Over YouTube you don’t only get to enjoy movies or instructional videos. It’s also where the best music videos are uploaded, videos that can be enjoyed over the best music channels on YouTube anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

The countless numbers of top YouTube music channels may overwhelm you, however, leaving you in the dark as to what to listen.

With that in mind, here are the recommendations for the best YouTube music channels ranging from classical music, indie music and even royalty free music.

You can listen all you like to them and even download their audio to be played in any modern media device with a versatile tool as will be explained later in the article.

The Needle Drop

With thousands of new music brands appearing over YouTube, you'll find it hard put to figure out what to listen to.

The Needle Drop channel takes that load off your shoulders by offering honest feedback on new albums and artists.

Anthony Fantano who describes himself as the Internet's busiest music nerd, hosts this channel.

best youtube music channel

You get the benefit of his two cents on the latest new music ranging from hip hop to rock.

With 1.6 million subscribers at the time of writing, Needle Drop delights viewers with daily reviews of new music releases.

Needle Drop which qualifies as one of the best YouTube channels for new music even invites suggestions for reviews from its subscribers.

Future Classic (Indie Pop)

Future Classic is an Australian music brand boasting a subscriber base of 363,000.

It's one of the best indie music channels on YouTube.

best youtube music channel

Every piece of music released by this brand is published over YouTube.

Future Classic has worked with such household names as

Flume, Chet Faker, Bodhi and Panama.

If you're looking for fresh indie music with a touch of difference, Future Classic should be a top priority.

Just Instrumental Music: Best Classical Music Channel on YouTube

If you're a classical music buff, there's really only one place you should stop at YouTube for your daily dose - Just Instrumental Music.

This is a channel which has great orchestral music whether classical piano or violin.

It also offers you soothing relaxation music, perfect for studying or work that requires intense concentration.

Expect the best evergreen masterpieces from legends like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin and other maestros.

best youtube music channel

Best Royalty Free Music YouTube Channels

Need background music for a video production or a hobby project but have no budget to pay for stock audio clips? 

Then head to Zero Copyright Music where you could find music you could use for free for your video or audio projects.

best youtube music channel

There are dozens of audio clips you can use without even having  to attribute them to their original composers.

Zero Copyright Music is certainly one of the best royalty free music channels on YouTube.

Now that you’ve got an inkling of the best YouTube music channels, let’s check out how you could convert them to MP3.

Download Music from the Best YouTube Music Channels

While it's a given to enjoy the best YouTube music channels over a desktop computer with a fast internet connection, the same may not be the case with a mobile device.

For one, Internet connection over a mobile device may not be stable, especially if you're in a closed building or a basement car park.

For another, you may be on a limited data plan. Continuous video streaming from YouTube will eat up your data and force you to buy data top ups.

The way out of this problem is to download videos from the best YouTube channels for music and convert them to MP3, a format playable in most media devices including smartphones, tablets and even car audio players.

On first look it seems you have to download the YouTube video first and then find a converter to convert it to MP3. That’s not really so.

With DVDFab YouTube to MP3 you don't have to go through the hassle when downloading music from the top YouTube music channels.

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On launching the program from the Utilities menu of DVDFab, all you have to do is copy and paste the YouTube video link and you'll be on your way to downloading your favorite music videos as MP3 quickly and easily. What's more you've the option of downloading an entire playlist as MP3.

That said, what kind of quality can you expect from DVDFab YouTube to MP3?

You can enjoy MP3 audio with quality as high as 320kbps on the go with mobile devices like iPod Nano, Apple Watch or even Android Watch.

A standout feature of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is its ability to download the music metadata and transfer it to the converted MP3.

You get to enjoy the cover art, artist and music title, among others. This metadata would be displayed when you play back the MP3 in your media device.

Download the Youtube to MP3 converter today and see for yourself how easily it could convert videos from the best YouTube music channels into high-quality MP3.

This article introduces the YouTube MP3 converter to download YouTube songs but if you also want to download YouTube movies, you can have a look at these YouTube movie downloaders.