Does Amazon Prime Include Peacock?

In the video streaming platform industry, there have been new players lately making an entry. This not only makes sure that every kind of user gets what they wish to view without the trouble of endless ads or getting to a fixed time slot but also makes sure that the pricing and quality of the video streaming service are kept at a high.

Peacock TV is one such player that has joined the league lately. However, Peacock TV is a separate video streaming platform that is not available on the Amazon Prime subscription platform. Users might face some disappointment to know about this Peacock Amazon situation.

amazon peacock:Does Amazon Prime Include Peacock?

Both these services are rather rivals. Peacock TV might appear like a new player but with its smart decisions such as that of making some videos free with the help of commercials, it has made its presence noteworthy.

Peacock On Amazon Fire TV?

Even though users cannot get Peacock on Amazon Prime, they can watch the platform on Fire TV. The Peacock Amazon Fire combo was not available for over a year after the launching of Peacock. As of 2021, the app is now available for users.

How To Watch Peacock On Amazon Fire TV?

Follow the below sheets to know how to add Peacock TV to your Amazon Firestick.

Step 1: Click on Find and then Search option from the Firestick Home screen.

Step 2: Now, search for Peacock TV or use the voice option from your Firestick remote.

amazon peacock:How To Watch Peacock On Amazon Fire TV?

Step 3: From the list of suggestions, tap on Peacock TV.

Step 4: Below Apps & Games, users will need to scroll down a little to tap on Peacock TV.

Step 5: Now, choose Get or Download.

Step 6: Peacock TV will be downloaded and installed.

Step 7: Once done, open the app then start streaming.

How To Update Peacock TV On A Firestick?

Follow the below sheets to know how to update Peacock TV to your Amazon Firestick.

Step 1: If your Peacock TV app is from the app store, it will automatically update.

Step 2: Make sure the Automatic Updates option is turned on in Firestick Settings:

Step 3: Navigate to Firestick Settings and click Applications.

Step 4: Next, tap on Appstore and select Automatic Updates to enable it.

Step 5: It should be turned on by default.

amazon peacock:How To Update Peacock TV On A Firestick?

If your Peacock TV app is not installed from the app, you will get an error message, and it will ask for an update. Uninstall the app and then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Long-press the Home key on your Firestick remote.

Step 2: Select Apps in the pop-up.

Step 3: Locate and open the Downloader app.

Step 4: Search for Peacock TV.

Step 5: Download the Peacock TV APK to your Firestick.

Step 6: When asked, select Install Peacock TV.

Step 7: Tap on the Done option.

amazon peacock:How To Update Peacock TV On A Firestick?

Bonus: Download Content From Amazon and Peacock

You heard right! Users can download their favorite movies and show from both streaming platforms. And this has been made possible, thanks to StreamFab.

amazon peacock combo

StreamFab MyCombo

With this Combo, you can effortlessly customize Amazon Downloader and  Peacock Downloader to save videos in 1080p Mp4 format.
  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited downloads with 1080p resolution & EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • Downloading option with H.264 or H.265 codecs to save your device storage space.
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device.
  • Get downloads with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.
  • Scheduled newly released videos will be automatically downloaded.
Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap the Amazon Prime or Peacock icon on the left channel to find the videos you want. You can also copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

download amazon peacock videos

Step 3

Customize the file

StreamFab will analyze the video automatically. You can choose the audio and subtitle language and download it right now or add it to the queue.

download amazon peacock videos

By using this method, all the hot shows including 1883 on Amazon Prime can all be downloaded!

Is Peacock Free with Amazon Prime?

Peacock does have a partnership with Amazon, but having an Amazon Prime subscription does not automatically provide access to Peacock’s premium content. However, Amazon Prime members can sign up for a special offer that provides 6 months of the ad-supported Peacock Premium plan for free.

