Roku offers access to several world-popular streaming services, including Apple TV. If you are willing to watch the content of Apple TV but are yet to get your Apple TV box, then you can do this happily with the help of your Roku device.

All you require is a Roku device supporting your streaming service to begin your entertainment from Apple TV on Roku. Then you need to add your desired channels to the device and start your streaming process. The Apple TV is accessible on Roku TV models and Roku streaming players.

Apple TV on Roku: 

Users are free to enjoy a massive library of movies as well as shows. You can also search for the latest programs to buy, stream and rent. This article will guide you to find out if the Roku device is compatible and can you get Apple TV on Roku.

Is my Roku compatible with Apple TV Plus?

Not all the streaming devices of Roku support the Apple TV channel. To know: is Apple TV on Roku and the compatibility of the device in your location, it's essential to know the model of your device. By the way, if you are an Apple user and if you want to save apple videos or audio on your other devices, iTunes DRM removal is also what you must know.

Follow the steps below to find out this information:

Step 1: On the Roku device, visit your home screen.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Select system and 'about' details. You would know your device model.

Apple TV on Roku:Follow the steps below to find out this information:

Below picture shows you the list of models which support the Apple TV channel:

Apple TV on Roku:Follow the steps below to find out this information:

How to watch Apple TV on Roku?

You can easily access Apple TV Plus through the Apple TV app on many devices, including Roku devices. If you are unsure how to watch Apple TV on Roku, you must read the following steps. Besides, if you also like Tubi tv and want to watch it on different devices, you can go to Tubi download to know how to do it.

Step 1: With the help of the Roku remote, go to the Home icon.

Step 2: Select search

Step 3: Look for 'Apple.' You will notice the name 'Apple TV' on your search results. Click it and then select to add the channel.

Apple TV on Roku:How to watch Apple TV on Roku?

Step 4: After installing the application, click on OK.

Step 5: Go to your home button again.

Step 6: In the list of all the installed channels, find Apple TV and select it. If you often watch it, you can easily rearrange the order of your channels to position the Apple TV closer to the top of your list.

Additional Tip: Although their names are identical, both Apple TV plus and the Apple TV app differ. To access Apple TV plus, you must spend $5 per month to get its subscription with the exclusive programming Apple. Moreover, it's essential to have the Apple TV app for watching the Apple TV plus channels.

What's the process to sign in to your Apple TV channel?

Before signing into your Apple TV channel, it's essential to have your Apple ID. To know, 'Can you watch Apple TV on Roku? Refer to the instructions given below for signing with the existing Apple ID or creating your new Apple ID.

Step 1: Launch your Apple TV channel

Step 2: Go to settings and select your account.

Step 3: Complete the sign-in process. You have two sign-in alternatives to choose from:

●    Choose to sign up on your mobile device through your smartphone: Go to and enter the displayed code on the TV. Scan the QR code. Proceed with your on-screen guide to finishing the process.

●    Sign up on your TV: In this method, enter the Apple ID on the TV screen with the help of your Roku remote.

You can also create your Apple ID following the same procedure.

What kind of issues do users often face on Apple TV on Roku?

One of the severe issues for Apple TV users on Roku is that it might not be working after they finish signing in to the account. The prevalent issues are as follows:

1. Corrupted movie files

Most of the time, users get through reports of their corrupted movie files on the web after they have signed up for Apple TV on Roku.

2. Unavailable Videos

Reports of specific issues, like a message stating that several videos are inaccessible or you cannot view them on your device, also account for an apparent reason.

3. Unable to log in to Apple TV plus

Users have also reported difficulties logging into the Apple TV plus account after ensuring their password is correct.

4. Fails to launch 

When the Apple TV on Roku gadget fails to launch, the message states that the particular writing computer program is corrupted or conflicting with another schedule.

5. Application keeps hanging

Another typical issue is running various activities and believing Apple TV on Roku will work. Also, a while later, you comprehend that the application has frozen.

6. Crashing and server issues

Many users have detailed that the application continues to crash on Roku gadgets after refreshing the application to its most recent adaptation. After the users access the application in the wake of restoring, it crashes.

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How to download Apple TV Plus content from StreamFab Roku channel downloader?

To watch Apple TV offline content with the StreamFab Roku channel downloader, implement the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Start by downloading the method of the software. 

Finish up with the task to download, accompanied by the launch of the StreamFab Roku channel downloader. After the installation move, make a point to run it. Click two times on the symbol to run the program.

Apple TV on Roku:How to download Apple TV Plus content from StreamFab Roku channel downloader?

Step 2: Head over to the main interface and select the Roku channel over there

After visiting the main interface and clicking on the VIP section, you will see the Roku channel's symbol. Select it.

Apple TV on Roku:How to download Apple TV Plus content from StreamFab Roku channel downloader? 

Step 3: Proceed to download recordings on the Roku channel

Find or program your Roku channel to search for the preferred video you expect to download. After completing all the above steps, the downloading procedure would begin automatically.

Apple TV on Roku:How to download Apple TV Plus content from StreamFab Roku channel downloader? 


Roku devices give access to some of the largest streaming libraries available in the market. Some of them are Netflix, Hulu, etc., among the mentioned devices. You can easily watch Apple TV on Roku. 

It works exactly the way you imagined. Users can enjoy the content of Apple TV plus library, stream TV shows or movies purchased via Apple, and even look for ones they need to watch. However, the Apple TV app is compatible with almost all modern Roku devices. 

But at times, users face some issues which might deplete their video experience. Here is where you can use the StreamFab Roku channel downloader to resolve that. This downloader can easily enable users to finish apple tv download.