workflow easily
  • Get started with 5 images free
  • Price: $9/month/100 images, $24/month/300 images, $34/month/500 images

How to use this image upscaler:

  • Create an account or log in
  • Drop your images to upload
  • Set the options of “Upscaling”, Algorithm” and “Enhancement (Color, Tone)” 
  • Choose output file format “JPEG” or “PNG”
  • Click the button of “Start processing” to upscale image
  • Download your images

Let's Enhance Image Upscaler

Till now, we have talked about 4 image upscalers which are empowered by artificial intelligence and able to provide super resolution without quality loss. Which one do you prefer? If you want to enhance definition of an image further, there is an offline AI image upscale program worth your attention. Follow me to upscale image more stably and make image bigger and clearer.

5. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI - Upscale Image Offline

This software provides four modules for you to upscale image: “PhotoPerfect”, “Enlarge”, “Sharpen” and “Denoise”. How each of them works to increase resolution of image? See the details about DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI below.

 i  Free Download  


Perfect photos by one click to make them as good as shot by a Pro with DSLR camera


Enlarge images up to 40x with super-resolution and recover details intelligently


Sharpen blurry images by removing motion blurs and out-of-focus blurs


Remove noises from images while preserving details for clear effects

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI allows you to process 5 images free with no limit on file size and options available in this software. If you find it useful, just $79.99/year is required to ask for this image upscaler for help all the time. “PNG”, “JPG”, “JPEG”, “TIF” and “TIFF” are the formats this software supports. Now, follow me to learn how to use each function of this software. You need to download it on Windows first. And only three clicks, you will see the main interface of this AI image upscale tool.

Image Upscale Offline

(1) PhotoPerfect

Upscale image resolution automatically. Click the module of “PhotoPerfect” and wait for AI model preparation. Click “Open Images” or drop & drag images directly to this image upscaler. Then you will come to the interface below. Here, you can choose either “Split” display mode or “Side by Side” one to view your images more conveniently. There is a “Zoom” button to help you upscale image to 2x or 4x. You can move the “Rectangle” in the right small picture to highlight one section of your file. After all the settings, click the button of “Save”, set the output format and destination, and check your scale image processed by this image upscaler. This is a shortcut to upscale image with this option. The left stands for the original picture, while the right represents a clearer upscaled image. How beautiful the rainbow!

AI Image Upscale

(2) Enlarge

How to upscale image by “resize image without losing quality”? Click “Enlarge” in DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, and you will be able to scale image to 40x even in a free trial. Meanwhile, there are “Denoise” and “Brightness” available for you to suppress noise, remove blur, as well as adjust the value of “Brightness”, “Saturation” and “Contrast”, respectively. Afterwards, preview the image upscale effect and click the button of “Save”. The output HD image will be lossless.

Enhance Definitio with Image Upscaler

(3) Sharpen

In order to remove motion blur and out-of-focus blur, upscale image with DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI. Import your image(s) first and then adjust the value of “Sharpness” and “Suppress Noise”. Their largest value can reach 100 to output free high quality images.

Upscale Image with Image Sharper

(4) Denoise

Then we come to upscale image by removing background noise, chroma noise and luminance noise. Through this process, the edge, detail and color of your image will become sharper and clear. After clicking the button of “Denoise” on the main interface of this image upscaler, load your file, set the options of “Suppress Noise” and “Sharpen”. Preview the image upscale on the right and press the button of “Save” in the lower-right corner.

Upscale Image to Make Image Bigger and Clearer

Then you will be asked to choose an output format among “PNG”, “JPG”, “JPEG”, “TIF” and “TIFF”. Continue to name your file and set an output directory.

Outout Formats of this Image Upscaler

Click “OK” and DVDFab image upscaler will work fast to process your file and output it in super resolution. You are ready to locate your free high resolution images at your preset destination.

How to Upscale an Image

6. Which Image Upscaler to Choose?

With four online image resizers and one offline image enlarger introduced, which one should you choose to learn how to upscale an image? Let’s start from such aspects to find the best image upscaler.

(1) Ability to upscale image:

Smart Upscaler

4x (free), 8x (paid)


4x (free)


2x (free), 4x (paid), 8x (paid), 16x (paid)

Let’s Enhance

2x (free), 16x (paid)

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

40x (free)

(2) Limit on image upscale in free version:

Smart Upscaler

3 images


3 images


< 10mb, 3000x3000px, file number unclear

Let’s Enhance

5 images

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

5 images

(3) Price:

Smart Upscaler

$0.20/image, $9/month, $99/month


$3/month (100 images) or $12/month (500 images)


Not mentioned but with three versions

Let’s Enhance

$9/month/100 images, $24/month/300 images, $34/month/500 images

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

 Free or $77.99/year no limit on file number


How to upscale a picture? Through this comparison, it is easy to find DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is the best free image upscaler. It offers the most free trials with 5 images supported. And there is no file limit if you choose this AI upscale image software. Powered by artificial intelligence, all of this image upscalers are excellent, but considering you want to upscale image to the best of your ability, DVDFab AI upscaling is second to none, 40 times to make images bigger and clearer, as well as free. For more programs to unblur photos, read another article. 

Upscale Image
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