After the 6-month period, the subscription will automatically renew at the regular rate unless canceled. It’s important to note that this offer is only available for new Peacock subscribers who are also Amazon Prime members and may be subject to change over time.

amazon peacock:Does Amazon Prime Include Peacock?

Is There A Plan For Everyone On Peacock TV?

Now that you know the answer to the question "does Peacock have ads" and “is Peacock free with Amazon Prime?” is a disappointment, there is one factor that makes Peacock’s presence strong together with the huge library of content the pricing system.

Everyone has access to some content even if they are not shelling out money. The income created would be by ads. Below are the plans that users can opt from.

Criteria Peacock Free Peacock Premium Peacock Premium Plus
Price Free $4.99/month $9.99/month
Content Access Limited access to movies, TV shows, news, and sports Full access to all movies, TV shows, news, and sports, with ads Full access to all movies, TV shows, news, and sports, without ads
Live Sports Limited live sports coverage Live access to Premier League soccer matches Expanded live sports coverage including NHL, NFL, and more
Simultaneous Streams 3 simultaneous streams Unlimited simultaneous streams Unlimited simultaneous streams
Offline Viewing Not available Available for select titles Available for all titles
Audio and Video Quality Standard definition video and stereo sound High definition video and 5.1 surround sound Peacock 4K video and 5.1 surround sound
Availability Available in the US only Available in the US only Available in the US only

*Note: The features and pricing of Peacock subscription plans may be subject to change over time, so it’s important to check their official website for the latest offerings.


What devices can you watch Peacock TV on?

The Peacock TV is supported on LG smart TV, Vizio Smartcast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung, and Android TV. It can also be downloaded on your Android and iOS smartphones. Users can download it on Xbox One S and One X, Roku, Chromecast dongles, PlayStation 4, Flex devices, and Xfinity X1. The platform also allows users to stream content at the same time on up to 3 devices.

What are the privacy policies associated with deleting the Amazon or Peacock account?

When you delete your account on Amazon/Peacock, they will also remove all the personal data related to that account. This comprises anything users might have uploaded, such as photos, videos, or documents.

If there is something users wish to keep before getting rid of the account, be certain to download it beforehand. Users can also get in touch with customer service for more queries about managing their data. Remember that once the account is deleted, users will not be able to get it back.

How to cancel an Amazon/Peacock subscription?

The steps on how to cancel Peacock premium are very easy. It is necessary if you need to delete your account. This is because deleting your account takes time as it requires going via a verification procedure by the platform.

While in the verification procedure, users could still be billed for the subscription of the service. Hence, to prevent any future fees, users must cancel the subscription first. For Amazon Prime, the steps are similar. 

  • Log in to your account on Peacock
  • Tap on your profile on the screen in the top-right corner
  • Click on Setting and scroll down to the bottom and tap the Upcoming Payments option
  • Now select the Cancel Payment option
  • Users will now be navigated to a cancellation page.
  • Here, choose the reason for your cancellation and tap the Continue to Cancel option
  • Users will see a Successfully Canceled message on the screen

How to delete your Amazon/Peacock account?

Follow the below steps to know how to delete your account on Amazon/Peacock.

  • Open your Amazon/Peacock app or navigate to the Peacock website
  • Sign in to your account and select the setting logo on the top right corner
  • Here, tap on the Help Center option and select the Manage My Account option
  • Search for the How do I delete my account option and tap it
  • From here, users can also speak to a customer service representative who will help them with your queries
  • Tap the Delete my account option
  • Enter your credentials to confirm and tap the Delete my account option.
  • Your request will then be processed and your account will be deleted


In a nutshell, we just had a look at details if Peacock is available on Amazon Prime Video. Even though users can download and watch content from Amazon Prime Video, there are a specific set of users that prefer free content from Peacock. In addition to this, to get rid of the ads from the free version of Peacock, users can always download videos from Peacock easily using StreamFab Amazon Prime Video Downloader. It is the best option to download videos for offline viewing.